Notice of planning application for Kirby Misperton gas site

190425 notice of application 1 (2)

Notice of intention to apply for planning permission for the KMA wellsite at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire, 26 April 2019

Third Energy has said it will apply to extend the duration of planning permission for the KMA wellsite at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire.

A notice, dated yesterday and posted outside the site, says the company will seek consent to continue use of the KMA site for:

“operations associated with gas production; including production of gas from the existing production borehole, the drilling and testing of one additional production borehole, followed by subsequent production of gas and the maintenance of the wellsite and boreholes (workovers).”

A published notice is required under Article 13 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order 2015.

This obliges people proposing to apply for planning permission for mineral working to inform formally the owners or tenants of land to which the application relates.

Under the order, the notice must be displayed for not less than seven days in the period of 21 days immediately before the application is made.

This procedure does not replace any public consultation period of a formal planning application.

It is separate from the permission, granted in 2016, to frack the KM8 well on the site (reference C3/15/00971/CPO). This consent is valid until May 2026.

The notice concerns a permission (reference C3/12/00989/CPO), granted under delegated powers by planning officers, on 9 January 2013. Decision notice (pdf)

Condition 3 of this consent said permission was valid until 19 May 2018 when “the development hereby approved shall be discontinued and any buildings and plant shall cease to be used and shall be removed from the site and the site shall be restored”.

Yesterday, Third Energy announced it was selling its onshore gas business to a subsidiary of the American company, Alpha Energy. The deal has to be approved by the Oil & Gas Authority.

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  1. An attempt to demonstrate that the buyers are purchasing a healthy concern, not one from which the social licence has so clearly been withdrawn?

    • I suspect the new owners will have done due diligence, laith.

      But, keep away from Barclays on a high street near you. The public will be flooding back to re-open accounts, and will be causing all sorts of disruption!

  2. 1,010,890 viewsMay 31, 2012, 03:26pm
    Sorry Global Warming Alarmists, The Earth Is Cooling
    Peter Ferrara
    Peter Ferrara
    I cover public policy, particularly concerning economics.

  3. Well, Jack, parts have still a long way to go before temperatures reach historical levels. You could find that at a library! Oh, forgot, they are being closed to pay for the costs of “expert” witnesses!

  4. “World leading scientists at NASA”!!

    Are these related to the ones who spent $millions designing a pen to write in space, whilst the Russians remembered-pencils!

    • MARTIN,

      Your not even on the starting grid when it comes to the scientists at NASA…… I’d quit whilst your not to far behind.

      Trying to discredit NASA scientists will only bring ridicule and laughter amongst forum members towards you .

      For your eyes only MARTIN , here is the LINK again …… NASAs view on climate change and the devastating effects it will have .

      • You are so mind controlled to believe nasa, next thing you will be dropping your jaw to prove gravity..poor deluded boy!

  5. “In 1965 Fisher patented a pen that could write upside-down, in frigid or roasting conditions (down to minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit or up to 400 degrees F), and even underwater or in other liquids. If too hot, though, the ink turned green instead of its normal blue.”

    There is also a NASA (Never A Straight Alchemist) rumour that the ink in the Martian project space pens turns red if it gets too low on oxygen and too high on methane as a sort of a climate change warning Paul?

    Awww, just like home?

  6. There is also a NASA (Never A Satisfactory Apology) rumour that vegetable oil based diesel was made to turn red because it was developed as a climate change warning too…..

  7. There is also a rumour that an “engineer” should know something about fossil fuels if he wants to suggest he does!

    The last engineer I employed did so, even though his previous employment was on a nuclear sub. But, it seems some have a more nuanced awareness of the wider world.

    • Ha! Ha! There was also a rumour that NASA (Normally A Sore Ass) employed a “Martian Bore Machine” who claimed that Greta Thunberg flies everywhere, nuanced doesn’t enter into it.

      And although his previous “employment” was an unwashed chicken botherer ( I never had a desire to employ one myself) but could not tell a red diesel tractor from an Monaco migrants alchemical Projeckt Grenade Pin BMW Twin Turbo 4.5 litre diesel climate changer.

      This is fun!

      Have A Nasa Day Jolly Old Buddy (you can conjure up an imaginary friend to capitalise that for you)

      • Doesn’t like his own medicine very much does he? Interesting to see how they react to their own memes and empty rhetoric isn’t it. Do you see how it is all personalisation of issues? No reason or discussion, just silly inconsequential knee jerk ego defense mechanisms.
        Do we really want to hand over control of our energy future to these types?
        No, of course we don’t.
        Never mind, let’s move on to the real world and make this planet a better safer place for everyone, our children and future generations demand something better than the same old profiteering self serving greed at their and our expense.
        Let’s see that the children and future generations get their future back shall we?
        Times are moving now towards an intelligent sane and responsible world view and it is to that, that we must concentrate beyond all this present financial insanity of greed and blind obedience to exploitative profit imperatives at the expense of everyone else.
        Oh, the recidivists will attempt to preserve their comfort blankets at all costs, preferably at someone else’s cost that is, and will no doubt try to hang on to the banks, to coin a phrase, out of sheer stultifying inertia, but the rest of the worlds more intelligent people will push out into the fast stream.
        See you there.

  8. Philc – no Ian Crane stuff recently?

    Perhaps you missed these?

    Just back from a 3 week camping trip in the Kalahari – didn’t go by train, went by Airbus A350 and Boeing Dreamliner. Drove 3,000km in a Toyota Landcruiser 79, 4.1 litre diesel, averaged 4km / litre in the dunes…… doing my bit for the oil industry.

    It was great, no comms except sat phone, no news, tried to go through the none EU channel when I got back but they told me we were still in and Brexit postponed….

    • I hope you had a good trip too, lots of lovely air miles, Martian will be proud, however Paul, Ian R Crane is your obsession, not mine, as i have said many times right here i dont agree with everything everyone says, good bad or indifferent, but of course they are free as you are, at the moment at least, to say what they see fit. I prefer free speech always, rather than the growing censorship we are seeing in government and on the media.

      Unlike you i tend to read everything that is relevant, good, bad and ugly, after all i talk to you. Yet again you seem to have fallen for the usual meme of personality cult and its opposite reaction character assasination, if you read what i said a few days ago, you will find enlightenment there, but i don’t expect you will.

      Inevitably there is a growing trend towards personality cult and the inevitable opposite reaction of character assassination, we see that here all the time perpetrated on Drill or Drop by those who have nothing else of any value to contribute.

      But the trend towards personality cult and the resultant inevitable reaction of character assignation are lazy and largely irrelevant to the subject of fracking and the ongoing climate change disaster, as i am sure you are aware.

      But you still trot out the same old same old personality cult obsession, as i have said before it betrays your own mindset more than anyone else’s.

      As to the origins and motivations of Extinction Rebellion, it is interesting that the comments come from the anti 5g movement, are you supporting antis now? My My, how contrarian views make strange bed fellows? Are you going to join the marches on 5G objections and glue yourself to a 5g mast? I would be happy to join you on that, but i would stay away from 5g masts if i were you, they will cook your packed lunch and you in your Kalahari camouflage jacket before you get it out of the bag!

      Are you also saying that everyone who marched and demonstrated in london these last two weeks is an MK Ultra mind slave of MI5 and the Tavistock institute?

      Isn’t that one of those conspiracy theories we here you lot trot out whenever it suits you? How are the mighty fallen?

      If you are so concerned about conspiracy theories about Extinction Rebellion and the strikes of 1.2 million children from school worldwide for the climate, then perhaps you may look at the record of the fossil fuel corporations in their efforts to influence the UN in their favour and against any mention of climate change:

      Hows about that for a conspiracy theory? But dont get too obsessed about it, i am sure it is all MI5 conspiracy theory propaganda after all?

      Perhaps having seen the Kalahari, you may have pondered that large areas of the world may soon become all too similar if the climate change destruction continues unabated.

      That is the legacy this present generation is in danger of handing to our children and future generations, i doubt very much that they will thank us for that. This generation may well be worst and most destructive of our own children’s future in human history, unless we make a very big change now and not hang around doing nothing but trot out reams of empty words about conspiracy theories and personality cults and character assassinations and empty meaningless gestures until it is too late.

      Have a nice day.

  9. BTW Paul, i notice that the link in the Ian R Crane blog was one i have seen before, it is from “the wrong kind of green” interesting title, for an investigative non biased blog, however, it is in 6 “Acts” “Acts” is an interesting word to be sure, reminiscent of a play or Lewis Carroll, but unfortunately nothing of the same calibre, wit or humour, rather dry and vague and somnambulant in fact, and i have been gradually trawling through that when i came across it about a couple of weeks ago, because i am always interested to see what is thought by some who may have an interesting view upon events.

    How did you come across it? Was it by your own research whilst in the Kalahari or was it sent to you and by whom?

    My thoughts so far are that the text is almost impenetrable, full of irrelevant off shoots into other conspiracy theories and doesn’t actually prove anything other than vague references to family arguments and “minders”.

    However, having found time for “Acts 1 to 3” i will endeavour to complete my appraisal, i trust you will find time from personality cults and conspiracy theories to do the same and i will be happy to discuss it with you at some future time.

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