Horse Hill oil production drops during workover – latest data

The impact of an operation to improve oil flows at one of the UK’s newest production wells has been revealed in the most recent data.

Workover rig delivered to Horse Hill site in Surrey, 1 October 2020. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Figures published today by the Oil & Gas Authority show that oil production at Horse Hill, in Surrey, was down almost 50% in October 2020, compared with the month before.

October’s figures, at 197 tonnes of oil or 47 barrels per day, were the lowest for the site since official production began in March 2020.

Horse Hill oil production, March-October 2020. Source: Oil & Gas Authority

The fall had been expected because it coincided with a workover of the Portland section of the Horse Hill-1 (HH-1) well.

In an operation which began on 1 October 2020, the site operator, Horse Hill Developments Limited (HHDL), reperforated part of the HH-1 well. It also inserted a new production string and placed the downhole pump at a deeper level.

A statement to investors last month revealed that production uptime for HH-1 in October 2020 was 37% of the total time available.

The intervention was designed to improve the flow of oil from the Portland and was followed by a series of trials , the company said.

HHDL is also seeking a solution to the problem of formation water produced along with the oil. This reached a peak of 235 tonnes in June 2020. The company intends to convert the HH-2z well into a water reinjector to avoid the need to remove formation water by tanker for processing.

Today’s figures show there was no formation water produced in October 2020.

In a statement to DrillOrDrop, HHDL’s parent company, UK Oil & Gas, said:

“In October we were producing back completion fluids from the Horse Hill-1 well intervention, with the resumption of formation water production being in November.”

Completion fluids are typically brines used to complete a well, or make it ready for production.

Associated gas produced at Horse Hill was also down in October 2020, at 4.28 tonnes, compared with 15.5 tonnes on September 2020.

DrillOrDrop report on Horse Hill production in September 2020

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  1. I wonder if they are degassing the water thats reinjected after acoustic cleaning at the surface? If so, its a good revenue stream for the producer/operator/investors and also environmentally friendly. They maybe get enough gas through acoustic rectified diffusion in the water clean up prior to reinjection and dont need to focus on oil production which produces more pollution. Also jo tax to pay as its unknown! This is speculation as I have no evidence and I am no industry expert just years of unprovable and therefore unrelated litigation research which I cannot discuss so dont ask please.

    • “Horse Hill has planning permission for a water reinjection well but consent would be needed from other regulators for the conversion from HH-2z. UKOG said the consent process was underway and a decision was expected in spring 2021.”

      They are not reinjecting the produced water. It is currently trucked away. So you can stop speculating and wondering…..

  2. Tried that one before, MdC.

    When does speculation become fabrication become fake news?

    You can view the accounts if you wish to check the revenue stream. I think you will find that stream doesn’t flow.

    Interesting though, that the discussion on HH has moved into such fantasy areas. Seems there are not enough antis with real concerns left to contribute, and the issue has been hijacked.

    Ever thus, but hardly a good endorsement of the “genuine concerns” of the protestors. I am no expert in that, just years of unverifiable and unrelated research which I can’t discuss so don’t ask please.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, HH did what it said it would do in October, and DoD report the predictable results. Much more interesting.

    • Seems there are not enough antis with real concerns left to contribute, and the issue has been hijacked.
      The concerns of the antis are not limited to comments on Drillordrop, just because you don’t know what is being done doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. You may be aware that there is a lockdown on so the only people hanging around the site are investors who report that nothing is happening.
      Interesting that DrillOrDrop can get information directly from UKOG while investors can’t get any replies to their emails.
      Btw Happy New Year Martin

      • And here you are, Jono! Good to see you are still around and contributing on DoD, and not slipping into the fantasy land that some seem to want to add.

        However, I think you will find the information was from the Oil and Gas Authority, that DoD kindly provided. Perhaps, the shareholders, if they were after the same information, could have awaited the same source? But, not sure why they would be too desperate for it, as the downturn in output was flagged beforehand, and the end data showed just that. Maybe post workover data will be more interesting?

        Happy New Year to you as well.

        I’m now one of the 10 million jabbed and would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity. Simple, and well organised. My thanks to all the groups who are taking part to achieve that-and good old Big Pharma working to support the NHS! Interesting how we are supposed to have forgotten what Big Pharma was going to do to the NHS, from just over a year ago. Doesn’t look as if that forgetfulness is going to happen.

  3. Why jP?

    There are plenty of examples where talking the talk goes on for a very long time! I don’t think there is a limit upon it, as long as they can get investors to keep on investing-which they have.

    Plummeting share prices? Well, I remember when Egdon was 30p. I also note it was around 1.5p in mid November and was up to 2.5p yesterday. So, 1.5p to 2.5p in a matter of weeks is easy money, and quite predictable, but if you bought some a long time ago at 30p and still have them it is a different matter. One’s plummet is another’s opportunity. That’s AIM. You have been commenting about it long enough. You should be more aware by now. Maybe start again at shares in issue over a timeline? It seems to be a blind-spot to you that should not be to any investor.

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