Egdon Resources to appeal against planning refusal at North Kelsey

The oil company, Egdon Resources, is to challenge today’s refusal of planning permission at its undeveloped North Kelsey site in Lincolnshire.

Opponents of Egdon Resources’ application for North Kelsey outside Lincolnshire County Council, 14 March 2022. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Local opponents celebrated after the planning committee voted unanimously to refuse more time for the oil exploration site.

Egdon Resources wanted another 12 months at North Kelsey, which was first granted consent in 2014.

But the committee said this would have an unacceptable impact on the amenity of local residents.

If approved, this would have been the third planning extension for North Kelsey. No work, apart from the site entrance and a layby, has been carried out in more than seven years.

DrillOrDrop report on the planning meeting

Mark Abbott, managing director of Egdon Resources plc, said after the meeting:

“The decision of the Planning Committee is disappointing given the clear current need for the UK to secure further indigenous supplies of energy to reduce its reliance on imports, the compelling case presented and the positive recommendation of Lincolnshire County Council’s Planning Officer.

“Given this, we will bring forward an appeal against this decision without delay and will provide further updates in due course.”

This is the second time in five months that Lincolnshire County Council has refused planning permission to Egdon Resources.

On the opening day of the COP-26 climate talks in Glasgow, the planning committee refused the company’s application for oil production at its Biscathorpe site in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Amanda Suddaby, who spoke against Egdon’s application at today’s meeting, said:

“Obviously I am delighted.

“We have had seven years of uncertainty and anxiety. We should not have had to live through this.

“It has been difficult to remain hopeful in the light of the awful situation in Ukraine. We knew Egdon Resources would try to use it to their advantage.”

Councillors had warned the company in 2020 that it would get no further extensions without a good reason. They criticised it today for saying the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine supported its latest extension application.

Ms Suddaby said the use of the crises for commercial interests may have backfired on the company.,

She also said it should not have been so difficult or taken so long to refuse planning permission for the development.

“It should be easier for councillors to make these decisions. They are still struggling to find reasons in planning law to reject unsuitable applications.

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  1. The UK doesn’t use artificial lift pumping systems in the UK, So i cannot agree with the Logo on the banner and as for the Science, i will disagree this that too.

    If you elect persons who have not a clue regarding the energy industry in areas of power, and decisions, then you have a chink in your chain…. Time to replace that chain!

    We are gunning for $170 a barrel of Oil & £1 a therm by the end of this year (2022), with an energy crisis looming, fuel poverty, no sustainable forecast on energy decisions going (Gas, Renewable, Nuclear or Coal). forward and £1 trillion in debt =(

      • Except, for all of that, the public opinion survey did not show the majority were against fracking-and that was before they faced 2022 energy bills and desperate calls as to who would pay them out of their taxation!

        Not a very intelligent suggestion. Could be that the public may get enthusiastic around having more oil and gas energy companies to pay more of their bills for them-but, via corporation tax rather than a so called windfall tax.

      • JP. A good example of being a hostage to fortune by not being correct in what you say. Tut tut Mr Egan.

  2. EG – plenty of nodding donkeys onshore UK, including Wytch Farm.

    Offshore electric submersible pumps (ESPs) are used for artificial lift, along with gas lift and jet pumps.

    • Apologies about the ESP’s Paul: very familiar with them. Thanks for clarification, Not so familiar for nodding donkeys, other than Wytch Farm ofcourse.

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