From the Weald to Turkey – UKOG’s name trail

Resan licence (in red) in south east Turkey. Map: From UKOG presentation

The new company that will lead UKOG’s plans to explore for oil in Turkey inherits its name in a complex journey, thousands of miles away in southern England.

UKOG Turkey Ltd appeared on the Companies’ House register for the first time this month.

It is the latest move in UKOG’s new venture to take a 50% working interest in the Resan Licence in the south east Anatolian basin.

The name trail from the Kimmeridge formation in the Weald began in 2009 when Celtique Energie incorporated its subsidiary Celtique Energie Weald Limited.

Nearly seven years later, in June 2016, UKOG incorporated Kimmeridge Oil & Gas Limited.

That month, Celtique Energie agreed to sell Celtique Energie Weald Ltd to UKOG.

In August 2016, Companies House recorded that Celtique Energie Limited was renamed Kimmeridge Oil & Gas Limited, which itself was renamed Kimmeridge Energy Limited.

In July 2018, Kimmeridge Energy Limited changed its name to UKOG (KOGL) Limited.

In 2019, UKOG (KOGL) Ltd was a dormant company with £1 in the bank. But on 10 September 2020, UKOG (KOGL) Ltd changed its name to UKOG Turkey Ltd.

Company name timeline

23 October 2009

Celtique Energie Weald Limited incorporated as a subsidiary of Celtique Energie Petroleum Limited Link

2 June 2016

Kimmeridge Oil & Gas Limited incorporated Link

10 June 2016

Celtique Energie Petroleum Limited agree to sell Celtique Energie Weald Limited to UK Oil & Gas Investments plc

23 August 2016

Celtique Energie Weald Limited changed to Kimmeridge Oil & Gas Limited Link

Kimmeridge Oil & Gas Limited changed to Kimmeridge Energy Limited Link

30 June 2017

UKOG (KOGL) Ltd company accounts describe it as a dormant company: £1 in cash at the bank Link

23 July 2018

Kimmeridge Energy Limited changed to UKOG (KOGL) Limited Link

Kimmeridge Oil & Gas limited changed to UKOG (234) Limited Link

30 June 2019

UKOG (KOGL) Ltd company accounts describe it as a dormant company: £1 in cash at the bank

10 September 2020

UKOG (KOGL) Limited changed to UKOG Turkey Ltd Link

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  1. UKOG Turkey , if ever a name was made for a company, perhaps a subsidiary company would be UKOG Giblets ltd ? Anyway it’s far enough away from investors eyes to worry about results. Why would any successful oil field in Turkey want to share profits for the sake of 50% drilling co$ts ? Meanwhile I believe that Kimmeridge is opening up a new line in bottled water that glows in the dark .

  2. If it looks like a turkey and it sounds like a turkey then it probably is yet another turkey Jono.

    Credit where credit is due though- this isn’t just any old turkey, UKOG are big on indigenous oil so if they find any bootiful oil it’s surely going to have a lower carbon claw print when it’s sold on the international oil market. Oh, wait…

  3. So, a company adjusts it’s structure as it expands it’s operations. That is “news”, or surprising??

    You even find on such a small point that ignorance has to replace any sort of research. Are Turkey NOT a large importer of oil currently???

    More local oil for local consumption.

    But, some have to alter the realities because the reality is not comfortable to them. I would rather Turkey develop their own oil than get involved in military action in Libya to control someone else’s. Others don’t seem to have an issue with blood in the sand as long as their dogma is satisfied.

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