70-year low for 2020 UK onshore oil and gas drilling

The number of onshore oil and gas wells drilled in the UK in 2020 fell to a 70-year low.

UK onshore oil and gas wells drilled since 1918. Source: Oil & Gas Authority

During this year, operators spudded (began drilling) one, or possibly two wells, depending on how you count your wells. This compares with five in 2019.

This year’s fall may reflect the moratorium on fracking in England, announced by the UK government in November 2019. Since then, shale gas companies have scaled back their operations. The Covid-19 outbreak may also have stalled some planned work.

Extract from Public Wellbore Search of onshore oil and gas wells drilled in 2020. Source: Oil & Gas Authority

Data from the Oil & Gas Authority up to today (31 December 2020) lists two wells drilled in 2020. Both were by Rathlin Energy at its West Newton B site in East Yorkshire. Rathlin and the local planning authority regarded them as a single well.

West Newton B wellsite in East Yorkshire. Photo: West Newton and Sproatley Gateway to the Gasfields

The first, West Newton-B1, was spudded on 4 October 2020. It missed one of its targets, according to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

A sidetrack, West Newton B1z, spudded on 23 November 2020, was described as “exceeding expectations” with a “substantial hydrocarbon accumulation”.

Source: Oil & Gas Authority

Six years of single-figure drilling

This is the sixth consecutive year of single-figure oil and gas drilling onshore in the UK. This has not happened before in the past 100 years.

UK onshore oil and gas wells drilled 2015-2020. Source: Oil & Gas Authority

The last times there were just two onshore wells drilled in a year were 1950 and 1931.

According to the data, the largest number of wells drilled in a year was 162 in 1943. That was the only time in the past 100 years when the number topped 100.

Stalled projects

Many onshore oil and gas drilling projects stalled in 2020.

Aurora Energy Resources withdrew its planning application to drill and frack at Altcar Moss in Lancashire.

A proposal by UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) for a vertical and a sidetrack well at Dunsfold in Surrey was refused consent last month.

UKOG’s application for oil drilling at Arreton on the Isle of Wight and South Western Energy’s proposals for Dorset have not yet come before a planning committee.

In Lincolnshire, Egdon Resources failed to drill at North Kelsey or submit an application for a sidetrack at Biscathorpe.

No work was carried out at Ineos shale gas sites in south Yorkshire and Derbyshire. IGas did not drill the permitted second shale gas well at Misson in Nottinghamshire.

UKOG surrendered its licence for PEDL143 in Surrey, despite telling investors in June 2019 that it was making good progresses in finding drilling locations.

Cuadrilla Resources, the shale gas company behind the Preston New Road fracking site in Lancashire, described itself this year as “largely non-operational”.

For more information, see DrillorDrop’s Review of 2020

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What to watch in 2021

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    • Looks like well organised communities/ company technical failings/ frightened investors have stopped the industry.

      • Or perhaps the geology and economics of small accumulations with the current oil price have curtailed investment?

        Perhaps they were worried about having to run CBLs and your analysis of them JP?

        • A look at the Geology and technical ability. This is what Cuadrilla stated on their website.

          ‘Members of Cuadrilla’s management team have each played leading roles in the drilling and/or hydraulic fracturing of more than 3,000 natural gas and oil wells across the world.’

          So Cuadrilla on their very first UK fracking attempt were bound to pull out all the stops to make sure they got it right? That is what basic common sense, logical business sense, and the investors would have expected. That would involve going to an area where there would be no resistance and making sure the best engineering practices were put into place.

          A 3D survey would have been an absolute must. That is the best available technique to survey the geology. A system that was readily available.

          But no. They didn’t do that and everything went wrong. It’s all here if you have not read it or don’t understand,


          A reminder of the reply to Cuadrilla from the HSE

          “Cuadrilla were looking for some guidance on when a cement bond log was required and who was responsible for the interpretation of the logs. We advised that in a goal setting regime that it was the operator to establish the criteria for when they would run a CBL for surface, intermediate, and production casing. The criteria should be documented and then we could then inspect your operations against this standard”

          3000 well experience but asking these type of questions. Equally worrying is allowing a company who didn’t see fit to carry out a basic 3D survey to be the one to establish the criteria.

          No wonder Lord Browne, Centrica, and Riverstone left.

          Not sure the understanding of geology or technical ability tests were met. I remain surprised that supporters of Cuadrilla who claim technical ability don’t understand the problem.

      • Hope you’re right, John. But these corporations are hard to stop until they can see that stopping will bring them something greater than they are losing. We mustn’t underestimate greed.

        • Just for fun on this New Years Day of 2021 folks!

          We know how much the anti antis love The Greta Good! So, here is:-

          Greta Thunberg – HOW DARE YOU – Dance-Version!

          Hmm, and it will soon be January 6th. Will it be Trump or Biden? Or neither? Will Trump fall, or be pushed? Will Biden fall or be pushed? Do we even care anymore?

          Oh, and for us of course, it will be those Trade Deals. Yes, and the 1,246 page “Brexit Agreement”. more of a “Br Agreement” really.

          Which no-one has really understood or even read complete with all its sub clauses, and sub sub clauses, and, well, you can guess the rest. The “Br Agreement” refers to hundreds of other documents, which in turn refer to thousands of other documents, and so on and so on and so on, ad infinitum.

          A lawyers field day. A trap for the unwary. the EU must be laughing all the way to the tax havens…..

          And which way will Boris jump on fossil fuel exploration and extraction? Maybe he will lock us all down for the rest of the year and hope that will work….hasn’t done before so far though has it…..what good will be “cheap” oil and gas be if everyone but the billionaires are bankrupt?

          Reminds me of Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Except that it will be a plague of poverty that will far exceed the mortality of any virus…..

          Bring Out Your Debt!

          Then we see that:-

          Yes, Biden Will Ban Fracking (but lies about it) The CCP will be pleased.

          Biden Says He’ll Ban Fracking, Ban Coal Plants, And Ban Offshore Drilling & Drilling On Federal Land (but says Trump is a liar for saying he will do so?)

          Isnt there something about Out Of The Fracking Ban Into The Flare? The Chinese say “May You live In Interesting Times”.

          You have to laugh dont you? Dont you? The alternative is not an option. We’ve seen displays of the alternative right here havent we?

          So on this first day of 2021, I wish a Very Happy New Year To Us One And All.



  1. For someone’s “greed” there are indeed many wanting to make a living. If that living is not very good, due to a pandemic, then the many will reduce activity until that changes. As has been communicated pretty widely during 2020.

    Think much of that applies to all sectors, including the alternative sector.

    Just take a look at what greed is doing to kids in DRC as they scrabble about for cobalt-resulting in serious health conditions- to supply at below market prices to buyers to feed the demand from western corporations.

    Whilst, Mr. Musk makes Sir Jim look a pauper in wealth terms.

    Interesting how the greed motivation can be introduced when the alternative sector is disproportionately poor in that respect. Anyone remember “cash for ash”? How about those who can’t sell their houses because they were convinced it would be wise to lease their roofs to solar power companies? All those landowners who were motivated to plonk wind turbines on their land and show how convincing wind energy was to the rest of us? (Whilst the rest of us contributed £150k PROFIT/turbine/YEAR whether or not the energy was required or delivered!)

    1720, the year of the South Sea Bubble. Seems that might be the only connection with greed, but not a very wise and appropriate connection to UK on shore oil/gas exploration.

    As UK oil/gas exploration is predominantly small company focused, does anyone really think they will be investing heavily when demand and prices are low? The graph from 1918 shows that if demand is high, wells will be drilled, but remembering that as those wells were drilled over 100 years, there are less remaining to be drilled. Really not rocket science. Just maths. and economics, and those who have issues with those areas can get excited.

    And, here we are starting 2021.

    Little wind, little sun and temperatures below seasonal average.

    Happy New Year.

  2. A recap of which industries lost in 2020 and which made gains. Look at the 1 year trends.

    AJ Lucas- The hope for UK shale gas,

    UKOG- Trying to make onshore drilling profitable,

    Tesla- The global company who has forced all vehicle companies to start using electric motors instead of petrol and diesel combustion engines. The company who is leading the way in renewable energy storage.

    Judging by the trends I don’t think sitting tight and riding out low prices will keep these fossil fuel companies in business for much longer but I expect we will be seeing a lot more EV’s and renewable energy storage projects this year.

  3. Ahh, the old selection of data to create a narrative, jP! Perhaps you might add how many years it took Tesla to return a profit? And, whether that proves to be the classic case of a company being kept afloat for a very long time with constant injections of borrowings and desperate attempts to get other successful companies to bail them out during that period? Maybe that is the model some others strive to follow? LOL.

    Your expectations are framed within a very mixed history of being anywhere near reality, so I wait and see whether this dart gets anywhere near the board. Of course, 2 is a lot more than 1, so your terminology has built in a big safety margin! When the 2 gets to be somewhat bigger it may be slowed when buyers realise they have a £28 Billion bill/year to fund to replace the removal of fuel duty.

    And also:

    Someone else once stated:

    “Engineering requires precise unambiguous language that cannot be misinterpreted or hidden in vague terminology.”

    But, fails to maintain that for more than a day.

    So, what is claimed is regularly not what it is, but often a smoke screen, which is probably the same result if red diesel was confused with vegetable oil. Patterns, over time, are interesting. I suspect the same will be recognised regarding London and the first Covid wave and Kent and the variant wave in the not too distant future.

    (Also, note, green is only one letter away from greed. And that has been demonstrated a lot within a pretty short period and a pretty small sector.)

    Although, I’m sure everyone believes the return to a yurt brigade are being supplied with the opportunity by a not for profit organisation wishing to re-instate the rights of the Middle Class Hoards and allow all those historical joys to be revisited.

    But, something needs to replace the past profit opportunity that was on shore wind turbines for the landowners.

    And, don’t forget in this time of Covid, that buildings need more ventilation, so yurts have something in their favour! Unless you are in your 90s or sick and need a constant, high temperature-such as offered within a hospital, which is where many will end up and stay there unable to achieve that within their own homes-pre Covid or during Covid. Maybe EVs should be taxed and the revenue used to prevent that as well as coughing up the £28 billion/year? And replace the tampon tax removed by Boris today? Hmm. Another promise made, another one achieved. Seem to be rapidly mounting up now. I understand those bright people in the Blue Wall are noticing that even though the metropolitan media and activists suggest they are not capable of such. Like the figure on the side of the bus has already been exceeded. Also, just heard from someone now expecting to use his welding skills at Appledore Shipyard shortly. Wonder how much of the £100m fishing renewal support will go there, or the extra defence spending?

    Not to worry, Mr. Biden has this big plan ready to roll out to sort Covid, as that is what he said during the campaign. All that is required, is for him to remember what he said a few weeks ago, and then, what the plan was. I fear he has the look and behaviour of someone who might remember 30 years ago, rather than 30 minutes or 30 days, but can rely/hope that he will not gain 2 Senate seats in Georgia, so it will make no difference anyway. A lame duck going round in circles, quacking, is fairly easy to explain.

    Then, back to Warp Speed. Provided by one, or more, of those nasty big US pharma companies that were going to ruin the UK’s NHS a few months ago, but suddenly have gone from destroyer to saviour. (Goodness-this blasted US control of spelling infiltrating the UK as well, but you will note I have redacted that.)

    Happy New Year.

    • Ha! Ha! Oops! Not very happy after all? Nearly blew a fuse didnt he? Must be something we said?

      I knew this would be a good year, its looking up already……

      • So the sanitary product tax is seen as a great victory for Boris Johnson is it? An odd direction for Drill or Drop to be led towards I know, but since such diversions from that particular source are de rigueur these days arent they? A French term you will notice? And speaking of french terms, not to mention the “Br Agreement”, who has applied for French citizenship only recently?

        “Stanley Johnson, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s father, told France’s RTL radio he had always seen himself as French as his mother was born in France.
        The 80-year-old former Conservative Member of the European Parliament voted Remain in the 2016 Brexit referendum.”

        Maybe Stanley knows something interesting slipped to him by his son? Aparently Jim Ratcliffe also has tax haven residence in Monaco, France away from The HMRC, and has taken the making of the “Grenadier” with him to France just before Christmas.

        Perhaps the British people should demand repayment of the millions of UK tax payers money given free non gratis to Ineos for deserting UK for France? Another Ratcliff leaving the sinking UK “Br Agreement” ship perhaps? Doesnt inspire confidence does it.

        Hmm, However, the actual facts about the sanitary towel tax, noted that facts are something someone, who shall remain nameless, is notoriously vague upon, if not entirely absent, unlike myself, is not so much of a victory for Boris unless you count that it only took 48 years of women paying for sanitary products, and two decades of campaigning to get the tax dropped? Winning the womans right to vote took less time than that.

        “This victory comes after a hard-fought and politically-charged battle. For the past 20 years, campaigners have been lobbying MPs to ditch the tax. Two decades ago, Labour MP Dawn Primarolo successfully campaigned to get the VAT on sanitary items cut from 17.5 percent to 5 percent. In 2014, feminist campaigner Laura Coryton launched a petition after discovering that items like Jaffa cakes, crocodile steaks, private jet maintenance, and even edible sugar flowers aren’t classed by HMRC as luxury items under VAT rules. Her petition gained over 300,000 signatures. “It is so exciting to hear that tampon tax will finally be axed!” Coryton told Mashable on Wednesday. “This is one step towards ending period shame, fighting period poverty and securing a more female-focused political agenda.”

        Now, it would be only a logical, but knowing Boris, unlikely, step to make sanitary towels entirely free for all women, since it is a biological function that is not an option and women should not be forced to pay for a biological necessity they have no control over.

        For a more than a century, women, particularly in England and the UK in general, have come to realise, that if biological gender freedom isnt given freely, it must be taken.

  4. Not sure that a blown fuse would be recognised by someone who has a rather limited engineering knowledge! Getting red and green mixed up can be a real issue, and previous error in that respect suggests caution needed.

    Or, any knowledge of whether someone is unhappy!

    My fuse perfectly intact, and a very happy bunny. Santa looks after the good boys and girls.

    Meanwhile, I shall continue to maintain both during 2021.

    (I thought Greta had now decided to become a BLM activist, and shower the world with her vast level of knowledge of that subject? Or, pull a face, if that will do the trick. Standard development for the child actors who get to the age when no longer children and have to find a new vocation. Yet to find one that made it work, but do hope she is the exception as the alternative does not look like a happy future. Writing in the Guardian may be an option, but currently held by OJ. One of the many “heads” of the UK Greens? A very packed field already.)

    • It cant stop can it? Roaring like a Australian fire storm?

      Ha! Ha! AAANNDD! Nope! Wrong again! And such a temper too on New Years Day? Definitely evidence of a blown fuse there isnt it.

      My qualified engineering knowledge is perfectly intact thank you very much and doing very well. And while we are talking of truth, not porkies, it was me who pointed out the truth about that old worn out “red diesel” joke, several times in fact. Unlike that “contributor” of fantasy illusions who shall remain nameless. But of course from someone who clearly displays an absence of any such engineering knowledge and claims never to read anything I write. Particularly apparently on an engineering knowledge basis. The recognition of an engineering subject is well beyond the capability to discern any such thing as truth or otherwise. Thats logic.

      The truth is such a hard task master isnt it.

      Faulty memory is probably caused of the blown fuse in the first place. Clearly not a very happy bunny at all.

      The New Year is really getting off onto a really good start isnt it.

      Does Santa look after the good boys and girls? (is that the right spelling of Santa?) Sanity Clause? Sanity Clause? Dont you know there ain’t no Sanity Clause? Wasnt the Anti Crisis was your thing? Not enough credibility obviously.

      Another fantasy.

      Of course that certain personage claims that it doesnt read anything i write as it has said so often before, and therefore by that admission, amongst so many others, it has to be excused any lack of discernable logic if only out of having eyes wide shut?

      Thats enough engineering training for today. Keep at it. Maybe you will be able to discern an engineering fact from a hole in the head one day?

      I shant wait up.

  5. Nope, you did not, Phil C.

    Not unless there were several people posting under your name. The one I referenced entered into discussion and volunteered his “technical” assistance to explain why red diesel was red-and was totally, completely, wrong with the explanation. Anyone with any connection to agriculture would have been aware, most who had any connection with diesel vehicles would have been aware, any child who could press a key (plastic or aluminum) could have been aware-so, a very interesting exercise in how some believe they can present fake news. Yes, and because of that, memorable when added to with a text book definition of engineering. Recall that one-see above! An interesting dichotomy that sparked my negotiating past memories. Then, the dichotomy usually directed towards the person not being the true decision maker, or having the level of knowledge that he/she wished to portray.

    It is an interesting facet of the Internet how, with an unlimited audience, some are far less circumspect than they might be within the Saloon Bar, where they might be better acquainted with the much smaller audience’s level of knowledge. A strange one, alongside the graduates who are surprised that what they have put on social media might have been read by the guy/gal interviewing them for a job!

    And, whilst my engineering knowledge may be somewhat different to yours, I have employed many engineers in my time. I would have to rely upon my Engineering Manager to discuss specific items with a candidate around their CV-not surprising, as some came from the military, and my knowledge of nuclear submarines not quite what it should be, although I do have a brother who is pretty expert in that field-but I would already have weeded out and binned the CVs of those who made basic errors and sent them the “we wish you well for the future but we have received applications from many who fit our requirements better” letter.

    Good luck.

    But, you do like to distort history.

    The tampon tax was a requirement of the EU. It’s final removal was a result of removing the UK from the EU. (I also remember the good old days where the UK was told the EU-or Common Market-had no intention of dictating how and where members taxation was directed. That was another one where history could be forgotten.) So, yes, I agree with removing the tax as soon as possible, and that has been done. Do I agree with someone else paying to deal with my bodily functions? Nope. Because I can afford to do so, so why should someone else pay? If others can not afford to do the same, I expect to help them out-it’s called taxation. If UK business can make a profit, I expect them to pay taxation to do the same, ideally, picking up more of the load than me. Perhaps if the 50% of diesel used in UK was manufactured in UK, instead of being imported, that industry would easily pick up that load? Fawley Refinery had an £800m investment scheduled for that, but perhaps the pandemic will delay that.

    And, from the history, up to the current day.

    Ineos head office is in London. Giggle it. Sorry, the fake news trail, once put on record, is there for all to see. “Is Monaco in France?” -that’s one for next years quiz!

    Maybe Sir Jim decided that if the UK were not supportive of his business then maybe the French would be? Or, that he did not need to build a factory but could acquire a ready built one at a discounted price, which he has a pretty decent history of doing? I suspect the latter.

    Happy to fulfill the Eddy Stone role, and allow for safe navigation through the fog. The short periods of clarity quickly followed by fog, so plenty of work to keep me happy. For those who might not know about Eddy Stone, there is always Giggle.

    Back to the Xmas cake. Standard sized cake, smaller gatherings=extended over consumption. Must increase my daily walk.

  6. Ahhhh! Is that the Pantomime Damn returning to further distort history and misrepresent the truth?

    Ohh! Yes it is!

    Clearly i’m not the one guilty of distortng history here…..and the someone who shall remain nameless is still diverting from subject I see. Which is by the way:-

    “70-year low for 2020 UK onshore oil and gas drilling”

    Funny how that subject is so desperately avoided by the usual suspect and attempted to be peppered with fake noise far off diversions isnt it.

    Twas ever thus…..

    And this sad repetition of “red diesel”? Lets put that out of its misery (again) and put it to bed once and for all shall we.

    Hmm, déjà vu.

    I’ve said all this at least five times before, maybe more. But apparently that blown fuse compromised memory of someone who shall remain nameless, is still fataly faulty.

    No change there.

    I explained on those multiple occassions just how wrong you were, and still are, on that obsessive “red diesel” joke. Fell on deaf ears didnt it.

    Ohhhh, Yes i did! Credibilty is BEHIIINNND YOU!

    Deaf ears and eyes wide shut! What a dodgy combination?

    Lets sort this out once and for all shall we. Otherwise we will get lost in yet more diversions away from the subject.

    Actually i’ve explained the error of your misinterpretation of what i did say on several occassions. Not just one. You were never able to prove that I was wrong. And still can’t. Merely repeating the same old obsessive fixated misinformation pretence doesnt impress or convince anyone.

    Except maybe yourself? Because you dont have anything left to throw around if it has been totally discredited. Which it has on so many many occassions.

    So that was another of those wild and wooly diversion into imaginary fantasy land wasnt it?

    And another thing, does that certain someone who shall remain nameless every actually contribute towards the subject at all?
    Aparently not? So lets folow it down to the deepest darkest hollows of fantasy and imagination shall we? But only for a few moments, it smells of something…odd…down there.

    I never said Monaco was in France. Ooh! No I didnt! (I am enjoying this!)

    However, what I very clearly said was “Monaco, France”. Lessons in grammar are required for someone who shall remain nameless it seems, along with more lessons on engineering facts too.

    Commas in this case act as co-ordinating conjunctions, in effect separating two words or two phrases, or two locations in this case, from being mistaken as being the same thing. Didnt you qualify in English Language? I very clearly said:-

    “Maybe Stanley knows something interesting slipped to him by his son? Aparently Jim Ratcliffe also has tax haven residence in Monaco, France away from The HMRC, and has taken the making of the “Grenadier” with him to France just before Christmas.”

    Notice the comma? “Monaco, France”. Meaning of course “Monaco (, = and) France”. No where did I say Monaco was IN France. Monaco is a separate soveriegn city state. Surrounded by France on three sides and has a coastline on the French Riviera. Hence the relationship to being essentially surrounded at least on three sides, by France.

    Ooops! Wrong again! Tut tut! Never mind, I’m only too happy to explain these more technical things. I only need to be asked, rather than a certain someone blowing a fuse over it.

    That is another example of the fake “red diesel” joke as a matter of fact. Clearly another example of not reading what is said. Merely attempting to see only what is wanted to be seen, and not what is actually there at all. That is why the red diesel joke is so very wrong and that is what i explained before on several occassions, with examples i recall.

    That is all the proof that the continued, and totally discredited “red diesel” joke, is hereby discredited and is from precisely the same deliberate mistrepresentation of what is said in some very strangely obsessive and fixated attempt to subvert it into some vague fantasy delusion. Fake news in its most obvious and transparent personification clearly illustrated yet again.

    End of subject.

    Twas ever thus……

    Lets get to those other erronous issues above shall we.

    • Apart from the usual nonsense contained in the post from someone who shall remain nameless above mine. Lets clarify the rest of it away from all that fantasy self delusion and attempts to cast vague fake aspersions without any evidence or substantiation whatsoever.

      Brexit. Lets start with that. I very clearly showed how the tampon tax was never anything to do with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, whos father is claiming French citizenship.

      The changes to the 17.5% tax down to 5% was nothing to do with Boris Johnson, but actually is a result of pressure by Labour MP Dawn Primarolo and in 2014, feminist campaigner Laura Coryton making the 17.5% luxury VAT tax imposed by the EU.

      Brexit itself was a process which was started by a refendum by popular vote from the people of the UK in 2016 which i’m sure we all remember, at least some of us do….

      In all the tooing and froing, deals and no deals, ons and offs, disagreements and negotiations, tempers and assurances. Never has Boris Johnson made a move to remove VAT or reduce it from sanitary products other than to attemp to take the credit for it on January 1st 2021.

      All of that effort was, as i said above, due to the continued action and pressure from “Labour MP Dawn Primarolo who successfully campaigned to get the VAT on sanitary items cut from 17.5 percent to 5 percent. And in 2014, feminist campaigner Laura Coryton who launched the petition after discovering that items like Jaffa cakes, crocodile steaks, private jet maintenance!!, and even edible sugar flowers aren’t classed by HMRC as luxury items under VAT rules.”

      Incidentally, amongst all that is a phrase that stands out:- “my bodily functions”? Who is writing that? How does that litle slip refer to that someone who shall not be named? Not unless there were several people posting under your name?


      Hoist with its own petard again! Now we begin to see how these streams of posts seem to emerge so pervasively dont we.


      “It is an interesting facet of the Internet how, with an unlimited audience, some are far less circumspect than they might be within the Saloon Bar, where they might be better acquainted with the much smaller audience’s level of knowledge. A strange one, alongside the graduates who are surprised that what they have put on social media might have been read by the guy/gal interviewing them for a job!

      And, whilst my engineering knowledge may be somewhat different to yours, I have employed many engineers in my time. I would have to rely upon my Engineering Manager to discuss specific items with a candidate around their CV-not surprising, as some came from the military, and my knowledge of nuclear submarines not quite what it should be, although I do have a brother who is pretty expert in that field-but I would already have weeded out and binned the CVs of those who made basic errors and sent them the “we wish you well for the future but we have received applications from many who fit our requirements better” letter.”

      More self delusions are portrayed right there, by, whoever is was that wrote them….

      The obsessive fixated fantasy of such as is dispayed above being one that could ever be required to submit an application for employment in a Civil Engineering Consultancy is bizarre to say the least. Such a wild self delusional claim is so far from the truth, its almost laughable. Long since have I been employing others. Though never have I ever come across such an unworthy candidate as i see portrayed by that someone who must not be named. I have never had any use for a mechanical engineer in a Civil Engineering Consultancy, and definitely no intention of ever employing one who apparently lives entirely in some obsessive fantasy world where facts, engineering and grammar are so absent.


      “Maybe Sir Jim decided that if the UK were not supportive of his business then maybe the French would be? Or, that he did not need to build a factory but could acquire a ready built one at a discounted price, which he has a pretty decent history of doing? I suspect the latter.”

      So, yet again it is admitted amongst so many other recent admissions, that Jim Ratcliff has taken the manufacture of the “Grenadier” to France. And has residence in Monaco, France. And therefore has purposely betrayed the very reason that the millions of pounds of tax payers money was given free non gratis to Ineos in the first place, because it was mistakenly percieved that Jim Ratcliff would support industry and and jobs in the UK. That is clearly a mistake in this instance. The UK tax payer must demand repayment from Ineos and Jim Ratcliff until that situation is remedied.

      The real world Eddy Stone Lighthouse role, rather than the obsessive fantasy illusionary version that is attempted to be proposed there above, has no ablity, nor indeed any consciousness or sentience whatsoever that could possibly discern fact from fiction and fantasy as it is clearly said by that someone who shall remain nameless above. That describes the writer of those delusional fantasies only too clearly doesnt it.

      Such a lighthouse is not an arbiter of anything. It is merely a light. Just as fog lamps are on cars and other vehicles are merly lights. Swith a lighthouse, or a foglamp off, and it does not know, does not have any function whatsoever. It is the human observer on ships or land who discerns the nearby danger of rocks, not the lighthouse. But of course the real world observer would not be so delusional as to believe that the light of a lighthouse or vehicle are of any discernment capability of any other reason other than to warn of rocks.

      Such a complete delusion of an entirely innapropriate description of the purpose of a lighthouse as being in some way consiously discernable of posts on Drill or Drop, is bizarre to say the least.

      Fantasy again isnt it. Completely delusional. A light is a light, nothing more. Anyone who claims any different, is to be avoided, or gently taken back to the place from which it escaped.

      So we see illustrated quite clearly how these delusional fantasies and obsesssive fixations with fog and lighthouses are nothing to do with the real world.

      For those who might not know about the real world story of the Eddy Stone Lighthouse and many others. There is always firefox. I would recommend much more reliable and less censored and compromised search engines than Google.

      Well, thats it, all clarified with facts, all that obsessive delusional fantasy is blown away in the wind and dispersed back to where it came. Somewhere not of this real world.

      I’m not wasting any more time on these epistles from the dark side.

      In future i will be more abrupt, and less kind and considerate as to explain the real world to delusional fantasists.

  7. OMG!

    Someone who posts incorrect information, then tries to change history by??? Posting MORE incorrect information, on a subject not even part of the thread!!

    “My spilling, is always correct”-approach. Those who are parents, of young children, will recognise the format.

    I suspect those good people of IOW will have had their questions answered.

    And helpful, happy, soul that I am, the term Giggle is to encompass the use of all search engines to “have a laugh”. Perhaps not spread as far and wide as I understood, but quite appropriate for certain usage contrary to gaining knowledge. And, used by some within UK Universities, so perhaps familiar to some others.

    Meanwhile, for those looking to check out their holidays, best not to get confused with Liechtenstein, Switzerland. Or Austria, Germany. And certainly not Scotland, England!

  8. OMG! Bottom of the barrel from there above wasnt it!


    Well! Well! If a certain someone (or several someones??) Who was that certian someone who shall remain nameless? Posts provably ficticious fake news, and distorted history. All of which are discredited. Then purports to be “information” but then repeats Fake News instead. How can anything said by that certain someone, or someones, who should definitely remain nameless, be considered in anyway trustworthy for anything related to this subject? Fascinating isnt it?

    Not to mention bizarrely claiming to “fulfill the role” of a lighthouse (Which is just a light by the way. Does a light know if it is dark or light? No, of course not. It couldnt distinguish condensing water vapour from a light breeze on a sunny day if it tried, and it cant try. It has no capability of anything other than to be switched on or off. And that is done by a human, or programmed remotely, as many are these days….

    As an example of my own non delusional behaviour. I can refer very happily to my first post on the Isle of Wight UKOG submitted plans only a few days ago. No aspersions or insinuations to anyone there. That is what i always start out to do in fact. And in deed, there would not have been any need to reply in these terms you see above since if those certain someones had not been so incontinent with their delusional fantasies and attempted aspersions and insinuations. Everthing would remain at an engineering level. But we know that those who always descend down to their usual depths can only say the sort of gibberish and gobbledegook that we see there written by those who should remain nameless only too often.

    Twas ever thus.

    Thats all folks!

    I think that is enough on what has typically descended into the usual waste of time repetitive obsessional fantasy from that source, whosoever “they” might be, dont you think Paul?

    I’ll stick to the engineering facts, what ever these certain someones, who shall remain nameless, do. Is their lookout, or lighthouse?

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