Climate activists target 13 London offices over fossil fuels ties

Climate campaigners this morning sprayed fake oil on London offices with links to the fossil fuel industry.

Fake oil sprayed by XR activists at Schlumberger headquarters in London, 21/11/22. Photo: Extinction Rebellion

At other locations, they glued themselves to buildings, hung banners and left handprints in fake oil and blood.

The offices included oil companies, the service industry, law and PR firms, a bank and a think tank.

13 different groups took part in the protests, including six sections of Extinction Rebellion.

They urged the companies to cut their ties to the fossil fuel industry

Plastics Rebellion sprayed fake oil outside Ineos offices in Knightsbridge. The company holds the largest number of UK onshore shale gas licences, as well as producing, refining and importing hydrocarbons.

Fake oil was also sprayed at the offices of the law firm, Eversheds Sutherland, which has represented ExxonMobil, as well as onshore oil and gas companies, including Cuadrilla, IGas and Ineos.

Activists from XR East of England and XR Youth poured fake oil over a globe at the offices of the oil services company, Schlumberger, in central London. The company, recently renamed SLB, has worked for Cuadrilla and UK Oil & Gas plc.

XR Cymru targeted the PR company, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, which has worked for Cuadrilla, Ineos and IGas, as well as ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron and Saudi Aramco. It provided the secretariat for the former all party parliamentary group on unconventional oil and gas at Westminster and managed communications for the Egyptian government at the recent COP27 climate conference.

At BP’s London offices at St James Square, activists sprayed fake oil across doors, walls and windows. They also displayed banners accusing BP of putting big profits before people and the planet.

Other targets included: Church House, the headquarters of the Church of England, which continues to invest in fossil fuels; the free-market think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs, which has questioned the scientific consensus on climate change; JP Morgan bank, one of the largest fossil fuel financiers; and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the government department responsible for the North Sea Transition Authority, which recently offered new oil and gas licences in the North Sea.

Deb Elliott, a business manager from Reigate, Surrey, who took part in the BP protest, said:

“Despite indisputable scientific evidence that the fossil fuel economy has created a climate crisis which is threatening the very life of the planet, BP continues to operate unhindered, supported by a web of collaborators such as law firm Eversheds Sutherland and oilfield services provider Schlumberger.

“We are asking these companies, which are all complicit in the continuing destruction of the planet, to cut the ties to the fossil fuel industry.”

Dr Ines Smyth, 73, a humanitarian worker from Oxford, who protested outside Schlumberger’s offices, said:

“I am supporting the protest out of concern that among those contributing to the climate crisis are the ones who hide away, out of the public gaze, behind the big oil companies to which they provide their services.

“Powerful companies like Schlumberger, which contribute most to climate chaos, are those which are in the best position to contribute to a fair transition by using their expertise and technology.”

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  1. If it’s a bad winter I think some people may be ready with fake blood to spray on the protesters to recognise the increased mortality, especially among the elderly, which will be caused if we have rolling blackouts. Maybe also fake soot to recognise the thousands of deaths among people in Africa from working over wood stoves (especially women and children) when they have no access to gas or electricity power.

    • The. Telegraph reports that “Britain must cut energy usage by 15pc to defeat Vladimir Putin, Jeremy Hunt has said as the country scrambles to head off potential disruption this winter.”. So now the Energy Crisis arrives front and centre, and we still leave millions of cubic metres of gas under the ground. Keep that fake blood handy.

  2. Good timing – today was the start of the first jury trial of Insulate Britain activists over 2021 M25 blockages:

    “The judge Silas Reid told jurors that in order to find the defendants guilty, the prosecution must prove they committed an act “not warranted by law” that obstructed the rights of a significant number of members of the public “in the exercise or enjoyment of rights”.

    He said: “Members of the public have a general right, for the purposes of the offence of public nuisance, to have free movement and travel” on the motorways.

    He told the jury to put aside their views on climate protesting or climate activism, or groups such as Extinction Rebellion, Insulate Britain or Just Stop Oil.

    “Your job is to try this case only on the evidence that you hear at this trial,” Reid said. “This is not a trial about climate change or fuel poverty, or whether the actions of any of the organisations I have mentioned should be applauded or condemned. It is a trial about public nuisance, and particularly about two incidents that occurred in September last year.”

    Insulate Britain said the trial was the first of at least 51 of its supporters on charges of public nuisance that are due to take place over the next 13 months.”


  3. Plonk them in jail for Christmas and turn off the heating! Removing their ability to keep warm when returned to the outside world via costs applied.

    Body heat output is the best way, so plenty per cell seems the way to go.

    • Entitled fools, this helps no one. Switch off their heating, remove everyday FF items from them, i guarantee they would last a fortnight!!

    • ‘Plonk them in jail for Christmas and turn off the heating! Removing their ability to keep warm when returned to the outside world via costs applied’

      On 24 April, 1932, a group of young workers decided to stake their claim to the English countryside by staging a mass trespass. The result was arrests, prison sentences – and an outcry that is credited by many as shaping the rural access we enjoy today.

      To those who oppose the actions of XR and other similar groups I suggest you stay indoors and never go out into the countryside because you oppose the actions and outcome of the Kinder Scout trespass.

      Don’t cherry pick. Stay true to your beliefs. Stay away from the countryside.


      • Absolute nonsense, jP.

        Some people “protest” by blowing themselves up and killing men, women and children in their vicinity. I do not support that either, but feel I have the right to go outside and not be impacted by them or XR.

        So, as you don’t cherry pick, you support the suicide bomber?

        You fail the commonsense test. Your problem not mine.

        • ‘but feel I have the right to go outside and not be impacted by them or XR’…………..But ‘the right to go outside’ into the countryside was given you by direct action from people who ended up in jail to grant you that right. I presume therefore you are in full support of the kinderscout trespass and the impact it had on you……But not XR.
          The motive behind the actions of the Kinderscout trespass and XR and similar groups is not a selfish one. It is aimed at the good for us all. It would appear that some people can’t see that and are only interested in themselves.

          • No, it wasn’t John. I already had the right. I still have it. I knew and still know plenty of landowners who would provide me with that right. As I am a responsible sort of chap and would not abuse it. They are also willing to do so for other groups, and then there are public rights of ways if not. I already help to pay for those public rights of way to be maintained. I have no wish to pay for clowns clowning around just because they state they have the right to decide what is good for all.

            But I noticed you still cherry picked, and as a result still fail the commonsense test.

      • “ Stay away from the countryside”: in my case I will be forced to stay away because a meadow 300 yards away, where I enjoyed walking during lockdown is about to be covered with a solar farm, so no more rural access for me there. Fracking will do far less damage to the countryside than solar and wind farms.

        A couple of questions, what’s the Kinder Scout trespass got to do with the climate protestors? The trespass harmed no-one whereas the blockage of the M25 stopped people hospital visiting and attending funerals and weddings. Can you imagine what it must feel like to sit in a stationary traffic jam in that situation? It’s an assault on those travellers rights.

  4. This morning 22nd November the Grid is already turning to coal to feed electricity market. Wind only average production and solar no use at peak times. Gas providing 54% of our electricity. And it’s not even winter yet. Yes, let’s abandon fossil fuels. Doh!

    • no doubt!, shalewatcher: these guys would NOT survive a cold winter but they protest their virtue then go home to their Fossil Fueled homes, not realising that the older, vulnerable and those who haven’t the luxury of an Oxford education and salary. (Like Dr Ines Smyth?!, do you think she would like to pay more tax for energy or pay it forward to help someone else with their heating bills this Winter) The government should give these clowns a community order, and get them to pay for the repairs and clean up to these buildings), some poor sole has to be contracted wash off the paint they splash up building walls off OUR state and council TAX, i think we should then sell tickets then heckle these activist protesters until they are finished washing the mess they made)!

      • Maybe those who oppose the kinderscout trespass and subsequent free access to the countryside should pay a toll for using public footpaths across rural areas. That would absolve them from being considered hypocritical. The money raised could be used to keep the footpaths maintained for all to enjoy.

        • Using your logic (?) JP, perhaps those that support XR and the others should be banned from using the London Roads, the M25, museums, oil and gas and anywhere else they protest. A mass walk onto a grouse moor is a little different to blocking the M25 etc. And most people can see that. The prison sentences for M25 disruption should be significantly longer than the token sentences at Kinder.

          • ‘token sentences at Kinder’

            4 months in jail in 1932 was not really a ‘token’. Most people can see that.

            Good to see all the successful anti fracking marches

    • Shalewatcher, things could get interesting this evening with the peak demand forecast coming in at 42GW and with 10GW less wind generation available than yesterday due to the change in weather conditions. I expect electricity prices will be very high with Ratcliffe 3 (coal) already accepted at £1494/ MWh (13:30:00 PM) this afternoon.

      • Yes John the Grid did in fact issue an automatically generated Capacity Margin Notice which was then cancelled by the Grid. CMNs are triggered automatically four hours ahead of real-time based on specific industry data about the system’s safety margin. An illustration provided by the Grid suggests that one criteria may be that there is less than 500 megawatts of buffer capacity. If that is the case today and the temperature hasn’t got to freezing yet, we are in for a grim winter.

  5. Oh John, you have my eyes and ears, the Rights to Roam! My favorite subject. Those who are free to access the countryside and the public footpaths across rural areas. The kinderscout trespass was founded by the young communist league, Enjoyment is what some enjoy, but most abuse! once there is a free to roam then the longterm motorhomes and caravans, (gypsy travelers and those of you townies who like to take the countryside for granted, The countryside is OUR home, and the townies come and abuse it with walking off the beaten path, leaving gates open, letting dogs run amok to chase livestock, debris left behind, (banana peels will not break down at a 1 thousand feet), Faeces and toilet paper left all over the moors, one mans play thing, is another man’s HOME! The countryside is my back yard, i wouldn’t abuse your back yard!
    Enjoyment you say?, I’d say those leaving the Towns and travelling to abuse the countryside, Best to Stay at Home!!

    But those who protest oil extraction and the ‘RIGHT-TO-ROAM’ On someone else’s Land!! ‘Its NOT your Right’!

  6. More cannon fodder for the “cause” – Two 21-year-olds with records……good luck with getting jobs and insurance etc.

    “Two Just Stop Oil activists have been found guilty of causing criminal damage after gluing themselves to the frame of a Vincent van Gogh painting at a London art gallery.”

    Desperate defence from their lawyer:

    “A lawyer for the activists, who are part of a group waging disruptive protests until the government agrees to halt all new oil and gas projects, had asked a curator for the gallery if the action may have increased the value of the painting.”


  7. oh no, was the BP trillion dollar building hurt ? seriously now, half of London is poor and I’m supposed to care about these expensive buildings ?

  8. If you had any idea about property value, then you may be taken seriously.

    Criminal damage is still criminal damage. It is the act that makes it so, not the building.

    Perhaps if London had a mayor who tried to encourage small businesses to thrive in London rather than drive them away with cost penalties there would be many other buildings worth damaging as the business owners would be deemed to be too wealthy to have their property respected!

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