Rig leaves Horse Hill after well intervention

The rig used on work aimed at improving oil flows at the Horse Hill site in Surrey left this morning.

Rig transporter leaving Horse Hill road, 3 November 2020. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent.

UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), the owner of the site operator, described the Horse Hill operation as a “short and routine intervention”.

When the rig arrived, on 1 October 2020, a UKOG statement said the full Portland oil producing section of the Horse Hill-1 well would be reperforated. A new simplified production tubing string would be inserted and the downhole pump set at a deeper level to increase pumping efficiency.

UKOG’s chief executive, Stephen Sanderson, said at the time:

“We look forward to safe, swift and successful operations and to the resumption of stable oil production at Horse Hill as soon as possible.”

Official data has shown that Horse Hill oil production has fallen each month since April 2020.

The figures are always published three months in arrears so data indicating any impact of the intervention on production will not be released by the Oil & Gas Authority until at least February 2021.

Part of the rig transporter grounded for a short time at the junction of Horse Hill with the A217 near Horley.

Opponents of the Horse Hill site published images (see above) and video which, they said, showed damage to the road surface. A condition of the site’s most recent planning permission required condition surveys of the highway on Horse Hill to the A217 and a commitment by the operator to fund the repair of any damage.

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  1. Wonder how they will make some more road surface???LOL

    Good job there is some oil about, and if the rig has succeeded, maybe a drop more. And, perhaps the income to SCC could be used to fill in the huge numbers of pot holes elsewhere in the county. All these local benefits continuing to add up.

    Wonder who is paying for the SBS required for the securing of the tanker of Nigerian oil? Oh-the UK tax payer. Alternatives have their costs, and recent events demonstrate that for even those who forget the Torrey Canyon, or too young to remember. A road scrape or thousands of tonnes of oil polluting UK waters-or, the continuing risk demonstrated recently. Neither of which could be assured against by UK on shore oil, but could be mitigated against.

  2. Interesting what makes excitement these days. A scraped road!

    As I type this upon my (plastic) keyboard, I am looking out at my gate post. Recently knocked over by the lorry that the builders brought with them! Then replaced by the builders, so they did not need to claim off their insurance.

    Hold the front page.

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