Preparations underway for Tour de Yorkshire and four days of anti-fracking protests

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Tour de Yorkshire display in central Doncaster, 1 May 2019. Photo: DrillOrDrop

As Sir Jim Ratcliffe unveiled the new cycling kit for Team Ineos in advance of tomorrow’s Tour de Yorkshire, campaigners were making their final preparations to demonstrate that his fracking company was not welcome in the county.

Local anti-fracking groups had originally ordered 10,000 Jim Ratcliffe masks to distribute to spectators lining the route, which takes in Ineos shale gas exploration licences. Another 5,000 have been since been added to the order. There are also likely to be other protests, including land art, during the four days of the race.

The race organisers, Welcome to Yorkshire, said today people were welcome to protest peacefully.

The commercial director of Welcome to Yorkshire, Peter Dodds, told the Independent

“We know the vast majority of protesters very much support the Tour de Yorkshire and don’t wish to spoil the race. There’s complex issues around fracking, and we’re a tourism organisation so we are in close contact with the national parks and local authorities.

“As a tourism body we organise the Tour de Yorkshire to promote Yorkshire to a wider world audience. We’ve no control of the individual sponsorships of the teams taking part. We will manage and deliver the event and people can protest peacefully. You can’t stop people from protesting peacefully, that’s good, that’s fine. That’s everybody’s right.”


Sir Jim Ratcliffe (left) with Chris Froome and Sir Dave Brailsford, 1 May 2019. Photo: Ineos

At a press conference this morning to unveil the Team Ineos kit, Sir Jim Ratcliffe was quoted by Cycling News as saying most anti-fracking groups were ignorant about fracking:

“I wouldn’t want to get involved in fracking if it was dangerous. All you do is pump water down. I think it’s a real shame that the north of England is being deprived of cheaper energy, and it’s outrageous that the government listens to a small noisy minority instead of looking at the science.”

But opponents of the shale gas industry have highlighted that the team is now funded by a major plastics producer after making a pledge against single use plastic under its previous sponsor, Sky.

Doncaster councillor, Dave Shaw, said:

“It is rank hypocrisy that last year Team Sky rode out with an orca whale on their backs, to highlight ocean pollution, but are now the very team accepting money from one of the largest sources of that pollution. So to find out that Ineos, the UK’s largest fracking company wants to use the Tour De Yorkshire to launch its sponsorship of the former Sky Cycling team, could not go unchallenged”

FOE letter to Dave Brailsford

This morning, chief executive of Friends of the Earth, Craig Bennett, said in a letter to team manager, Sir Dave Brailsford, that cycling supporters would be “deeply disappointed” about the sponsorship from Ineos.

Mr Bennett also said Ineos’s involvement in shale gas exploration was “totally incompatible with tackling climate change”.

“Ineos’s sponsorship of sports teams stems from a desire to greenwash its highly damaging and polluting activities. It is wholly inappropriate to accept sponsorship and thereby facilitate this greenwashing.”

Sir Dave Brailsford, who was at the Team Ineos press conference, denied the cyclists had altered their stance on plastics. Quoted by Cycling News, he said:

“If anyone that can do anything about it, it’s these guys. Sky promoted awareness on plastics. We’re not giving up our single-use plastic ambition at all. Whereas Sky raised the awareness, Jim and the team are the guys that can do something about it. If anything, it’s a step in the right direction.”

In a press release, Sir Jim Ratcliffe said:

“Part of our interest in sports is to help encourage health and fitness in children and adults. Cyclists is a great way to get fit together with easing congestion and pollution in city environments and I want Team Ineos to continue to play its part in getting more and more people to enjoy cycling as a leisure activity and a sport.”

But a spokesperson for Frack Free South Yorkshire responded:

“Ineos also wants to industrialise the Yorkshire countryside with thousands of fracking wells, to help it to make those plastics. It has plans to extract the fossil fuel shale gas by the controversial process of fracking and then burn the gas, producing greenhouse gases.

“The British cycling team is not only changing gear, it is also changing direction: from a team that champions the reduction of plastic pollution to one that is promoting more plastic and climate change. Or maybe it is now a team that just does not care.”

190501 Doncaster TdY dod2

Doncaster Markets preparing for the Tour de Yorkshire, 1 May 2019. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Tour de Yorkshire diary

Thursday 2 May 2019

Tour de Yorkshire. Stage 1: Doncaster-Selby. Details

On yer bike Ineos. Protest against Ineos as it unveils Team Ineos kit on the first day of the Tour de Yorkshire. 10am-2pm, Doncaster Markets, Doncaster, DN1 1NF. Details

Friday 3 May 2019

Tour de Yorkshire. Stage 2: Barnsley-Bedale. Details

On yer bike Ineos 2. Protest against Ineos sponsorship. 1pm-3pm, Barnsley Town Hall, Church Street, Barnsley S70. Details

Saturday 4 May 2019

Tour de Yorkshire. Stage 3: Bridlington-Scarborough. Details

On yer bike Ineos protest. From 12 noon. Queen’s Parade, opposite the Clifton Hotel, Scarborough. Details

Sunday 5 May 2019

Tour de Yorkshire. Stage 4: Halifax-Leeds. Details

Ineos greenwash at the Tour de Yorkshire. 1.30pm-5.30pm, The George, Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3BB. Details

  • Cycling News said the Ineos press conference was held in the Yorkshire village of Linton and attended by a small number of media. DrillOrDrop was not invited.

Reporting from Doncaster has been made possible by donations from individual DrillOrDrop readers

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  1. “I wouldn’t want to get involved in fracking if it was dangerous. All you do is pump water down. I think it’s a real shame that the north of England is being deprived of cheaper energy, and it’s outrageous that the government listens to a small noisy minority instead of looking at the science.” If Ratcliffe really believes that “All you do is pump water down”, doubtful even for such a man, then might I suggest that his own grasp of the science is sparse. The “small noisy minority” has considerable and increasing backing from “the science”: Ratcliffe has little such backing.The myth of “cheaper energy” has been well and truly scotched. It is disingenuous of Ratcliffe to seek to disguise the fact that he is the one hoping for a cheaper supply for his own plastics industry, and regrettable that he seeks to detoxify his Ineos brand by exploiting the healthy public interest in sport both through his primary school “Daily Mile” initiative, and now through his purchase of a brand which to date has promoted environmental concerns. His ‘outrage’ is contrived and lamentable – fake!

    • Does Iaith1720 want the real alternative to UK natural gas to do his cooking and house heating on which is imported Liquified Natural Gas from Qattar, Russia and the USA , extracted, liquified at -160 degrees C, shipped half way round the world, regassified and fed into the grid at substantially higher carbon footprint than locally fracked gas?
      Good on Jim Ratcliffe to back Brailsford and his team – we should be proud of them.

  2. Well, Mr. Bennett, if you were that disappointed perhaps your business could have done the sponsorship? No, didn’t think so.

      • FOE spending charity money sponsoring a bike team to the tune of tens of £ millions per year? Were they asked?

        Ermm I think there is little chance of that!

  3. Oh dear, now we have iaith suggesting Sir Jim doesn’t know the science regarding fracking although he has a science training and has invested around £10 billion in fracking already! Sorry to be a realist, but I suggest that puts him in a far more elevated position of knowledge than a fossil fuel denier.

    He is NOT looking for a cheaper supply. He can obtain, and does currently obtain, that supply from elsewhere. Shame the ships had to be built elsewhere as well. Anyway, careful, you may be breaking the anti code that states UK fracked gas will be MORE expensive!

    Perhaps Sir Jim sponsors areas of his own interest and leisure with his £millions to encourage others to enjoy the same? I’m sure you do as much iaith-no, I’m not-that really is fake.

    Suggest if you want to try and demonise someone you actually find out about the someone and question whether you make anywhere near the same contribution. Plastic usage is voluntary, you know. And failure to recycle any item is a failure of the user and the recycling sector, not the supplier to the manufacturer. Some of us can use a material and be responsible that recycling is working with regard to what we consume.

    Wonder how all these antis will make their way to protest? On their bikes?? LOL.

    • Martian – as you say I suspect that Monaco Jim s only to well aware of the shortcomings in the statement “All you do is pump water down. I think it’s a real shame that the north of England is being deprived of cheaper energy, and it’s outrageous that the government listens to a small noisy minority instead of looking at the science.”.

      What that would say about him I’ll leave you to decide.

      • It says he is stating what he considers correct reaction, based upon a heck of a lot more knowledge and experience than yourself. That’s what I have decided.

        Now you might like to propose you know better supported by a montage of ladies undies upon a fence, but I know who, based upon that sort of evidence, I take more seriously. Sorry to be so judgemental but it seems that is the remit for today.

        You might like to take a look at how many billionaires have been relocating outside the UK recently. Sir Jim is not alone, and quite a late mover. In your hands to reverse that trend-starting tomorrow. But, no, your dogma in one area will prevent that-so, in reality, you and others will create the issue that people such as Sir Jim will manage in the way they have left. So, blame him for being astute but remember when they have gone you will pick up the tabs. Could be an increased tax upon diesel AND Shiraz.m

        • Perhaps you would be less sarcastic if you realised the ladies undies on the fence were there to illustrate the serious point that fracking has been linked to breast cancer. As a survivor of this horrible disease myself I don’t appreciate your sarcasm. Likewise, the string of plastic milk bottles tied to the hedge, which were criticised by some, were to illustrate the number of bottles used by the average family in one year.

          • I am basing my comment upon what the image presented to others, Pauline. You may feel it was intended to present something but it certainly achieved nothing of the sort.

            I think you need to differentiate between “sarcasm” and the reality others see. Maybe such stunts excite a few, but they do nothing of the sort to others-especially those who might research such links. Goodness knows how you would want to illustrate the serious point of linkage to increased sexual activity around US fracking sites!

            • It’s wonderful how you feel you are able to speak for everyone, Martin. Your ability to read other people’s minds and know exactly how they perceive things is remarkable. I’m glad you admit to the serious point of linkage to increased sexual activity around US fracking sites though. That’s yet another benefit of imposing fracking on a community is it?

              • Depends on the cause of it, Pauline. The extrapolation/explanation I have heard is it is connected to increased disposable income. Unfortunately, some in those circumstances increase their alcohol consumption and hey presto!
                I suggest the increased disposable income around Blackpool would be the welcome bit. Then, people have a free choice to do with it what they want. For example, I understand in parts of USA they also use to fund improved educational facilities, as Cuadrilla are doing around PNR.

                People have a free choice in those respects Pauline. They also have a free choice, outside of the anti community, not to find lame PR stunts as meaningful. You don’t seem to come across many in that community, I do. Sorry you would rather not hear their voices via my posts but if you get hold of yesterday’s Times you will be able to read the comments of a few more. And then, as always they will be denounced as part of the tribe who are not as intelligent, don’t have any regard for children etc. etc.

        • You do know [edited by moderator] when he said all you do is pump water down? It’s water yes, but mixed with a lot of chemicals hence the risks of polluting ground water and you don’t just pump it down you also fracture the rock hence causing earthquakes etc etc etc.

        • Eli-Goth, you really don’t have to be either a socialist or bitter to find people moving out of the UK to avoid paying tax distasteful. Do you think there is another reason for his move? Is he perhaps a fan of windy roads and casinos?

          • John: So what is you biggest grievance on the state of the energy mix?, i don’t believe you are all against Gas? Maybe your against millionaires make a living out of the energy industry! Or you yourself like IanCrane have been burnt once and you want someone, some company to be accountable, how can they if you don’t let them act?

            [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

          • Many people agree to pay the amount of tax they feel appropriate, reaction. If more tax is demanded and the person paying tax doesn’t like that, then they can decide to manage it. For some, it may not amount to much, for others it will amount to a great deal.

            I think you will find he has a number of houses around the world and will also have other reasons for picking Monaco. Maybe the investment he has made in his yachts can be better utilised there?

            There may come a time when you decide the tax upon your 3 litre diesel is so high that you decide to manage that. Absolutely no different to Sir Jim, and many others. Your switch out of diesel would also be tax avoidance. Are you suggesting your dislike of tax avoidance is your reason against doing that? LOL

            I do find it a strange approach that a British person who now owns a global business should be expected to stay in UK sufficiently to justify UK as a tax base. Looking at recent acquisitions, the UK is hardly the be all and end all anymore of the overall business. Indeed, it was not even the start. Perhaps if some were supporting Sir Jim in his fracking interests in the UK he would concentrate more upon his business in UK. However, at least he has added around £150m into UK sport-but you don’t like that either! Or his money to help kids get fit, or football schools in Africa, or eco investments into Iceland salmon breeding grounds etc. etc.

    • He IS looking for a cheaper supply. Even if it is more expensive to extract in the UK, if he can extract it at a lower price than he pays for it on the open market then he is on a winner – lower cost for his business. AND he exerts more control over the market.
      How are the ‘antis’ getting to the protest? Some walking, some Park and Ride, some cycling, some by train, some car share, some ELECTRIC cars… So now you know. LOL.

      • Strange economics you operate, David.

        He already has built the ships. He could easily stop investing in UK shale and switch to US shale and according to your “logic” that is going to give a cheaper supply. But, he has resisted doing so. He may very well decide that is his best option for the future but that is NOT his current philosophy. Perhaps he just prefers the idea of paying tax upon UK production rather than tax on US production! LOL

  4. As a tourism operator in Ryedale close to several well sites and the Knapton Generating Station I live in the real world. Tourism, farming and gas development have co existed for decades in the Vale of Pickering. If people want to object about an industry then they should use sound information and not just belch out nonsense. They do their own campaign a disservice if they can only use emotive claims.

    Continual misinformation about the number of wells and well pads, poisoned water and toxic chemicals is now becoming a farce. Evidence please…

    To condemn INEOS for producing plastics is very short sighted and disingenuous. I suspect that non of those who wish to boycott plastics will stop using their plastic banners and placards to protest against plastic. We were treated recently on TV to a local anti fracker riding her petrol driven mower cutting the lawns on her camp site, it had the biggest plastic grass gathering box, which dwarfed her as she rode around the lawns with a huge plastic caravan behind her.

    Will the anti INEOS brigade now protest against drinking our tap water? I understand that INEOS produce all the chemicals that keep our drinking water clean. Without them, we would be drinking dirty water, which in London I understand, has been through the human body several times…Without plastic, there would be no bikes to race or lycra to wear, no cars, planes or trains without the use of plastics.

    Plastic saves lives in hospitals simply because it can be used only once and disposed of safely for hygiene reasons. How would you feed a drip into a person with out single use plastic to help stave off infections? Plastic beds are easy to clean, again to help avoid bacteria. The anger about plastic should be aimed at the people who just throw items away without considering a proper disposal regime. The plastics industry will now need to help by developing plastics that are either biodegradable or recyclable, but they have no control over lazy people who just drop their rubbish as they go.

    Jim Ratcliffe, is a human being just the same as the rest of us and his companies and family have long been involved in sporting activities, Iron man events and cycling. It is beyond the pale to just try and claim that they have only just entered the sporting arena to green wash their image. When they became involved with a programme that was encouraging children to run and exercise, wasn’t that a good idea? It seems that whatever anyone does that supports health, well being and the future happiness of children, just because they are involved with the oil and gas industry, they are condemned as evil.

    It is surely a wretched move to deny children a childhood and impress upon them that in 10 years time they will die? Children have been quoted in the media claiming they have no need for an education as they will be dead soon anyway. That is a disgrace, instead of hope, they are left living in fear, stressed and suffering anxiety. The anti fracking protesters used plastic placards at a march in Pickering and one said ‘Fracking WILL poison children and the environment’. How anyone with any conscience could write that beggars belief. Not only that, but they were parading in front of children with their toxic placard.

    As for Craig Bennett and Co, he earns over £100,000 per annum, average wage in Pickering is around £18,000. Paid campaigners for the Green NGOs tend to on average earn around £40,000 per annum. They dont care about our northern economy. They live in a well funded bubble. The campaign they have run against shale gas really has been a huge money earner. Remember the leaflet that FOE produced with 8 sides, 5 of which were begging for donations? Remember how they had their knuckles wrapped by the ASA and had to agree not to fund raise using claims of health issues, contaminated water and plummeting house prices? They could not prove any of those after fighting 14 months against the ASA using lawyers. [Edited by moderator]….they then swapped to using their ltd company. Same staff, same premises, same logo except in the small print it says ltd or trust. The general public were hardly likely to notice the difference and trust charities. FOE would know they could get away with the switch without losing face and donations.

    According to official figures from Eurostat, the EU agency, of the top ten poorest regions in northern Europe, the UK has 9. One each in Cornwall, West Wales, Northern Ireland and 6, yes 6 in Northern England, approximately where the Bowland shale lies. That is a huge opportunity for our northern economy. Note, Craig Bennett and his FOE friends are often London based and guess where the richest of the top ten richest areas are in the northern EU….London, yes, London is its number one. Does anyone really think these highly paid green campaigners care about us in the north?

    As for climate change, if they really cared about that, they would advocate we utilise our own resources as they are far lower in CO2 emissions that using gas travelling across the globe by tanker or pipeline. We spend £7 Billion importing gas and will continue to do so until we can use and encourage educated young people (who should not be made too afraid to continue their education) to be innovative, industrious and ingenious in developing new ways of creating energy that has a low CO2 foot print.

    In the meantime, why spoil a fantastic sporting event and tarnish our county and portray such a negative image of Yorkshire to the world? Does it look good that in Yorkshire there are people that are willing to ruin an event just so they can target a person and wear masks of his face with horns as if he is the devil and evil to line the route of a great event. Please go and ask his employees if he deserves the devils horns or if they are glad that they have the ability to work for a forward thinking company. These are my thoughts, and no doubt plenty will disagree.

    • Bikers With A Repetitive Tendency to Repetitively Say “IN-EOS!” Repetitively:

      Head biker of IN-EOS: “IN-EOS!”

      Bikers of IN-EOS: “IN! IN! IN! IN! IN-EOS!”

      Arthur: “Who are you? And why are you wearing Spandex?”

      Random bikers: “SPAN-DEX! SPAN-DEX! SPAN-DEX! SPAN-DEX!

      Head biker of IN-EOS: This is The Tour De Frackshire! And We are the Bikers Who Say… “ IN-EOS!”

      Random bikers: “IN! IN! IN! IN! IN-EOS! IN-EOS!”

      Arthur: “Oh No! Not the Bikers Who Say “ IN-EOS”!”

      Head biker: “The Same!”

      Bedevere: “Who are they?”

      Head biker: “We are the keepers of the sacred words: ““ IN-EOS, “PLAS-TICK”….and….”MEEE-THANE”!”



      Arthur: “Those who hear them seldom live to tell the tale, nor do they want to….”

      Head biker: “The Bikers Who Say “IN-EOS” demand a Frackrifice.”

      Arthur: “Bikers of IN-EOS, we are but simple travellers who seek “The Alchemist” who lives beyond these woods in Monaco.”

      Head biker: “IN-EOS!”

      Bikers of IN-EOS: “IN! IN! IN! IN-EOS! IN-EOS!…”

      Arthur: “Owww! Eerrghhh! Ouch! Aghhh! EUewww! All Right!”

      Head biker: “We shall say “IN-EOS” again to you if you do not appease us.”

      Arthur: “Well, what is it you want?”

      Head biker: “We want….an….IN-JUNK-SHAM!”

      [dramatic chord]

      Arthur: “A What?”

      Bikers of IN-EOS: “IN! IN! IN! IN-EOS!”

      Arthur and party: “Ow! Oh! No! Stop!”

      Arthur: “Please! Please! No more! We will find you an IN-JUNK-SHAM….Whatever that is, but it won”t work….”

      Head biker: “We DON”T care! You must return here with an IN-JUNK-SHAM, even if it doesn”t work, or else, you will never pass through this wood to Monaco….alive….IN! IN! IN! IN-EOS!”

      Arthur: “O Bikers of IN-EOS, you are unjust and unfair, not to mention greedy poisonous and undemocratic! But we will return with an IN-JUNK-SHAM.”

      Head biker: “One that looks nice.”

      Arthur: “Ahhh, Ohh, yes, Of course.”

      Head biker: “And not too expensive!”

      Arthur: “Yes, Ahhh, OK, but it won”t work”

      Head biker: “And one that can’t be overturned on Human Right of Protest grounds!”

      Arthur: “Yes, Ohh, Eerr, OK, but i really don”t think it will work? Not for long anyway”

      Head biker: “Never Mind! Frack Off! You go! Now….Go!”

      Arthur: “Bloody Green Washers!”

      Bedevere: “I don’t know what England is coming to?”

      Arthur: “PEDLing downhill if you ask me!”

      Arthur: “Whats next?”

      Bedevere: “The In-Junk-Sham?”

      Arthur: “Nahh, gone right off the idea, Bloody Green Washing Chemists!”

      Bedevere: “The Green Nobel Prize Winner then?”

      Arthur: “Yes, that sounds more my style, what’s his name?”

      Bedevere: “Err, Its a her, not a him”

      Arthur: “OK then…what is her name?”

      Bedevere: “Greta, from Sweden, and only sixteen i think? But renowned as being wise and forthright throughout the land and beyond.”

      ARTHUR: “Greta? Hmmm, yes, i like her all ready?”

      Bedevere: “And the Alchemist?”

      Arthur: “Nahh, Frack him!”

        • Ha! Ha! Nope! Wrong again! Nil Point! The entire point of this debate dear old high priest of the barbarians (look it up), is that none of us have enough time left on our hands.

          I work most days with children with learning disabilities, including some with ASD and Asbergers syndrome, many of those are far more intelligent and truly aware than anything i see trotted out by the ant antis most days.

          But it is those children and my children and grandchildren, that i will stand up for their future well being and interests, if that requires ten minutes to compose something amusing then it is no problem at all.

          What i dont do all day, unlike you, is endless fossil fuel industry PR hotdeskers tirades that just trot out these frankly rabid interminable scroll bait in order to suck up to their bosses.

          Shame on you.

          I prefer to work for a viable liveable future for everyone, not just suck up to these Darwin Dumb Ass Award planetary fossil fuel fiddlers such as Ineos et al.

          This is the Sunday Politics 28-04-19

          May Day! May Day! Its Theresa May Day!

    • The ASA also rapped the knuckles of Cuadrilla and also came a cropper against Greenpeace when the ASA wrongfully ruled that fracking would lower energy costs. We all live in the real world but thankfully some of us appreciate that change must happen and happen now. And extracting more fossil fuels ultimately means more will be burned and no matter what you say that is not going to help reduce emissions. Do you assume that countries that already have huge reserves of conventional gas and oil will extract less if the UK fracks? Of course they wont and until we invest massively in energy efficiency and green energy to cause a fall in demand there is no incentive for them to change

    • I don’t think anyone is complaining about the ideals of The Daily Mile or Tour de Yorkshire, merely acceptance of sponsorship from a dirty industry.
      As for Craig Bennet & Co, this week’s protest over INeos’ sponsorship is nothing to do with FOE.
      Finally, I have not heard of any intention to spoil a “fantastic sporting event”. We love the TdY.

      • So, how about other team sponsors within cycling David? Seems more than a bit selective to target one fossil fuel company and not another-or, is it just NIMBY and not willing to admit that? And, what about F1?

        I think you will find the media will soon concentrate upon the selectivity, so you may find the publicity will not all be positive.

    • Lorraine,
      The evidence that you require is contained within the ever expanding List of The Harmed!
      Brailsford would do well to undertake research of his own into this matter rather than believe the Ineos propaganda he has been subjected to!
      Absolute disgrace and treachery by Sky!

  5. Jim Ratcliffe relocated to Monaco to avoid tax shortly after being knighted. Prior to that he relocated the company to Switzerland to avoid paying a tax bill. INEOS was exposed via a Freedom of Information request demanding the government waive regulations at one of his plants, which had breached air and water regulations 176 times – because he didn’t want to have to spend the money upgrading the plant to meet regulations. That is 176 times he exposed his workers, local communities and the environment to pollution that was above lawful standards. Yet he has millions to spend on cycling and sailing sponsorship. I’m afraid I won’t be lectured by Sir Jim on the safety of fracking when he has a vested interest, has lobbied for green regulations to be rolled back and thought it acceptable to continue breaching air and water quality regulations.

    Mary Creagh head of the environmental audit committee
    “It is disappointing to see a multinational business that made over £2bn in profit last year asking the UK Government to help them dodge European waste and water standards
    it is hardly a vote of confidence in Britain when he has cash for a cycling team but not to make his UK plants fit for the future.”

  6. I agree totally Lorraine.

    I also watched some of the debate in Westminster today regarding climate change that very rapidly declined into virtue signalling, unsupported by reality. I switched off when it became too silly.

    It seems there is a competition to support and become a Lemming these days. Good job there are many more young people who are in control of their own minds and have now developed an interest in science and will be the future. Others who want to remain uneducated we will be able to meet at McDonalds, or the vegan equivalent. I just hope they are still educated enough to do my fries in vegetable oil and not red diesel as some of their instructors may have sown confusion! (You had to be there, Lorraine!)

    Of course, the anti-capitalists that are now entrenched in the climate change arena see the country’s richest man as an ideal target that will create excitement within their midst and they can use climate change, fracking and plastic as a smoke screen.

    A cause that needs to weaponize children is one that is fatally flawed. Especially if they are Tarquins and Poppys. But they are the intelligent tribe, others are not so. History shows that has been claimed before and has always ended badly.

    • Whoops! Wow! The children striking on climate inertia and the XR protests in London, really have stirred up the flagging fracking flesh into an excited frenzy of outrage and indignation against children haven’t they?

      The tirade of desperate bitter bile and weaponised memes are positively pouring out of every anti anti orifice now aren’t they?

      And we can see which particular orifice is being let loose here cant we ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls?


      Apparently it is all they have left. I hope its not another god awful mess the children will be expected to clear up for you guys, this ones on you!

      Clear it up yourselves!

      Lets examine this typical “weaponised” narrative slur by our pet Martian shall we?

      “A cause that needs to weaponise children is one that is fatally flawed”?

      What? Is that perhaps the same “weaponised children is one that is fatally flawed” slur issue like the anti antis practically screaming from the rooftops, that a vulnerable child was deliberately inveigled into an accusation of being “groomed” (i use the word as reported, sorry about that) and that turned out to be totally wrong and no child was actually influenced by any anti fossil fuel protesters?

      But it was trotted out here with the usual “outraged” foul abandon….wasn’t it.

      In truth no such thing occurred though did it. but did that prevent the usual leaping on the back of the accusation and “screaming rage” from the rooftops? no, of course it didn’t.

      Is that the sort of weaponisation of children that is being referred to? If so those anti anti attempt at “weaponising a child” must be equally condemning musnt it? But is it? No, of course not, just the usual deathly silence and change the subject…..

      “Weaponised children” are accused, but pray, where is the evidence provided? Now we know that the Martian Chronicles never provide any references or evidence about anything, let alone actually refer to anything that can be checked or verified, but in this case the accusation is so foul and desperate, that we need some proof of evidence here.

      Without that evidence and proof, however, its all just more desperate empty rhetoric and self destructing memes, such as we see this morning with the Gavin Williams style blame to cover up the governments own incompetence isnt it. Not that anyone has any confidence in that particular personality anyway.

      Apparently the blame knives are are out in government, and someone must be found to carry the blame. And that of course is what we see with this latest anti anti attempts to get themselves out of jail free.

      Zero carbon emissions by 2050 has really put the proverbial climate change cat amongst the fossil fuel pidgeons.

      Utterly disgusting and quite typical slur Martian, you should be ashamed of yourself….

      But i dont expect that this latest unsupported slur has plumbed the depths to which the failing discredited fossil fuel fools can yet sink?

      We shall see more before the day is over, but now we know what total and utter Hypocrites they all are, and we can treat them accordingly cant we.

      Honestly folks, the fossil fuel fools have alienated just about everyone else along the way, now they are stooping to trash and patronise the children too?

      And the children will be running things soon, so talk about not being nice to everyone on the way up, because if you are not nice to everyone on the way up, its going to be all hell to pay on the way down, and alienating the children is just such a politically and socially suicidal hell for the frackers from now on. and these people are going to slide down that slippery snake so fast, they wont know which way is up.

      PEDLing downhill again isnt it.

      So keep going guys, we are loving what you are doing to yourselves! See you at the bottom of your own very slimey slippery snake, you deserve it.

      Have A Nice Day, its Local Councillor elections day today, make sure your vote counts.

  7. How could a tourism operator in Ryedale be in so much ignorance and denial? Very concerning. Is it any wonder there is such an informed and active group up there trying to wake people like that up…!
    Love from here in Surrey. 🙂

  8. Baffling. You seem to be suggesting that young people who are concerned about their futures have no interest in science. It is science that has been issuing the warnings about climate change for forty years.

  9. Rather than issue warnings that make children concerned about their futures perhaps a measured approach to identify what is practical and achievable for UK would be better?
    Remember the Cuba crisis? I was a child then and that was where 10 hours rather than 10 years would decide our future. No panic, no mass hysteria. I also remember a call in UK for unilateral nuclear disarmament that gained large support but also when the majority realised unilateral action would not be followed by others, and achieve nothing. Yet, now the same nonsense has been adopted as the way ahead, whilst reality shows the situation is just the same!

    Within all of the debate when it comes down to it the current popular “solution” is around intermittent energy generation plus huge storage that doesn’t exist and the raw materials to produce that storage don’t exist without creating their own huge environmental issues. That has recently been identified as a major limiting factor regarding moving the UK to electric vehicles-so how would it work for all the energy requirement of UK or the world? Oh, and you can add to that a lagoon at Swansea that doesn’t look sufficiently economic for anyone to fund and raw materials to build have not been identified that would have local support to extract, without which the cost would multiply further!

    So, yes, let the young look at science as a way forward but look up towards fusion and possibly hydrogen rather than quick fixes that fix nothing. If the UK continues to produce quick fix climate change mitigation schemes with the same percentage of financial waste and poor results but on a much larger scale it will be a laughing stock, not a leader to motivate others. Solar farms on farm land in southern parts of the wrong country and a call to reduce meat consumption may make sense to a few children but then they should study agricultural science a bit more.

    • We have an opportunity at this moment now, for real change in this country.
      We need to put the entire force of government and social systems behind this climate change emergency.
      Empty words and lame blame excuses simply because the government and corporations are embarrassed that they have been called out by our own children will not wash it away.

      Blaming the children and calling them “weaponised” without proven evidence is just another attempt at diverting from the real issues that so concern us all, and will be left as a legacy to future generations if we just roll over and go back to sleep, as some here would have us do.

      Only real action and change will do that.

      Caroline Lucas on the climate change emergency issue yesterday:

      Desperate Inertia, empty words and protecting jealously guarded rice bowls are no longer the issue.

      We do it now based upon real science, not the pseudo science of fracking that we see bandied about here.

      • Doesn’t she look isolated!

        Oh, the numbers indicate the reason for that.

        Don’t worry Peter we can cope with the embarrassment. When you are in the less intelligent tribe embarrassment is not a concern! (Yes, irony.)

  10. Sir David Attenborough has made it all to obvious where a fossil fuelled future will lead!

    All you pro frackers are embarrassing yourselves by spouting industry propaganda, that includes Brailsford and Ratcliffe!

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