New cabinet: who’s in and who’s out

The business secretary, Jacob Rees-Mogg, who announced a lifting for the fracking moratorium last month, has resigned, as the new prime minister began forming his cabinet.

From left: Jeremy Hunt, Dominic Raab, Simon Hart and James Cleverly. Photos: parliamentary portraits

As expected, Rishi Sunak has kept Jeremy Hunt as chancellor of the exchequer. James Cleverley stays as foreign secretary. But ten leading figures from the Liz Truss cabinet are out.

We’ll update as new appointments are announced.


Jeremy Hunt – reappointed chancellor of the exchequer

Dominic Raab – justice secretary and deputy prime minister

James Cleverly – reappointed foreign secretary

Ben Wallace – reappointed defence secretary

Nadhim Zahawi – party chairman and minister without portfolio

Oliver Dowden – chancellor of the Ducy of Lancaster

Suella Braverman – home secretary

Grant Shapps – business secretary

Penny Mordaunt – reappointed leader of the house

Gillian Keegan – education secretary

Mel Stride – work and pensions secretary

Therese Coffey – environment secretary

Steve Barclay – health and social care secretary

Michael Gove – levelling up secretary

Kemi Badenoch – reappointed international trade secretary

Michelle Donelan – reappointed culture secretary

Chris Heaton-Harris – reappointed Northern Ireland secretary

Alister Jack – reappointed Scottish secretary

David TC Davies – Welsh secretary

Lord True – reappointed lord privy seal

Victoria Prentis – attorney general

Jeremy Quin – paymaster general, with a cabinet seat

Mark Harper – transport secretary

John Glen – chief secretary to the Treasury, with a cabinet seat

Johnny Mercer – veterans’ minister, with a cabinet seat

Tom Tugendhat – reappointed security minister, with a cabinet seat

Robert Jenrick – immigration minister, with a cabinet seat

Andrew Mitchell – development minister, with a cabinet seat

Simon Hart – chief whip

Junior ministers

Graham Stuart has been reappointed as climate minister but will not attend cabinet.

Lee Rowley, MP for the shale gas seat of North East Derbyshire, has been reappointed parliamentary under secretary at the Department of Levelling up.

Kevin Hollinrake, who has more shale gas licences in his constituency than any other, is made parliamentary under secretary at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Victoria Atkins, who opposed oil production in the Lincolnshire Wolds, becomes financial secretary to the Treasury.


Jacob Rees-Mogg – business secretary

Chloe Smith – work and pensions secretary

Ranil Jawaradena – environment secretary

Brandon Lewes – justice secretary

Simon Clarke – levelling up secretary

Robert Buckland – Wales secretary

Kit Malthouse – education secretary

Jake Berry – Conservative party chairman

Wendy Morton – chief whip

Vicky Ford – Foreign Office minister

Alok Sharma – remains as COP26 president but loses his cabinet position

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  1. Good to see JRM is out, no place for fracking in the uk and frankly, over the last few weeks he has morphed from an erudite sensible bloke into a power crazed idiot highly likely to lose his ‘seat’ at the next GE.

  2. The new PM is less enthusiastic about Net Zero than Boris was.

    Sorry to bring reality into the frame.

    • Martin, you wouldn’t know reality if it bit you , I’ve been waiting in an ambulance for 3 hours , just been transferred to a second one and I’m 7th in the queue to go into the hospital. This is the Reality of Tory policy. At least I’m on morphine for which I’m thankful. I expect you will say that the ambulance is made of and runs on fossil fuels but there’s too much profit in not finding alternatives, you are a minority, the intelligent ones are growing in number and power.

      • JONO ,

        All the best mate ,

        If your looking for a speedy service then Manchester MRI IS NOT the place for you . With 17 HOUR waits in A&E . The inside waiting rooms are so full , they’ve put up a marquee in the car park for people to wait in.

        Recently a distant relative had a Heart Attack , his wife called 999 and was told they couldn’t give him a time when they could pick him up ….. His wife phoned a TAXI to take him to a Manchester Hospital.

        Wherever these 40 new Hospital ??????

        Where are these 50,000 new nurses ??????

        • Sorry to read of your long wait for an ambulance and treatment, Jono. We all wish you well and speedy treatment and recovery. The fake waffle ‘reality’ that Martin Frederick Collyer goes on about, is cruelly contradicted by the truth of the plight of more than 7 million people still waiting for treatment in hospitals, many of which are in dire need of rebuilding and structural and financial support. There is a criminal lack of NHS staff, the rest are exhausted and worked hard down to the bone.
          Bribery isn’t going to change that. Only genuine commitment by these failed corrupt clowns in government to spend the taxpayer’s money on the people, not their own privileged Eton elitists and fossil fuel corporate sponsors.
          Be well and get the treatment you need.
          Forget all this tory nonsense for a while and concentrate on your recovery, Jono. By the time you recover, maybe there will be a new government that actually cares about people, not money and corruption.

      • All the best Jono.

        Just think though where the UK would be without that 65% windfall tax. Where would the money be coming from for the NHS if it was being diverted to help energy bills? Certainly not from imported energy.

        When April comes it may become apparent, and the reality will probably mean that less people receive help with energy costs.

        • A tax windfall from us, the people, and comes from us buying their polluting products at obscenely excessive prices. The fossil fuel companies need people to buy their products in order to pay tax.

          • Well, Malcolm, don’t! But you are.

            You, and I create the demand. So do billions around the world.

            The difference is Malcolm, you suggest you are somehow different. You are not.

            Mind you, I don’t seem to remember too many comments in 2020 about obscenely low oil prices.

            Perhaps a few more people should look at 2014 when oil prices were very similar to those of today and ask why petrol prices were so much lower? Could it be something to do with the strength of the £ against the $? Will that improve whilst UK continues to import what it can produce itself? Nope. You are part of that problem Malcolm yet try and present as part of the solution.

            • A tax windfall from us, the people, and comes from us buying their polluting products at obscenely excessive prices. The fossil fuel companies need people to buy their products in order to pay tax. Try again!

              • You are buying them, Malcolm.

                You are creating the demand-and then whinging about it being supplied at “obscenely excessive prices”. but still buying. Hmmm, wonder what that indicates about price elasticity? I am buying them also, but not whinging about it. I am really quite grateful when I receive a jab in each arm from a plastic syringe, one for Covid and one for flu. I am also grateful that the production of fertilizer enables food crops to be produced at reasonable prices in an overpopulated world, and that for those who need it, plastic tubes and artificial rubber are available in hospitals. I even like my plastic keyboard while some would appear to have to use theirs in a state of denial, dreaming of their ideal-communicating via the pony express and fertilizing the land at the same time.

                Try again!

                • Surfers get ill when sewage is put in the sea, 1720. Here’s an idea. Don’t put it in the sea (Greta).

                  Don’t put plastic in the sea either. Perhaps Jono was able to use plastic in the last few days, and hopefully someone will have done their job and made sure the medical waste is disposed of correctly. If someone has not done the job, the someone is responsible not the object. I do, therefore others can.

                  As for Malcolm, well really. Surely there is an Emoji equivalent of a white flag? Or one for hypocrisy. Or maybe just cease the use of that polluting product forced upon him.

                  Interesting little spat starting about Shell’s profits. OMG, they don’t actually make money in UK, although they were held up a few weeks ago as not being worried about a windfall tax! Shock/horror, perhaps that was the reason why? Perhaps the public could have been better served if they had been accurately informed as to who the players are in the N.Sea and what they may or may not do?

    • Keep up Martin:
      Following Caroline Lucas specific question on the fracking moratorium :
      The PM has just stated that he will abide by the 2019 moratorium.

  3. Thank you all for your kind wishes, I can’t believe I was decanted into 3 ambulances before managing to claim a corner of the corridor where I spent the night, staff are rushed off their feet and doing 12 hour shifts which usually run into 13 hours according to the paramedics. I’ve been on morphine, drip feed antibiotics and paracetamols, it’s 11:50 on Wednesday now and I’ve finally got a CT scan at 12 , pretty sure it’s my appendix which will mean waiting for a shot operation, about 40 minutes. I haven’t eaten since Monday night and I’m shattered. 40 new hospitals are pie in the sky, another Johnson lie.

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