Updated: Protests disrupt UKOG agm

Opponents of onshore oil and gas operations disrupted an industry agm in London this morning.

UKOG agm, 28 June 2022. Photo: Frack Free London from Twitter

Protesters from Fossil Free London displayed banners and asked questions at the meeting of UK Oil & Gas plc (UKOG).

Security staff removed at least one person from the meeting before it was suspended.

Joanna Warrington, a spokesperson for Fossil Free London, said:

“The science is very clear: we have to end coal, oil and gas to have a shot at a safe and liveable future… But apparently this government and UKOG didn’t get the memo.”

“The UK government should be investing in clean, home-grown renewable energy, and home insulation for our draughty homes. This would tackle the climate crisis and reduce people’s soaring energy bills.

“But instead, this government gives corporations like UKOG free rein to impose their devastating oil and gas drilling sites. These go against the wishes of local communities and disrupt the global life support systems we all depend on, recklessly endangering lives all over the world.

“It’s time we held this company, and the whole destructive industry, to account. Their meetings and dirty business model of expansion at any human cost cannot carry on undisrupted.”

A spokesperson for UKOG said:

“UKOG fully supports the democratic right to protest, but we object to our AGM being hijacked by a rowdy group of protesters who only wanted to shout their predictable mantra which denies others the right to conduct their lawful business.

“We were interrupted three 3 times by people who seemed totally unaware of our Portland hydrogen hub project, which will be a major contributor to the UK’s hydrogen future to replace the need for oil and gas. In stark contrast to the protesters, the Company is actively involved in providing new energy solutions for everyone’s future.”

UKOG produces oil at its Horse Hill site near Gatwick Airport. It also has oil exploration interests in Turkey.

Earlier this month (June 2022), the government approved UKOG’s plans to explore for gas at Dunsfold in Surrey.

In October 2021, councillors on the Isle of Wight unanimously refused permission for UKOG exploration plans at Arreton. The company announced in March 2022 that it would not appeal against the decision.

Climate protesters also disrupted the Shell agm in May 2022.

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  1. Ermm, I believe the PIs knew a long time ago that IOW was not going to proceed, Mike.

    • Martin
      We all knew that but they did have to get the agreement of the other licence holder before they could actually “relinquish” it. We have known for ages that they are going to re-inject water into HH-2Z. Are they doing it? Are they going to do it?

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