Fire Brigades Union backs anti-fracking campaign


Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road fracking site near Blackpool, 2 January 2019. Photo: Frack Free Lancashire

The Fire Brigades Union voted today to oppose fracking in the UK and to offer support to anti-fracking campaigns.

The decision, at the union’s annual conference in Blackpool, came after two local opponents of fracking talked to delegates and distributed leaflets.

The motion, from the Shropshire FBU branch, noted the earth tremors in Lancashire linked to fracking by Cuadrilla at Preston New Road.

It also said that in granting permission for fracking at the site, the government appeared to have overturned the refusal of the scheme by local councillors.

Climate change and its effects on future generations was “now of the highest importance”, the motion added.

It said:

“Conference believes that FBU policy should be to support renewable energy sources in preference to burning more carbon fuels.

“Therefore Conference instructs the FBU to oppose fracking in the UK and instructs the Executive Council to support campaigns against fracking”.

Nick Danby, one of the campaigners who spoke to delegates, said he was delighted by the vote. He said:

“We will continue to campaign against the shale gas industry here in Lancashire and elsewhere as we regard it as fundamentally unsafe and completely incompatible with climate change targets.”

The other campaigner, Miranda Cox, said:

“We spoke to many delegates and I am pleased to report they are fully supportive of our campaigns.”

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  1. Meanwhile, Greta can’t be happy that those who claim one thing in UK, are really only perpetuating creative carbon accounting.

  2. Interesting that with UK and the creative carbon accounting, who has the most to gain from that being maintained and how to achieve it.

    Firstly, attempt to stop UK producing more of its own oil and gas, although that would be the greatest incentive under the Paris Agreement for serious attempts to move onto alternative energy sources. An obvious double conflict there, both in terms of producing a quick positive result and then encouragement to move on from there, but no one will notice.

    Secondly, throw a few alternative schemes to the public that are badly thought out and badly costed, so as to dampen enthusiasm. £500m per year over pricing for one wind farm, disaster of a scheme in N. Ireland for wood pellets etc. etc. Probably, next one to be the Swansea Lagoon which I predict would be late, over budget and under perform.

    No wonder some antis are so happy to suggest a financial motive for the non antis. Looking at the reality it would seem that there are other parties with more to gain from that sort of activity.

    But then, when it is seriously being suggested that unions represent the views of their wider membership, although the numbers of members who actually vote for union reps. are tiny, who would ever consider reality, and the late government chief scientific adviser?

    • For creative carbon accounting, you only need to look at

      “Dr Wayne’s report on gas industry propaganda” (Dr Wayne Somerville of The Bentley Effect)



      • Retrofitted hydrogen/diesel trucks.
        Perhaps the Fire Brigades Union could lobby government to get all their fire trucks retro converted to dual fuel such as this?

        And of course the best zero carbon method of cracking hydrogen is electrolysis from clean or even salt water to produce HHO by solar power, which implodes on combustion with much greater efficiency than just hydrogen alone.
        Of course all diesel vehicles could be retrofitted in this way, thereby extending the useful life of existing vehicles rather than having to burn carbon to produce new vehicles.
        Just common sense really.

        Have a nice day.

  3. Given that the FBU are not actually in charge of the Fire Service, I doubt that this vote will have any effect at all on the Fire Service’s current engagement with fracking issues. utterly pointless

  4. And the Royal College of Nursing have voted in favour of lobbying the government to decriminalise prostitution!

    Interesting times, when so many would like to do other peoples jobs before they have their own sorted. Much easier that way.

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