Fracking opponent becomes junior minister at BEIS

Lee Rowley, who opposed shale gas exploration in his Derbyshire constituency, has been become a junior minister at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

He was appointed in the reshuffle, along with Greg Hands, the new energy and climate change minister.

Lee Rowley speaking in parliament against fracking in his constituency on 28 September 2020. Photo: Parliament TV

Mr Rowley also becomes a government whip. He was previously a deputy chairman of the Conservative Party.

He tweeted:


Mr Rowley has campaigned in and outside Westminster against Ineos plans to drill for shale gas in the village of Marsh Lane. He objected to the scheme at a public inquiry and at a meeting of Derbyshire County Council’s planning committee.

In parliament, he set up and chaired the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fracking and spoke in debates against the process.

A year ago, he called for the retention of the moratorium on fracking in England:

“The strength of feeling in Marsh Lane, the strength of feeling in Eckington parish and the strength of feeling in North East Derbyshire about fracking, about how we need to retain this moratorium remains as strong as it was.”

The planning permission for Marsh Lane expired last month (16 August 2021) without any work being carried out on the site.  

Mr Rowley was elected to North East Derbyshire in 2017, defeating the pro-fracking Labour MP, Natascha Engel, on a second attempt.

Before becoming an MP, he worked in financial services and management consultancy, with posts at Barclays, KPMG, Santander and Co-op Insurance. He was a Conservative member of ~Westminster City Council from 2006-2014.

He was the first member of his family to go to university and has degrees in history from Oxford and Manchester.

Greg Hands

Greg Hands, new energy and climate change minister

Greg Hands moved to BEIS from international trade.

In a tweet, he described energy, clean growth and climate change as “some of the biggest challenges and opportunities” for the government in the approach to the COP26 climate talks in November.


Yesterday, he responded to a parliamentary question from Labour’s Thangam Debbonaire about assessments of the environmental impact of new fossil fuel exploration projects, such as the Cambo oil field of the Shetland islands, in the light of recent climate change reports:

“The development proposal from Cambo is being scrutinised in line with robust regulatory procedures and no decision has yet been taken.

“All previously licensed fields, such as Cambo, are accounted for in terms of projected production and estimated emissions and we are confident that they can be developed, even as we seek to achieve our commitment to net zero by 2050. Domestic production of oil and gas out to 2050 remains below that which we will consume in a Net Zero world, according to the Climate Change Committee’s scenarios.”

Mr Hands replaced Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who was promoted to secretary of state for international trade.  

He has been a minister since October 2011, with posts as a whip, deputy chief whip, chief secretary to the treasury and minister for trade policy.

In 2015, he voted for more extensive conditions for hydraulic fracturing and greater restrictions on fracking in protected areas. But in the same year, he voted against explicitly requiring an environmental permit for hydraulic fracturing and not to ban exploitation of unconventional petroleum for at least 18 months or to require a review on the impact on climate change, environment, economy and health and safety [Source: TheyWorkForYou.com]

He was elected Conservative MP for Hammersmith and Fulham in 2005 and has held the redrawn Chelsea and Fulham constituency since 2010.

He was a local councillor in Fulham from 1998-2006 and spent eight years in London and New York trading and marketing fixed income derivatives.

He has a first-class degree in modern history from Cambridge University.

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  1. Depends on how it is done, Jack.

    If you are so worried about that then perhaps it should be done in countries that have higher standards, or not done if those higher standards indicate a need for a moratorium.

    (Mind you, UK was importing meat production from EU that failed to meet UK standards for production, that it could have produced locally.)

    As I have frequently stated, if a product is being used make sure-if possible- that the user has control over the production, rather than off shoring responsibility.

    Interesting that you totally ignored the toxic legacy within the DRC. So, sorry Jack, toxic legacies are obviously of no concern to yourself, so please do not try and suggest they are when you then decide that certain toxic legacies are to be ignored, simply to try and produce a one sided equation. One sided equations supply no answer.

    Thanks for the compliment. I do try and keep a lighter tone to try and offset some of the misery from the antis. However, as you have been sitting in that back seat for so long, I really would have thought you could have developed some argument that has not been overtaken by fairly ancient events. “Creeping of fear tactics”. I have no clue what that means, and anyway, “we” are quite used to that being the standard for the antis. Remember selenium?

    • MARTIN ,

      You say, quote ” perhaps it should be done in countries that have higher standards ” I assume you are talking about the UK Fracking ????? YES , many things should be done over here , but not Fracking . When you take note of the environmental damage , climate damage , health damage and toxic legacy left by the industry . Also when you take in to consideration that some of the biggest dedts and bankruptcies in American history can be attributed to the shale industry and that’s in a country with almost ZERO regulations , to keep the costs LOW.

      On consideration of the above, how can that be morally correct , or financially viable ??? With UK red tape and stricter guidelines , it hasn’t got a hope in hells chance of showing a profit .

      Your comments regarding local meat production , yes it should be produced locally. Better standards for animal welfare , higher quality meat for consumers, environmentally better , supporting UK farmers and jobs to name but a few good reasons.

      AHHH we now move on to that old chestnut , the poor oppressed children of the DRC working long hours underground in unsafe conditions mining rare earth minerals for electric car industry. It’s all very predictable MARTIN , how as fossil fuel fanatic , you would focus your welfare concerns on these children, especially when they are mining minerals for an industry that stands to have great impact against the fossil fuel industry …. If you have such concern for children MARTIN , then what about the children of the UK , they would be left with a toxic , environmentally damaging, debt ridden legacy if ever Fracking got the green light here .

      Knowing what devastating effects burning fossil fuels has on the climate , and with such concerns for children . I would of thought for the sake of their future , you would be fighting against the fossil fuel industry, NOT fanatically fighting for it .

  2. Oops, my reply vanished!

    Try again.

    Well Jack, you have obviously no concern for those children in DRC yet want to moralize about other children! Sorry, the first part disqualifies you regarding the second.

    And, why should “ZERO controls” in USA-which is untrue- be transferred to UK? It isn’t in all other respects regarding oil and gas and isn’t with other industries. You simply disqualify your argument by arguing against your own points to try and make a case! (There is a moratorium currently in UK Jack. I think that disproves your point.)

    Then, if you want to look at companies financials, perhaps do so across the board? Debt to equity ratios are published routinely. Some are reasonable, others not so. Tesla have improved, but are still not as good as Exxon, even with Covid.

    Anyone can access data regarding costs of oil production Jack, including costs for USA. At $70-$75 per barrel value, why are you concerned about levels of profit? If you want to look at gas, then the levels of profit are even greater. Those that know what they are doing will do well under such conditions, some may not if they add costs that could be avoided-usually over expansion. Ever thus.

    Perhaps if you were able to access the daily UK news Jack, which was your problem in the past, you might just see that there are quite a few who are having to consider the impact fossil fuel has upon their lives. Not in the past, but today and through the coming winter. I will give you the benefit that is not your lack of empathy but just a lack of current knowledge, remembering the same issue regarding the NT!

    Why would I fight against something I use, Jack? I might want it produced locally and well, but if I consume it, why would I fight against it? I leave that to yourself and others, posting away thanks to plastic, using great quantities of lighting (11.54pm! )when daylight is available for free and without any impact upon the environment.

    Must away to cut my lawn. With a petrol mower, Jack. My only concern with that? That grain is being grown to supplement the fossil fuel to make that petrol. I would prefer the grain makes bread and people don’t starve. “Let them eat cake” didn’t end well.

    • MARTIN

      Let’s put the cards on the table, all this banging on about poor children in a far of distant country mining minerals for the electric car industry, do you really give a HOOT about them ?????? Grasping at straws , this so called show of concern is the only way you can slightly chip away at the strong march forward of the green industry . MARTIN, everything from t-shirts, to food is produced with child labor in foreign countries, what are you doing about it , or are you just cherry picking this one thing because it suits your narrative ?????

      I ask again, where is your concern for UK children and their futures ??? Continually burning fossil fuels will DESTROY theirs.

      Fracking is an energy intensive process . You could say it’s a process of scrapping the bottom of the fossil fuel barrel . Why start a process that is a highly toxic , environmentally damaging , climate changing , debt ridden ponzi scheme ??????? Knowing the damage this will cause , I see only desperate industry investors or paid PR lackies , lacking a moral compass would want to expose our children to such a future .

      THANK YOU for more laughter, it would appear once again you distort the truth . Ladies and Gentlemen, for those who do not know this pitiful story ….. ONCE MARTIN directed myself to a newspaper article in the TIMES newspaper. To access the article, one had to PAY money . I asked MARTIN to cut and paste the link , but for some reason MARTIN has a phobia about doing such things . That’s the story .

      Why is it MARTIN , you NEVER back up anything you say with evidence ?????

      • OMG!

        So, in July 2020, companies were in financial difficulty!

        Jack, do be sensible. I mean, I can understand if you expect people to forget what might have happened at Troy, as someone did recently, but July 2020? Have you been in an information free zone for the last couple of years?

        Cherry picking? Jack really.

        Well, here in the UK Jack there were images of a young child being helped across a wall to reach an aircraft to airlift to safety. I suppose you would not have seen that image?

        Or the air ambulances that take young children to hospital to save their lives? Couldn’t you access those images either Jack? (Some of us have personal experience, so do not need images.)

        Or, the rescuing of children being attempted in Haiti recently-thanks to fossil fuel.

        Just more children to be sacrificed? Nope, you disqualify even more so.

        And reference to your nonsense about the NT, that is fake news. The journalist who wrote some of the articles about the NT was a freelance, and I did post you a reference to some of her work, that was on line. Your reply? That she had written another article you disagreed with so would not be convinced by her other article!

        (I think you may be wise to find out a bit more about paywalls. It was discussed at the time too. Not knowing is not an excuse, I am sure it can be Giggled.)

        Jack, we have a number of children’s stories in the UK where Jack features, one about getting water, but you are more like Lisa, from the hole in the bucket children’s song. As you become more and more aware you can not mend the hole, you get loader and loader, but at the end of the song? There is still a hole in the bucket. Henry knows and so does Martin. Indeed Martin has asked many times what will fix the hole. Result? Zilch, apart from the alternative buckets with bigger holes.


        Cost of production around $40. Sales value $70-$75.

        Looks pretty difficult for that to work? LOL. Only if you are using a bucket with a hole in it.

        However, using daylight now! Every little bit helps.

        (Another piece of news from the UK Jack. This morning my wife had a repeated message from her radio, telling her to increase the temperature in the room! September 20th. Not too much of an issue for her Jack, but for a lot of others receiving the same message, a real concern.)

        • Laughing out loud

          USA shale has for more than a decade has been and continues to be one HUGE debt ridden Ponzi scheme, FACT .

          NOW if you MARTIN say otherwise then let’s see your evidence , or are we to acknowledge that this is YOUR opinion only ?????

          Now ladies and gentlemen , MARTIN has had a deep seated bitterness towards the National Trust ( NT ) ever since they gave a firm two fingers to Ineos Fracking exploration/ surveying on their land. I’ve had him on the ropes about this many times , but strangly enough he forgets about that and starts to try and recycle it to his own agenda, time and time again , quite funny really ..FACT

          The continued endless, unchecked burning of fossil fuels will bring misery and suffering to ALL children on the planet .FACT

          OK , I will concede on your splitting hairs point regarding the Air Ambulance , yes they can continue to burn fossil fuels , BUT the transition to clean energy has to be a fast and sharp one. FACT

          NO MARTIN , let JACK help you on this one . At the time I asked you to cut and paste the newspaper article link , you refused … You never , NEVER back up your words with evidence, FACT

          • I gave the evidence Jack-remember James Dean? But, that was another paywall, so you pretend it doesn’t exist! You even had to argue about what a dishwasher could earn, although you couldn’t access the data.

            No bitterness towards the NT, who had to climb down regarding INEOS. No ropes, other than for climbing down, Jack, just your lack of knowledge- you even suggested that because the NT had members they agreed with what NT management did! (Not a requirement in the UK, Jack.) Although the UK press, which you couldn’t access at the time, was full of criticism of NT management, including that from NT employees and members! (I used to have a system with colleagues where we exchanged information about NT sites around the country so we could access their cafes in preference to worse ones, whilst travelling, so absolutely no bitterness. Good local food at reasonable prices. No need to be a member and many outside of the facility where an entry fee was required. Very good one just off the A.303 at Stourhead. Going west Jack, go past Salisbury-the tower is 123 meters high which every schoolboy should know- and then follow the signs to Stourhead as you leave Salisbury Plain behind you. Good selection of plants also.)

            And yes, I refused to infringe a paywall, by cutting and pasting. Not that stupid, Jack. I gave you the reference for the freelance and her work was also available on line-I checked. But, you could always buy a Times. Or, perhaps you can’t. Either way, that is your problem, not mine.

            When there is a transition plan that works, as fast and sharp as you like, Jack. Before that point, no fast and sharp, because there have been too many fast and sharps already that failed and many are starting to notice.

            A hole in the bucket will not be helped by more holes in the bucket, Lisa. Just more people wanting plastic buckets.

            • MARTIN ,

              I agree , we did speak about your comment regarding the well paid ” dishwashers ” and I clearly said at the time , it would of been a LOT cheaper for the hard pressed American Tax Payer to Ban Fracking and pay these people their full wages to stay at home .

              Because let’s face it , apart from the toxic, environmental legacy of Fracking. It is a debt ridden Ponzi scheme , that’s a fact and sadly enough it won’t just be investors and Banks that will be saddled with this debt . A lot of the burden will fall on the shoulders of the Tax Payer

              I was advising you many years ago, to sell up and move your money out of this industry .

            • NO MARTIN ,

              The National Trust were bullied and threatened with legal action by INEOS in to allowing Fracking surveys to be carried out on their land …. They have always been steadfast AGAINST fracking on their land. FACT

              I said at the time that this move by Ineos would gain no traction and it didn’t.

              Your bitterness towards the Nationsl Trust is on a par with your bitterness towards Elon Musk and Tesla . You clearly feel very threatened by the electric car industry.

  3. And the date??

    As I stated before, debt to equity ratios can easily be checked, and they are a little more up to date and a little more relevant, because of that.

    You want evidence, Jack?

    “It took the super- majors several years to realise what potential there is in the Permian. Now Chevron and Exxon are fully convinced of its long term, low cost potential. Breakeven prices are in the low $30s, making it one of the cheapest places in the world to produce oil.”

    No, I won’t supply the author as it would only excite you to see if he had run over a cat at some time, and thus discount his statement due to him causing animal welfare issues from fossil fuel.

    But, for those interested, the current details can be checked, without any need to disappear into historic Covid impacts.

  4. Really Jack?

    Interesting you failed-again-to keep up.

    So, let me help because your sources of information seem to be pretty out of date, let alone selective.

    ConoccoPhillips are about to purchase Shell’s Permian interests. Quite usual sort of stuff that happens in USA, especially. I recall Exxon sold interests in Malaysia to buy into the Permian not so long ago, so the usual sort of readjustment that is routine.

    Shell debt to equity ratio, 1.32, CP below 1 (“better” than Tesla). All very normal. Shell will still pay a pretty hefty dividend to investors-perhaps-one day-Tesla will do the same.

    It is not bitterness to do some research Jack and find that there are several sides to most situations. You really need to be more careful with your use of the English language, otherwise some might think you are trying to create a fake narrative.

    Electric car industry? Ahh yes. Are you now going to answer the question I raised many times to you in the past? Come on, Jack. Let me know-have you had one, tried one, can talk from first hand experience? I have tried two, Jack, so will be interested in your “experience”, but I suspect, as before, the question will remain unanswered. Threatened by the industry? No, you confuse me with the kids in DRC, Jack. I actually have some financial involvement in the electric car industry, but not cobalt. I am only “threatened” when people are reluctant to buy them, but I shall hang in there Jack. Hope the UK electricity prices will not cause too much damage to an already fragile economic case.

    By the way, Jack, I also recall our discussions about IGAS and how you stated several times that only losses to be made! Hmm. 80% return available yesterday. Goodness, Jack, tell me the numbers for the lottery- and I can exclude them!

    • MARTIN ,


      It’s not me you need to try and convince, it’s all forum members . YOU regularly, unsuccessfully try and chip away at Mr Musk , because of his successful Tesla brand .

      You implied that I may not be concerned about children ……. MARTIN , I’m concerned about ALL children , especially their futures and what the devastating effect the continued, endless burning of fossil fuels will have .

      I don’t just cherry pick one set of children ( DRC ) that are mining minerals for an industry I feel threatened by , the electric car industry. We can all see your motives here .

      Now MARTIN , I say again, Fracking is nothing more than a toxic , climate changing, environmentally damaging, dangerous to animal and human health , debt ridden ponzi scheme.

      If you dispute any of the above , then let’s see your evidence, not just your own words , backed up with sweet nothing .

      Myself , I will be delighted to supply LINKS from reputable organizations/ people to prove any of the above comments. Just ask .

      • Except, you only conceded reference the children on the air ambulance, Jack. On the record, for forum members to read. So, not even acknowledgement of the children in Afghanistan, those in Haiti or those in DRC. So, yes you do cherry pick and then try and suggest it is someone else who does so.

        And, once again, you paste in your standard line. So, for the third time of asking, how is fracking dangerous to animal health? No waffle, specifics Jack. But, like you avoided-again-to give your experience of EVs, that will be avoided, as it was obviously along the lines that the UK is friendly towards animals so a good ploy to bring in the poor little creatures. I suspect you are confused with bird mincers, sorry wind turbines, but easily done. NOT. I really would be interested how these animals suffer, Jack. Don’t seem to in Texas. (One day, I might take the time to see whether the Texas cattle produce more methane than the Texas oil wells.) Perhaps you are referring to that one report that referenced an increase in sexual activity around fracking sites in USA, and extrapolated that to less attention regarding animal husbandry? Now, there may be something in that, as I always suspected that was related to disposable income and intake of booze.

        Please explain why I should be threatened by the electric car industry. First bitter, now threatened. Now, if I was a sand lizard enjoying a German forest, then yes I might be threatened, but what is a sand lizard here or there, unless fossil fuel may be sought?

        And, some forum readers will understand about debt to equity ratios, Jack, even if you do not. And understand evidence was provided, which you seem to have missed. But, even for you Jack, is it that difficult just to type in a company name and debt to equity ratio on a search engine? There are no paywalls there, Jack. But, of course, as per the formulaic animal health attempt, then the anti capitalist debt card has to be played. Nothing wrong with debt, Jack, in business, as long as it can be serviced. Some do so very well, others don’t. For forum readers, Jack, they will be aware of exactly the same in the UK pub industry (pubs, Jack, are public houses where beer, other drinks and food can be purchased.)
        I have told you before Jack, I have worked for very successful US companies, yet other US companies in the same sector were not successful. Same in UK. That is what happens, Jack. And, then there are house mortgages, Jack. Service that debt well, and all fine, don’t do so, and not fine. I am not sure that there will be too many forum members who find that confusing, but feel free to keep on targeting the few who might.

        And meanwhile, the hole in the bucket is still there. Although, it does look as if one company has just announced it is helping to fix it, generating electricity from local resources FOR local people, rather than those who extracted local resources FROM local people.

        (No, is the answer, Jack. As is, DYOR. If you can’t be bothered, then stay tuned, and you may be saved the trouble.)

  5. PS. Jack

    Do Giggle the definition of a Ponzi scheme. Are you suggesting that Shell, BP, CP, Exxon follow such? No, they do not. You simply, again, pick a term from the Internet and apply it falsely. That is fake news. Nothing to do with Trump but yourself, Jack. Seems you are too easily influenced.

  6. MARTIN , You mention IGAS

    IGAS went down from £1:60 to about 4.5 pence

    Then at 4.5 pence it was diluted in to oblivion and shares then re-issued at about 80 pence . Then it went down again to 9 pence .

    So for those who are not familiar with share pricing , look at it this way .

    Taking in to account the dilution of shares and the drop , this is it in layman’s terms .

    IGAS has gone from 11,543.25 all the way down to 9.00 pence .

    GOOGLE …. Igas share price and on the top right hand corner where it says ( more ) click on that .. Then click on ( max ) and that will show you the ttue trajectory of this company over a number of years .

    Now it may well of jumped a little . I suppose an 80% return on a share that’s dropped lower than a snakes belly is something, I suppose .

    BUT Igas has dropped so much , it would be easier to fly a Kite to the Moon than for Igas to reach its former glory days .

    A lot of IGAS investors, have lost everything.

  7. Jack:

    [Edited by moderator]

    Definitions of a Ponzi scheme are readily available. No opinions, no fake news.

    Any indication that BP, Shell, Chevron, Exxon, C.P have a need or history of operating such?


    [Edited by moderator]

    (The reality lies in such readily available information as:

    “Exxon Mobil is seeking to raise up to $3 billion by selling its offshore business in Malaysia as its focus shifts to shale production in the United States.”

    That is not an example of a Ponzi scheme, that is just a company refocusing and using generated funds to do so.)

    The diversion into fantasy share references is equally nonsensical.

    There is very little connection to making a return on shares with maximum and minimum prices, Jack.[Edited by moderator] For those who might have traded over a few days and achieved an 80% return they will understand. You suggest you do not, so you will not. That’s okay, but like debt to equity ratios, maximum and minimum prices are available for many companies-and on your premise it would look like Tesla are doomed!

    You state that a lot of IGAS investors have lost everything. How? That would require them to buy at a price and then the price going to zero! Sorry, Jack, that has not happened. What has happened is that you have just added more fake news.

    Jack-I would gently suggest that in a world full of information it might be helpful to you to actually understand some of that information. Your animal health “stuff” is another example. Sorry, to point it out Jack, but there are many more links regarding animal waste resulting in animal health issues! So, what should be done about that? Ban animals?

    • MARTIN ,

      Your ” opinion ” as that’s all it ever is , as you never back up your words with any evidence. Has been duly noted and filed in the appropriate place .

      Now let Jack help you …. The term PONZI scheme has been used to describe Fracking companies by professional, yes professional bodies of people , some of which are industry insiders.

      Their words , not mine …… ,,( LINKS supplied )

      Now ask yourself MARTIN , who do you think forum members are going to believe, a keyboard warrior like yourself who only ever gives an opinion or the ( LINKS ) supplied by Jack ????

      It’s all there on the internet, just Google Fracking Ponzi and take your pick, there’s more than you can shake a stick at …… American shale companies have been falling like Dominos ( FACT )

      • But, incorrectly.

        So, you believe because you post the link it makes it correct? Who do I think forum members will believe? Well, those who can Giggle the definition of a Ponzi scheme and then investigate Shell, Exxon, BP etc., will believe me. They may not like it, but most believe the truth.

        Post a few Trump links and the info. is correct?

        Sorry, fools no one but yourself, Jack, and anyone else who believes that forum members are unable to complete such simple tasks. Not exactly respectful of forum members to even attempt it.

        So, incorrect information from you Jack. There is another term, but it would be moderated because reality is so dangerous.

        And, regards, IGAS, the facts are indeed there. So, explain how a lot have lost everything? Your words I believe-please explain. Don’t bother, because you can’t because the statement is incorrect.

        So, incorrect information from you Jack. There is another term, but it would be moderated because reality is dangerous.

        Quite simply, Jack, you follow the same pattern every time. You enter the fray and before long your statements of FACTS can be seen to be something else altogether. I may have different opinions to many forum members but I do try and respect that they are intelligent enough to know if I was posting correct information. Paul does challenge me if he feels I am not. (No cigar, so far.) Maybe you should not take advantage that he does not do the same with yourself?

        • MARTIN , please ,

          Your opinion, is your opinion and your quite entitled to it , but old chap thats all it is .

          Myself , I give the FACTS ( LINKS ) supplied by reputable organizations .

          Forum members do need to be aware , that all you give is an opinion and therefore in a lot of cases ,what you say must be taken with a pinch of salt .

          MARTIN , please do I really need to join up the dots ??????? You ask me to explain how shareholders have lost everything on IGAS …

          For the Second Time

          Taking in to account the catastrophic drop in IGAS share price from its start , then the MEGA dilution of shares whilst it was at rock bottom .. Then the relisting and subsequent catastrophic fall a second time , this is it in layman’s terms .

          IGAS has gone from 11,543.25 all the way down to 9.00 pence .

          GOOGLE …. Igas share price and on the top right hand corner where it says ( more ) click on that .. Then click on ( max ) and that will show you the true trajectory of this company over a number of years .

          The PROOF is there and it undisputable …. IGAS as the share price has shown , has had a continuous downward spiral with the occasional Dead Cat Bounce along the way . A lot of shareholders will have lost a fortune on this one

          Ladies and Gentlemen, just type in to Google …………. Fracking Ponzi , Fracking Bankruptcies, it’s all there , take your pick . READ how in the USA , fracking has been nothing more than a debt ridden ponzi scheme and that’s in a country with almost ZERO regulations……. Can you imagine how much more expensive Shale Gas will be to produce in a country like ours , with a lot more regulation .

          Then make your own minds up , who do you believe . The reports / information from reputable financial organizations / institutes , OR do you belive what Mr Opinion ONLY ( MARTIN ) has to say …… The choice is yours.

          You say I follow the same pattern every time , YES , I agree with you on that one ….. I always supply the FACTS backed up with evidence .You only ever give an opinion, backed up with sweet nothing.

          • No proof, no facts. Links are not facts, Jack.

            Notice how it is now a lot will have lost a fortune, rather than everything? Come on Jack, which link says fortune, which says everything? And, if you find both, which will be correct? Which is your opinion, or do you have duel opinions depending on the time of day?

            So, everything means the share price is zero. It is not. What does a fortune mean? A fortune to one person is lose change to another. Which is fact, Jack? They can’t both be. You can wriggle as much as you like, but like many times before you have been hoisted by your own petard. (Wait for the paint to dry before you try to exit that corner you have painted yourself into Jack! You must be familiar with that by now.)

            IGAS a high risk investment? Totally different subject Jack. So are many companies, and nearly all on AIM. Most investors know that but are never happy if they take the risk and it doesn’t work out. If it does, then happy bunnies. Las Vegas makes it’s living on such, so did Mr. Musk for many years.

            Quite clearly, Jack, you wish to create a false narrative and yet can not even support your own words. There are thousands of links to those that do the same. It makes them something, but not factual.

            But, Jack, here is a fact for you. In USA oil price rose by over $1/barrel today. I leave it to you to find out why. It is a fact. Anyone can check it, they do not need a link to some dodgy source. It is not behind a paywall. Wonder how those across the pond will deal with that, coming into winter?

            I have an opinion on that- maybe Shell will be thinking again? Maybe CP will be smiling? Perhaps if I wait a day or so, someone else will have produced an opinion, plonked it on the Internet, and hey presto-it will be a FACT??!!

            It really is a good job that kids in UK are being taught at a young age how the Internet works, but maybe not so good for you Jack.

    • MARTIN ,

      As far as IGAS go , the FACTS are all there …. The complete and utter collapse of the company share price has been that on a par with the Lehman Brothers Bank , totally mind blowing.

      Now you may feel a dead cat bounce is something to put up the Bunting for, but for many they see Igas as a very high risk investment .

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