Egdon to seek third time extension for oil drilling at North Kelsey

Egdon Resources has given formal notice that it intends to apply to extend the life of an oil site in Lincolnshire for a third time.

Formal notice that Egdon Resources will submit a planning application for North Kelsey.
Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

The company posted details this week near its North Kelsey site, four miles from Caister.

It is also seeking consent to change the target for the well.

Planning permission at North Kelsey was originally granted in 2014. But the only work carried out has been on the site entrance and two laybys in the lane nearby. There has been no site construction work or drilling.

Since then, Lincolnshire County Council has allowed an extension of three years in 2017 and another year in 2020. The current permission expires in just over a month at the end of December 2021.

Egdon has previously blamed the lack of progress at North Kelsey on low oil prices, the Covid-19 outbreak, the withdrawal of a partner and delays at another site.

At the 2020 planning meeting, Egdon was accused by councillors of taking “a cavalier approach” with local people. Cllr Daniel McNally said that should be the last extension and the company should “have a very, very good reason to extend it again”.

After that meeting, opponent Amanda Suddaby, who lives next to the site, said:

“I wager that Egdon Resources will come back with another request for an extension and North Kelsey will not be restored by the end of next year.”

New target location for well

Extract from the formal notice

Egdon has revealed that it also wants to change the target location for the proposed well at North Kelsey.

The current permission includes a condition (3), which requires the company to comply with 21 technical drawings. They give specific details of issues such as site location and layouts, location of equipment and cabins, and the access arrangements.

Egdon has said it is now seeking to vary condition 3 to “amend the proposed bottom hole target location”.

Formal notice

The formal notice, dated yesterday, is required under planning regulations. It is official notification to owners or tenants of land to which an application for mineral working relates.

Under Article 13 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order 2015, the notice must be displayed for not less than seven days in the period of 21 days immediately before the application is made to the local planning authority.

Any representations about the plans for North Kelsey must be made by Friday 24 December 2021 to Lincolnshire County Council. This period does not replace any public consultation period when the application has been submitted and published.

Once submitted, the full application must be validated by Lincolnshire planners before it is posted online and opens for public comments. That consultation usually lasts at least three weeks but can be six weeks or more.

When the application has been published, DrillOrDrop will report on the contents and reaction to it.

Biscathorpe refusal

Lincolnshire County Council’s planning committee meeting near Louth, 1 Novemnber 2021, to discuss Egdon’s application for oil production at Biscathorpe. Photo:

The refusal of planning permission of another Egdon Resources site at Biscathorpe comes back before Lincolnshire County Council’s planning committee next month.

On 1 November 2021, the committee voted to block plans for long-term oil production at Biscathorpe, against the recommendation of planning officers.

Members are expected to vote on the formal reasons for refusal at the meeting on 6 December 2021. The agenda for that meeting is usually published online a week before.

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  1. At Kelsey, they haven’t been on the site for 7 years and now they reckon the ‘target’ might not be where they thought it was. At Biscathorpe, after years of exploring they’ve not brought up a drop of oil and wanted to go on a sidetrack hunt. We’d better not be relying on the likes of Egdon to keep us supplied with energy! Renewables are most definitely the better option – at least they work!

  2. Interesting you missed the bit about Wressle, Alex.

    Maybe they have just been focusing upon one site at a time?

    Nah-that would be so unusual! Renewables work-some of the time- which is why the “better option” will include a huge bill for nuclear. Generation costs for Hinkley Point C are readily available.

    So, when that high pressure sits over the UK will you be back to post about renewables working, or thanking those for their foresight in providing gas and nuclear?

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