Details on new production wells and water reinjection at Horse Hill – UKOG

The main investor at the Horse Hill oil site in Surrey has announced plans for two new production wells.

Horse Hill oil site. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

UK Oil & Gas plc also said it would convert an existing well into a borehole for water reinjection.

Horse Hill has two existing wells, known as Horse Hill-1 (HH-1) and Horse Hill-2z (HH-2z). It also has planning permission for another four production wells.

But drilling the new wells is unlikely in the next few months. UKOG has said it would concentrate in the first half of 2021 on appraisal of its new licence in south east Turkey.

New wells

In a statement to investors this morning, UKOG said it had identified “several significant infill drilling opportunities” at Horse Hill.

This was the result of a “far better understanding of the Portland reservoir”, UKOG said, informed by data from:

  • Pressure build up test on HH-1 in November 2020
  • HH-2z cores
  • Revised seismic interpretation

One new well, to be called Horse Hill-3 (HH-3), would target the Portland oil formation, UKOG said. The well would be updip of (shallower) existing wells and above the oil-water contact, the company said.

The other new well, Horse Hill-4 (HH-4), would identify the lateral extent of the Kimmeridge oil pool. This would also be updip of existing wells. It was likely to be a highly inclined or slant well, the statement said. It would be a right-angles to the known regional open natural fracture and designed to maximise the number of open fractures that it would penetrate.

HH-3 and HH-4 would be planned and drilled following operations in the company’s Basur-Resan licence in south east Turkey planned for the first six months of 2021, the statement said.

UKOG said the pressure build-up test confirmed previously-reported oil-in-place of 7-11 million barrels in the Portland formation. Alba Mineral Resources plc, an investor in Horse Hill, said this “untapped production” could not be fully realised from HH-1 alone.

George Frangeskides, Alba’s executive chairman, said:

“The plans, therefore, to drill another two vertical wells up-dip of HH-1 are welcome, not least in the light of the sustained rally in the oil price over the past three quarters.”

He also said:

“HH-1 has already proven the Kimmeridge’s ability to contribute substantial production to the overall field, so there is certainly merit in testing the Kimmeridge’s producibility from a new vertical well.”

Water reinjection

Formation water in the oil has become a problem for Horse Hill.

The volume of formation water rose dramatically in June 2020 to 236 tonnes, up from 88 tonnes in May 2020. It fell slightly in September 2020, the most recent public figures available, but the ratio of oil to water fell to 2.1, down from 2.4 in August. DrillOrDrop report on most recent production data

UKOG said it planned to turn the HH-2z production well into a water reinjector. The company said this would save money on taking water offsite by tanker for disposal. It will also help to maximise oil recovery by supporting reservoir pressure, the company said.

Horse Hill has planning permission for a water reinjection well but consent would be needed from other regulators for the conversion from HH-2z. UKOG said the consent process was underway and a decision was expected in spring 2021.

In the meantime, UKOG said it aimed to maintain the proportion of water to oil at below current levels.


The UKOG statement said the Horse Hill field has produced more than 132,000 barrels of oil from the Kimmeridge and Portland oil pools.

In the three months to December 2020, the company said HH-1 had produced 7,045 barrels from the Portland, despite well intervention work to improve oil flows.

HH-1 produced for 37% of time in October, the main period of the intervention, and 85% of time in November, after the work had finished.

Trials followed the intervention and are expected to continue for several months. UKOG said this aimed to “achieve an optimum balance between oil revenues and water handling and other operational costs”.

The statement said:

“Early results are encouraging, with stable water influx levels achieved by the end of 2020.”

Cost cutting

UKOG also said it had cut operating costs from January 2020-January 2021 by 66%. This was a response to “the challenging oil price environment”.

Stephen Sanderson, UKOG’s chief executive, said:

“We look forward to the conversion of HH-2z into a water injector in the Spring and to the resultant increase in net revenue from the reduction in water handling costs.

“The significant 66% reduction in general field operating costs over the past year also allows the field to take full advantage of the current strengthening oil price.”

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  1. Saving 66% is hardly surprising as they were not operating for most of the year, another vague RNS which ALBA had to issue while UKOG swerved

  2. Its quite possible that the water injection well water contains lots of absorbed methane gas which is being taken away for disposal. Acoustic treatment at the surface and or downhole in the injection wells causes rectified diffusion and absorption of associated gases. Perhaps being paid to take away the water as a disposal cost and giving this water for “clean up” may be beneficial for members in the know about acoustic treatment and hidden associated revenues. I have no proof they are using it but please have your eyes open in case there is hidden revenue and corporate greed.

    • Most things disposed of, MdC, cost money, as someone charges to do it.

      A sewage treatment plant.

      Corporate greed or a public service?

      However, if someone has the ability and land to “inject” their sewage into their own ground, which happens in many rural UK areas, then that is a pretty decent approach. Of course, monitoring is required there also. Not sure much of that goes on with the compost toilet brigade, but not too many of them.

      It would seem sense if UKOG can utilise the water for re-injection, which has always been part of their plan, to do so. There may be some disposal company currently making money, who has to look elsewhere.

      Not to worry too much about that, though. UKOG, and others, seem keen to give some more opportunities to replace that income!

      • I have seen people in the US uploading videos of methane gas they can set light to coming from their water taps associated with nearby fracking….. this may be because of rectified diffusion caused by acoustic treatment at the surface in the wellhead or in the water injection wells that has cause more associated gases to be absorbed from the production of hydrocarbons. I have no proof this is happening but I am curious and have seen general public scientific papers about this Agreed, you may consider this a public service to take it away, but if they are squeezing more hydrocarbons in to the wastewater in the first place and taking it away to make sell the ethane etc for the petrochemical industry such as INEOS that is an hidden greenhouse gas emitter ..Acoustic treatment requires little or no associated frack chemicals as its a mechanical frequency vibrating at the resonant frequency of the formation and is carefully monitored at the surface with computer software so as not to damage the Shakes it all up like gas in Guinness thats released when the glass is put on a ultrasonic plate…..i am no expert but have years of litigation as a family that had a water cleaning project stolen from us by corporate giants. I cant say any more on this just yet so dont ask..Keep your eyes open and monitor the water injection wells and the processes behind that..

        • MdC:

          The water injection well was always part of the plan, to inject water as oil was extracted to maintain pressure, which makes the subsequent extraction more efficient.

          Then water was found when the horizontal well was drilled (caused problems with that well, and required the water to be removed, at high cost.)

          Now they have that water “found”, then to utilize it would seem to be sensible, getting a value rather than a cost. Whilst Dorkinian seems to think such events might not change timelines of plans, I can not agree.

  3. Except, Jono, this is simply confirmation of what the plans are going forward.

    Useful to have that confirmation, but hardly a surprise to anyone who had been observing during 2020. Bit like a footie manager saying he will be playing with wingers, when there has been previous scouting of wingers and then the signing of wingers!

  4. They have had permission to drill a Kimmeridge sidetrack for more than 3 years but it hasn’t happened.

    Dual completion for HH-1 Portland and Kimmeridge? That hasn’t happened either.

    UKOG have stated in a planning application that there was no commercial flow from the Kimmeridge, that HAS happened.

    So why announce now, that they will be drilling a Kimmeridge well in a year or two’s time? What would they have to gain by announcing that? Could it be that this is more smoke and mirrors before another large share placing, to produce an impression that the geological concept for Weald-wide extraction hasn’t failed and been abandoned?

    They want to tap up the punters, who invested in the promise of domestic oil, to fund drilling a high risk Turkish well, on the promise that when they’ve finished they will come back, more than likely to be looking for funding again.

    Where is the Competent Person’s Report that will unlock other finance?

    Poor long term investors are down 95% and locked in with shares that aren’t worth selling. They look like they are about to be shafted again.

    • No “commercial” flow? Perhaps a pilot test that was successful as proof of concept, shut it down, bleed the investors and then force a fire sale of the asset and then bring in a “white knight in to save all”. …keep eyes open.. This is a hunch and not slander… just be aware of potential scenarios that MAY exist..
      Be aware of careful language and “paltering” used by the industry..

    • When the industry replies about “oil” there is always “gas” that is cleaned from the injected water from the associated hydrocarbon production. Good they are cleaning the water but perhaps the water is a carrier of additional hydrocarbons as a result of well and formation treatments with acoustic technology. its degassed elsewhere, cleaned and then reinjected. Again no proof but just a hunch.

  5. OMG!

    This does seem to attract the conspiracy theorists. But, most things do these days. Even noted someone “suggesting” Boris was about to call a snap election. A majority of 80 and a snap election?? And that was on the BBC! Get a life. Or even better, get back to news, and stop the speculation moving to fabrication.

    Mystic Megs on some sort of mind benders. But, the Internet just needs one to sow the seeds and hey ho, it is instant fantasy converted to reality. Remember Seleniumgate? Remember Waterpipegate?

    Sutton United to sign Messi and Ronaldo! That should have some legs.

    Poor long term investors are NOT down 95%, either. A few may be, most will not, some will have made a profit. It all depends when shares were bought and when they were traded along the way. There have been numerous opportunities for UKOG investors to trade and make a profit over the last few years. Looking at daily buys and sells, it shows clearly this happens most of the time. That is a feature of oil exploration companies, and why many invest, Dorkinian. Volatility is expected, and made use of. Many will have taken those opportunities but are possibly not amongst the few who post on chat sites. A few will not have, and probably then represent a big chunk of those who do post on chat sites, together with the swampies who masquerade as investors, both trying to cause volatility.

    If you want to look at a specific one off example, check out the rise in share price pre Loxley (twice!). Some will have sold at the increased price and then, perhaps re-bought when the price dropped afterwards, and now looking for the triple. Depending on exactly how that might have been done, a profit could easily have been achieved, or a much larger share holding, awaiting the triple opportunity.

    And, shock/horror (before the anti capitalists try to put forward their message on this platform) the same happens with Tesla, but with much more money involved!

    But, once again, no-one is expected to recognise that reality.

    • Oh Dear. Oh Dear. Oh Dear.

      “This does seem to attract the conspiracy theorists.” This does seem to attract the conspiracy theorists in a way, but it only applies to the originator of the attempted desperate label, no one else.

      What a long string of discredited memes and empty rhetoric from the usual source?

      [Edited by moderator]

      That unfortunate mirror again reflecting the writers own output isn’t it.

      But of course you have to try to desperately hang on to those discredited empty memes, otherwise the texts originating from that source would be empty of any content whatsoever.

      Who is Mystic Meg by the way? I see no contributor with that name. Another of those fake labels isn’t it. It means nothing, says nothing, but a desperation to attempt to label others with yet another desperate fake label. One more for the discredited list.

      And then there is this little gem:-

      “And, shock/horror (before the anti capitalists try to put forward their message on this platform) the same happens with Tesla, but with much more money involved!”

      [Edited by moderator]

      Where are any anti capitalists? Are you referring to my comments about untrammelled mind set of greed for the purposes of only profit that are destroying the Earth because of their suicidal mind set that only greed is good?

      Where did I mention capitalism anywhere on Drill or Drop? Nowhere. Refer to your source before making false comments or keep you labels to yourself. I didn’t mention capitalism at all did i? And nor did you or your communist colleague I recall.

      No. You are wrong again. I see nothing wrong with capitalism if its used as a shared resource for all to make every ones lives and living conditions better. But untrammelled corporate and billionaire monopolistic greed indicates the mind set that thinks that every resource, animal vegetable or mineral, are merely exploitable elements that can be ripped off and thrown away when they are wrung out of all value.

      That is not capitalism, that is kleptocracy, oiligarchy, technocratic scientism and slavery that has no place in human affairs.

      If that is what you call capitalism, then

      You know every time you expose yourself with these outpourings of where your thoughts really lie, the further it moves away from any human values and interaction for the betterment of all, towards an absence of any betterment at all. The end result of that is not a human race seeking the truth and moving towards intelligent solutions, but merely a bunch of repressed brainwashed slaves that only represent nothing more than exploited resources to make profit from.

      “But, once again, no-one is expected to recognise that reality.”

      Considering those obsessive fantasy strings of fake memes “contributed” by the writer above, rather than any form of reality at all, that is another one of those typical memes reflected back to the originator in that unfortunate mirror isnt it?

      • OhDearOhDearOhDear!

        [Edited by moderator]

        Mr. PhilC-you are NOT the only poster on DoD, and some have clearly identified themselves as anti-capitalists. (An interesting concept, but somewhat limited when the alternative is examined. Sounds familiar?)

        So, maybe you feel all comment should be directed to yourself? You want to be the focus of attention? Please note, that with reference to this particular subject, you had not been contributing, (unless in another persona?) so why would comments be directed to you?

        “Intelligent solutions”?

        Well, first work needs to be done on the geography, then on UK taxation (three times, and counting), and then intelligent solutions may emerge. I can wait. But, realistically, I do look for intelligent solutions where knowledge has been demonstrated, rather than claimed. An old fashioned approach, but it works for me. Difficult, currently, with all these instant Covid experts, but possible with a little application. With reference to that, just type Mystic Meg into your search engine, and you may add to your level of knowledge. Speculation v knowledge, will be part of the answer.

        • Whoops! There it goes off on one again! Bizarre!

          “Mr. PhilC-you are NOT the only poster on DoD, and some have clearly identified themselves as anti-capitalists. (An interesting concept, but somewhat limited when the alternative is examined. Sounds familiar?)

          If you actually read what i wrote Martin, you would see i was asking the question of whether your reference to anti capitalism was meant to refer to me or not? I made no claim that it was, i merely asked for clarification didnt i?

          So your over the top comment is groundless isnt it.

          I see no other posters who have clearly identified as anything of the sort? Perhaps you should be more careful what you write and to whom, then there would be no problem of just who you are making vague unsubstantiated allusions about would there?

          Personally, i think I caught out something that is prefered to be kept vague and hidden. And that is what all this explosion of denial and further accusation is all about.

          “So, maybe you feel all comment should be directed to yourself? You want to be the focus of attention? Please note, that with reference to this particular subject, you had not been contributing, (unless in another persona?) so why would comments be directed to you?”

          “You want to be the focus of attention?”

          Do you?

          When you make these vague allusions in odd posts on other subjects Martin, do you really think that no one sees only too clearly what you are trying to allude to in that vague manner of yours? So why is it wrong to ask the question?

          Who else have you had recent “discussions” with about financial and politcal systems? Or even any mention of capitalism, let alone anti capitalism?

          So I questioned it directly. What is wrong with that? Just seeking clarification Martin. So why the explosion of outrage?

          You have this well observed habit of waving these vague unsubstantiated insinuations and aspersions about in posts not related to the original post, hoping no doubt to label someone indirectly with some childish notion that isnt based up anything in the real world without being held responsible for the words. You do it all the time. Perhaps you dont even know you are doing it? So this little wake up call is perfectly appropriate and timely isnt it.

          “Please note, that with reference to this particular subject, you had not been contributing, (unless in another persona?) so why would comments be directed to you?”

          Just for the sake of fairness and balance for a moment Martin. Just who was that comment aimed at then? If not me, then who?

          Answer required.

          In fact Martin, it was you who said that you often allow friends and colleagues to post under your name wasnt it? (maybe i am not communicating to Martin at all?) None writes in my name but me. But apparently, by your own words (was that you?) you have not. So perhaps it is you that have a faulty memory on the subject (unless in yet another persona?). I would suggest you stop digging Martin, you are getting confused between you own actions, and those of others. Perhaps another “persona” amongst others?

          Fascinating that you say that i’m not the only person on Drill or Drop isnt it? Because reading back through the several months that I wasnt on Drill or Drop at all, I had the very strong impression that you thought you held that position? Did i step on your toes then? Another of those reflection moments mirroring the originator perhaps?

          Thats enough of that nonsence better return to the subject before it goes off onto yet another diversion into the Twighlight World.

          Well that was fun! Good to get all these ripples in the space time continuum smoothed out isnt it.

      • Except, it isn’t what you claim, jP!

        If you want to demonstrate how you are unaware how punters can make money on volatile AIM stocks, fill your boots-as you just have.

        It demonstrates something, but not knowledge of the subject. It does seem to be something, though, that is of concern to you. Yet, the shares keep trading, so, that means someone keeps buying them. Could it be those who try and tell others that buying them would be a nightmare? Oh yes, it is-often.

  6. MdC

    No proof just a hunch? How odd. Why not get some facts first and then comment? Is it something in the mushrooms?

    My understanding of the article is that currently produced water is trucked to be disposed of. This is produced water, not injection water.

    The company plan to convert a producing well to a water injection well which brings two benefits – reservoir pressure maintenance and produced water disposal (no more trucing it away).

    What is the problem with injecting formation water back into the formation it came from, with or without some solution gas.

    Produced water will have gas removed by the process facility before it is trucked (as does the oil). The gas will be flared. The company’s process equipment set up will be in the public domain – you can have a look and see what equipment they are using – no conspiracy here.

    I don’t recall acoustic degassing being used in the upstream oil and gas industry where I worked for over 30 years.

    I do recall being shown a film of water taps being ignited with methane coming out with the potable water. I think this was in Mississippi. This was in the early 1980’s and was shown to us on a casing and cementing completion course in Tulsa as an example of poor cementing practices across the potable water aquifer. No shale gas / oil fracking in those days….It is much more likely to happen in shallow coal bed methane developments where the fracking is much closer to surface and the aquifer.

    Ironically I have seen the same film several times more recently shown by antis as an example of fracking side effects.

    Why not post a link to the burning taps so the BB can have a look?

    And also some evidence that the upstream oil and gas industry is using acoustic degassing? It may be a new concept that was introduced after I retired.

  7. Ah, misquoting as well, now!

    “Wasn’t it?”

    No, it wasn’t. Simple. No need for the fog.


    Not at all. I really can’t remember the last time I was outraged, and it was around 2 years ago that I was last unhappy (when I lost my dog), but if you feel you can identify how people’s emotions are, I would suggest you find a more accurate instrument than an Internet chat forum. Just helpful advice, to prevent it looking like more speculation, in the Biden/Harris speculation grouping. Speculation is a bit of a problem, as it morphs into fabrication so easily. I don’t even find that outrageous, but I do note when I observe it, even when BBC News is on the screen at the same time.

    Anyway, Paul has been remarkably tolerant of our chat, and Mrs.C wants the painting completed, so, onwards and upwards.

    • [Edited by moderator]

      Actually there is no real world fog that relates to posts on Drill or Drop Martin. Fog in the real world is moisture vapour that condenses in a change of temperature. What fog relates to in that fantasy delusional world only exists in that imaginary location that pervades posts from that source. Its an illusion Martin.

      It doesnt exist in any rational form in a discussion on:-

      “Details on new production wells and water reinjection at Horse Hill – UKOG”

      Nothing was speculation either, I very clearly quoted you in each section. Speculation clearly morphs into fabrication in your own posts with all these false labels and spurious claims. That mirror again reflecting the originator isnt it.

      Thats enough of that Martin. Once more with any continued interaction with you on this subject and others earlier, just becomes drowned in reams of fantasy and illusion and goes no where but some irretrevable Twighlight Zone of outrage and speculation.

      A pointless waste of time and space.

      Fun as always though! But so much better to keep to the subject in the real world isnt it?

      Have a nice day……

  8. Which was the thread, Pauls, before we were interrupted!

    Quite an interesting thread, as water re-injection would appear to have merit in many ways, (maybe that is why it has been within the plans for a long time) and, not least, would mitigate against the issues some seem to have with HGVs.

    Maybe just a desire to try and make any positive into a negative? Couldn’t have an environmental improvement for the site?

    But, of interest, either way.

    • Perhaps Paul Tresto could explain what “Is it something in the mushrooms?” has to do with “Details on new production wells and water reinjection at Horse Hill – UKOG”?

      Are mushrooms being fed with reinjected water from new exploration and production wells now?

      Perhaps Paul could illuminate us all on his experience with reinjected waste water fed mushrooms?

      If thats not an interruption of course…..

      Perhaps Mia de Clare is wondering the same thing.

      I can hardly blame her.

      What is more appropo of the risks of waste water reinjection of course, is the resulting earthquakes and collateral damage, as demonstrated somewhat catastrophically for all concerned by Cuadrilla (as was). Too many giant mushrooms maybe?

      That certainly interrupted fracking operations in the UK didnt it.

      Its good to get “back to the subject” again isnt it?

      • “no proof but just a hunch.”

        [Edited by moderator]

        Water injection for reservoir pressure maintenance takes place in most oil fields that do not have natural water drive. No earthquakes.

        Waste water disposal is a a different operation, generally not into the formation the water came from, and usually fairly shallow.

        • It may be possible to extract more hydrocarbon gas with clean acoustic degassing technology applied to water at the wellhead, downwell, or offsite, whilst being paid to take it away after treating it. AGAIN, this is a hunch…no proof..I am no industry expert, just experienced with a lawsuit so I am SPECULATING. They environmentally responsible cleaning the water. Imagine a chocolate milk well where you are PAID and THANKED to take away the cocoa and you know you can repurpose it.. would’t that encourage you to do it more? Isn’t that a “risk free way to print money”?

            • Hi Mia de Clare. You see how difficult it is to get a straight answer to a straight question and to penetrate the standard petrochemical industry protagonist gatekeepers protective carapace? [Edited by moderator] Designed of course to impede and distort rational discussion because that leads to genuine discussion of real world issues.
              And that would never do.
              Far too dangerous.

              No doubt Mia you expected to have a rational conversation to address the issues you raised regarding evidence of reinjection of waste water into wells and recovery of gas if treated correctly? That wont happen i am sorry to say. The petrochemical industry gatekeeper response will never allow rational discussion on anything. Perhaps you expect exploration and production operations to act in a logical scientific manner that are only interested in solving engineering operational problems and to seek rational scientific solutions as you suggest?

              I wish that were so. However all the evidence points to entirely the opposite. Looking at any investigation into the financial machinations and concealed complexity of these companies activities, is that the rational for such operations is to preserve the pretence of a technical process that in theory has a beneficial purpose and a product that can be offered to the UK public.

              The truth however indicates that is just the popular “official” interpretation. These fly by night, highly complex tax avoidance operations, effectively conceal the real objective. Which is purely financial imperatives of zombie companies kept well below profitability and therefore tax free, in order for offshore tax haven trusts to be laundered through the UK financial systems to create vast highly secretive offshore tax haven trust profit manipulation.

              You may recall the Paradise Papers which exposed the situation. The British Virgin Islands, the Cook Islands, the Seychelles, Panama, and many others.

              You can see the bizarre financial situations that allow tax haven “trusts” to avoid any financial oversight in this video below. Well worth watching f you want to know what goes on behind closed doors in UK.

              The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Documentary)

              You will have noticed no doubt, that the regulatory bodies that we were told were to control oil and gas operations and keep them legal honest and truthful? Though you may also have noticed over the last few years that these so called regulatory bodies are fundamentally compromised by their own internal personnel connections with the petrochemical industry itself. Their few remaining regulatory teeth are minimised and financially crippled and compromised by our own government and rendered essentially powerless even if they did have any incentive to act as they should be expected to do.

              [Edited by moderator] Incidentally Paul Tresto, you say: “Water injection for reservoir pressure maintenance takes place in most oil fields that do not have natural water drive. No earthquakes.”

              No, that is wrong Paul Earthquakes are very much related to waste water reinjection and have been well documented.


              Fascinating isn’t it?

              So keep trying Mia to get a straight answer, but i suspect all you will receive will be more gaslighting in reply. You may ask yourself if that is all they have left to say on any issue any more?.

              If you want to have a discussion an any technical issue, i suggest you talk to those who write on Drill or Drop unrelated to the usual petrochemical protagonist gatekeepers. I am sure you will get a rational reply on the subject there, not from the sources you see pontificating above.

              Have a good day Mia.

                • Hi Mia, no problem, I hope you find the information you are looking for.

                  Have a great weekend Mia.

                • Yes, hopefully she/he can find the information they are looking for and explain what they are on about?

                  I disagree with you PhilC – if you want to ask a technical question regarding oil and gas activities you will certainly be better to ask someone who has worked in the industry rather than someone who has not. [Edited by moderator]

  9. Ermm, I think there is very little chance of getting a straight answer to speculation, especially speculation that is admitted to be just that!

    That is why there is so much of it about.

    Will I win the lottery this week?

    Answers on a postcard, please.

    With respect to engineering, I believe the text books state:

    “Engineering requires precise, unambiguous, language that cannot be misinterpreted or hidden in vague terminology”.

    Rarely followed, it seems, as that limits the opportunity to muddy the waters.

    But, in respect of Mia’s speculation, I am still mystified why someone making money from waste would be so unusual, or to be frowned upon. Many stables do it, for starters. Some people do it by obtaining old quarries and filling them with other people’s waste, and then plonking wind turbines on top of the “re-instated” land. That is a particularly profitable enterprise, and one to quite easily take through the planning process .

    Where there’s muck, there’s money!

    In the case of HH though, the water that has been taken away has been a large cost to UKOG, so, apart from speculation, I can not see any good reason for UKOG to want to have had the issue in the way it occurred. There was good reason to drill the horizontal-and that was NOT to encounter water to have to deal with.

    Being unambiguous, if that water can now be kept on site and repurposed, then the taking away will be avoided. Less HGV movements means more happy antis., or maybe not. Might mean less happy waste water processors, less happy HGV drivers. Like the lottery, some win, some lose.

    • [Edited by moderator]

      “With respect to engineering, I believe the text books state:

      “Engineering requires precise, unambiguous, language that cannot be misinterpreted or hidden in vague terminology”.”

      Ha! Ha! That’s so funny!

      No. That is deliberate misinformation on the part of the contributor. What he is attempting to say there is what I said, was it two years ago?
      [Edited by moderator]
      As regards the issue of gas contamination being lit from taps in i think it was Canada, Africa, Australia and extensively the USA around about three or four years ago.

      There was a very concerted effort by the usual fossil fuel operators and their captive media outlets, but also by local governments and central governments, to debunk the claims, even when it was filmed and witnessed from many different locations.

      Not only gas and chemical pollution from internal house fresh water taps, but externally from fresh water supply valves and in ponds and bubbling up from the bottom of lakes and rivers. People came out in alarming red rashes on their skin, bleeding from orifices, severe fatigue, stiffness from muscle seizures, severe pain and disfigurement. Animals would quickly die of poisons in the water and feed, pets would similarly suffer and die. Children suffered most, adults tried to protect them by moving away. Only to be followed by yet more oil and gas sites at their new location. None of that had occurred before the oil and gas corporations set up their exploration and oil and gas production facilities locally.

      These were claimed by the owners to have been only occurring since local oil and gas operations were started nearby. The owners of the properties were accused of all sorts of things. Apparently just to discredit them without any substantive evidence. Gas operators would turn up at odd moments to supposedly test the water for gas contamination but claimed never to find anything even when the gas was clearly present and discolouring the so called drinking water.

      Eventually the companies claimed that the gas in the water had always been there and there was a history of gas in the water. The owners said that was not true and the fresh water supply had never before shown gas or chemical contamination.

      Many people has severe and sometimes fatal health effects from the contamination. The operators only attempted to buy out the owners in order for them to shut down the complaints. Doctors and hospitals refused to attribute such deaths and injury to the gas in the water. There was a concerted effort to hide and obscure the issues and the doctors and hospitals seemed to be scared of the financial clout of the operators, and so attempted to ignore or minimise the problem. There were suicides resulting from intimidation and harassment by the operators and their corporations, who seemed to have no problem with entering and harassing people on their own property.

      There is a long history of all that being argued in the same manner we see above by the usual suspects on Drill or Drop. If you wish to know more about that, i am sure that Ruth and Paul of drill or drop would be only to pleased to point you towards the long accounts of that in the archives.

      Happy hunting

    • Do you know if there is a gas conpressor onsite to collect the dissolved gas from the water that is then reinjected? Remember I am no industry expert… If there is, is this usual for oil wells? Are any wells being reclassified as gas wells?
      Are there any HGV’s takiing any concentrated fluids away? If so what is the name of those companies?

  10. ““Water injection for reservoir pressure maintenance takes place in most oil fields that do not have natural water drive. No earthquakes.”

    No, that is wrong Paul Earthquakes are very much related to waste water reinjection and have been well documented.”

    You demonstrate your lack of knowledge about the upstream oil and gas industry yet again PhilC.

    Please take some time to learn the difference between “water injection for reservoir pressure maintenance” and “waste water reinjection”.

    And I am interested to see examples of earthquakes caused by the former. There may be some but I am not aware of any.

    [Edited by moderator]

    • And there you see it again Mia. Laughable isnt it.

      Mere disambiguation from Paul, playing with prescious carefully obscuring terminology to avoid and deviate from the issue. All that demonstrates is not wanting to admit to the problems caused by waste water reinjection that does cause earthquakes. Look at the link. Hiding behind careful industry plays on terminology doesnt impress, it merely shows how sensitive the subject is.

      Never mind. Nice try. But no cigar.

      • Dear Me! Such arrogance!

        I see it was you Paul not Mia who introduced this diversion of the subject into reservoir pressure maintenance.

        “Water injection for reservoir pressure maintenance takes place in most oil fields that do not have natural water drive. No earthquakes.
        Waste water disposal is a a different operation, generally not into the formation the water came from, and usually fairly shallow.”

        I noticed Mia did not refer to reservoir pressure maintenance at all Paul, but actually refers to a water cleaning project. So that little diversion of your Paul clearly was intended to obscure the convesation into another arena and out of context to the question.

        No Paul. That was your diversion away from subject into a no doubt “safer arena”. Tut! Tut! Nothing like highjacking the subject is there? I shall avoid the reference to the original question from Mia.

        Reinjected waste water into wells still causes earthquakes. Ask Cuadrilla if you can find them….and the regulators and government of course.

        Do try to keep to the original question as asked by Mia, and do try not to distort the issues into a safer, easier to dismiss arenas by the inevitable route.

        It gets funnier and funnier doesnt it?

        • Perhaps I read and understood the article PhilC?

          “UKOG said it planned to turn the HH-2z production well into a water re-injector. The company said this would save money on taking water offsite by tanker for disposal. It will also help to maximise oil recovery by supporting reservoir pressure, the company said.”

          They can only support reservoir pressure by injecting into the reservoir.

          The first line of Mia’s original post – “Its quite possible that the water injection well water contains lots of absorbed methane gas which is being taken away for disposal.”

          Please explain as you seem to understand it? What is the issue with dissolved gas being injected with water back into the reservoir it came from? The rest of her (or his?) post doesn’t make sense as the water is being injected into the well not taken away? Gas from produced water is treated the same as solution gas from produced oil. No conspiracy to find here. All very simple.

          She / he is clearly mixing up her waters…..

          Let me know what the question actually is is plain English and I will answer it for you.

          • I suggest you apply your questions to Mia Paul. Im just preserving fair play amongst players. You can always explain your understanding of your perception, without reference to fungi of course, and offer that to Mia directly in a fair and calm technical respectful manner.

            The offer always was for that if you had noticed.

            Over to you.

            • So you don’t understand it? Not to worry, you now understand the difference between water injection for reservoir pressure maintenance and water injection for waste disposal.

              If you wonder why reservoir pressure maintenance is important in some reservoirs it is required to maintain the reservoir pressure above the bubble point of the oil so that the gas stays liquid until it enters the production string. If the reservoir or drawdown pressure is below bubble point free gas will breakout in the reservoir causing oil production to drop significantly. Free gas in the production tubing is of course a good thing as it increases lift and therefore increases production.

              I thought Paul moderator “preserved fair play among players”?

              Gut feelings, hunches and no proof are hardly sound engineering processes……

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