N Yorks Tories block opposition motion on fracking

A proposal to condemn fracking as “inappropriate” in North Yorkshire failed this afternoon.

The vote against the motion to oppose fracking in North Yorkshire.
Photo: North Yorkshire County Council livestream

The motion, by Lib Dem and Green members of the county council, appeared doomed earlier this month when the Conservative leadership decided not to support it.

The wording would have declared county council opposition to fracking because of the climate emergency.

In 2016, North Yorkshire’s planning committee approved planning permission for fracking near the village of Kirby Misperton in Ryedale. The operation did not get final government approval and was never carried out.

Today’s vote is in contrast to a decision by neighbouring East Riding of Yorkshire Council, also Conservative controlled. In October 2022, it resolved to tell the government it was overwhelmingly against fracking locally.

Conservative-led Nottinghamshire County Council, which approved an application for shale gas exploration at Misson, voted last month to ban fracking on its land.


Cllr Bryn Griffiths, the author of the North Yorkshire motion, said fracking was incompatible with local carbon reduction and climate change policies.

He also said the process of extracting shale gas threatened the quality of the local water supply.

Council legal officers had warned the executive that support for the motion risked accusations of bias against future applications for fracking.

Cllr Greg White, the executive member for climate change, said there was a moratorium on fracking in force in England:

“It seems to me that it is incredibly unlikely that this will be lifted.”

If it were, he said, the local minerals plan offered “a high level of protection to local residents”.

Cllr Griffiths (Lib Dem) said he had been advised that there was no risk of predetermination.

He also said actions by the Liz Truss government last year showed that moratoriums could be, and were, lifted.

Cllr Arnold Warneken (Green) said supporting the motion would send a message that “we are very serious about commitments to protect our county, our country, our environment and our planet”.

Several members of the council’s planning committee abstained in the vote.

But another member of the planning committee, Cllr Andy Brown (Green), urged councillors to support the motion. He said he was opposed to fracking not on principal, but on scientific evidence:

“I still have an open mind but so far no one has provided me with a shred of evidence that convinces me that fracking, in complex geography and complex geology like ours, is a safe activity”.

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  1. Reference your last 8.32am post, Martin, I note that you do not consider the existential risk to the planet, which most of us know is posed by anthropogenic global heating, is a live or real issue outwith the right (let alone the duty) of local councils to consider. (I can imagine the prerogatives to which you would limit local councils.)
    You might be aware that moratoria can be overturned at the behest of an individual, which, I think, negates your opening salvo.
    You might be able to grasp the fact that what you consider a waste of time is no proof that the council so thought and that this was their motive. I quote your offering again as you have trouble understanding what you mean – “ Well, folks, it was decided that it was not worth the time by the majority.” This, I hope you now understand, was the point of my post, to wit, that you had mis-stated NYCC’s motivation, concerning which you can have no inkling. I, similarly ignorant, have suggested alternative motivation which seems more likely to me given NYCC’s record on this issue. If not more likely, then at least as likely.
    I refrain from comment on your fifth paragraph which, if it can be rephrased in such a way as to pass the comprehensibility hurdle, can as you know safely be ignored as it’s been addressed on several occasions, as have the other barbs you like to hurl in order to distract.
    The spirit of Mary Robinson’s comment would include, I feel sure, those who distract attention from climate change, omni-present as it is. I actually prefer to use ‘global heating’ rather than ‘climate change’ where possible, the latter term much too benign.
    Your ‘funding’ paragraph seeks to present the scramble to catch up on wasted years as an altruistic thought-out generous solution rather than a finger-in-the -dyke expedient, totally unequal to the scale required and hand-in-glove with subsidies for FFs. A start, albeit incoherent, yes, big numbers notwithstanding.
    You really must stop accusing anyone who disagrees with your support of the status quo of whinging. Martin Luther King used to “whinge” like nobody’s business.

    • That really was a further desperate attempt, 1720!

      Anything can be overturned, 1720. Can’t see any justification in debating whether gibbets will be re-instated in N. Yorks just yet, either. Fracking for gas or oil in UK is not a live issue. Your error is to fabricate that it is. Perhaps there could be a debate as to whether the area is suitable for geothermal based upon experience from Cornwall? That is a live issue. Mind you, the recent debate from Wales would tend to indicate there are quite a few who are less concerned than the very concerned in some other areas.
      From experience, I would suggest that if a local resident wants something debated by a Council the biggest issue is there is “no time available to do so”. Just a thought, but if live issues were debated, maybe there would be more time for live issues to be debated?

      You may prefer global heating, except that really negates all the climate change claims when there is a cold spell. However, this motion was not about either, it was proposed about something else. Apart from your handbook source or an algorithm, it was not the subject. [Edited by moderator]

      Martin Luther King knew what he was on about. He spoke about live issues, which is why he is remembered. Sorry, you are no Martin Luther King.

      I continue to remember 1720 was noted for “irrational exuberance”. I can also appreciate the second part of that statement was used as an excuse for the first bit, by a guy who actually knew about physics but forgot about arithmetic!

      Just watching a red kite from my window as I type. Strange and wonderful how they have followed the motorways that were protested about as they would decimate the environment. Roadkill instead of bunnies would appear to be the reality. More red kites for more people to enjoy. Bunnies decimated by disease, not by motorways.

  2. To accuse another of starting a war, Martin, does not change the fact of your starting it by invading their country. [Edited by moderator]
    You decided that the motion was time-wasting and attributed this decision to the Council. You then tried to conceal this subterfuge by arguing why you, note you, thought it a waste of time. This duplicity you repeatedly deny.
    Integrity, Martin, integrity.
    Back to your bunnies, and your gibbets. They both get us looking the other way, but only until we remember that it was A who invaded B, and that man is destroying the planet with fossil fuels.

    • Except, I haven’t started a war, 1720! What a very crass and tasteless comment to make under current circumstances.

      No diversion, just facts 1720. I thought you had accepted what they were, eventually, after being helped to read the OED.

      I made it quite clear it was my view, 1720. No “we’s” involved and certainly not Martin Luther King. Just as your views, fortunately, are just your views.

      Integrity, 1720? Start showing some, then you can start posting from a high horse. Posting from the level you are, all that results is a pile of something, from under which a few crass and tasteless comments emerge. I am not convinced that your new approach is superior to your old one when you still painted yourself into a corner, and then just decided to disappear for a while. Crass and tasteless comments from someone painted into a corner do tend to focus attention-on exactly that- even more so than just the recorded footprints.

      • Looks like you’ve abandoned any pretence of rational discussion, Martin, in favour of your new adjectives and metaphors. Good luck with the bunnies and the gibbets. These seem to be the high points of your argument, now that you’ve weaponised words to the point of depriving them of any demonstrable semantic validity. Just keep piling them up and see if any hit the mark.
        Unlikely, Martin, I’ve long ago stopped searching for sense in your word soup, and, as you know, your insults I wear as a badge of pride as I would those of your political masters.

        • Oh dear, 1720.

          So, I did not want to debate Putin. You tried previously and I refused, you then tried again. Perhaps readers can see why I refused. Your intention is to try and find an area you can virtue signal around-again. Not rational discussion. You are free to do so, although I fail to see it advances the subjects that are under discussion on this platform. If you want to discuss the results of Putin invading Ukraine upon energy supply in Europe , that might be more appropriate. Might be best to avoid that one though, as the facts around that are somewhat inconvenient, and you could get excommunicated as a result.

          I have no political masters. You are letting that algorithm take control, again. It is yourself who constantly uses DoD as a platform for your political posturing. ( I was reminded yesterday about those who a few years ago were erroneously pontificating about the UKIP ers and their terrible views. That is still attempted, yet it is obvious the rather sophisticated UK voter was then voting in a certain way to cause disruption, especially in Brussels. Those voters still exist, but where are UKIP? To me, that says a lot more about the erroneous pontification and the virtue signaling without understanding. Should be right up your street, 1720.)

          Jack has some very strange concepts around the situation in Ukraine, 1720. Maybe he/she will rise to the bait, but don’t expect anything other than more virtue signaling and denial of $7 V $47. No mention will be made of how USA funds $369B IRA and is the financial keystone for NATO.

          • MARTIN ,

            As I’ve always said, you only need to mention my NAME and I’ll be there .

            NOW what’s all this boring , diversionary, wild off-the-cuff, unsubstantiated gibberish that your subjecting poor old LAITH 1720 to ?????????

            Once again I see spouting out nonsense about JACK ……. HOW MANY TIMES will I have to go over the same things with you ???????

            GET the message , the UK Fracking dream is OVER and JACK and the general public are delighted 😀

            As far as Ukraine goes , let’s if you want, get this topic fully out in the open again …… Although it will once again , be very boring for the DODreaders . It will of course put you back in your place .

            • The person who wanted to debate Ukraine was 1720, Jack! You really need to read the written words to even start to understand. Additionally, I have previously tried to help you with your and you’re. I have also tried to help you with keeping your claims factual-as I have with 1720. The general public are not delighted-unless you ignore the most recent and most authoritative survey on the subject. Alternatively, you could be referring to the general public in those countries making a “fortune” from their export efforts, and delighted to do so! Previously you have noted the results of that survey and made excuses for the result, now you deny the survey totally. How easily and quickly you slip off into fantasy land. Comprehension is really not that difficult.

              Nothing to do with fracking, nothing to do with what was rejected in N.Yorks, nothing to do with pensions. Fill your boots, Jack, just your cup of tea, not you’re a cup of tea. Based upon the issues indicated in the previous paragraph, I have little confidence that it would add anything of consequence.

              It would indeed be very boring for DoD readers, but that hasn’t been an issue for either of you before.

              You could both still wear the badge of pride, whilst those suggested to also be doing so, can suffer the comparison within the imposed Group Think collective. Using a fossil fuel expression, tarred with the same brush!

              • MARTIN ,

                As far as Fracking goes ,

                I think you”ll find the public will be DELIGHTED , not to expose their families to an increased risk of Cancer, Asthma and other serious health problems.

                They will also be DELIGHTED not to see their homes plumit in value as a result of living in close proximity to a Fracking site . They also be DELIGHTED at not seeing their buildings insurance skyrocket.

                They will be DELIGHTED not to be exposed to continuous light and noise pollution from Fracking activities.

                They will be DELIGHTED at not being witness to a process which is environmentally damaging, which also greatly fuels climate change.

                They will be DELIGHTED that orphaned wells will not ” from here to eternity ” have to be maintained in their communities by future generations .

                They certainly will be DELIGHTED that the Fracking dream is dead and buried.

              • MARTIN ,

                In your above gibberish , you brought JACK in to the conversation by mentioning my name.

                You said, quote , ” Jack has some very strange concepts around the situation in Ukraine, 1720. Maybe he/she will rise to the bait, but don’t expect anything other than more virtue signaling and denial of $7 V $47. “

              • AND MARTIN ,

                JACK has spent a lot of his valuable time , trying to teach you basic English Grammar.

                I’d of thought a man/woman of your age would of had a far better grasp of the English language.

                Would you like JACK to edit your above post ?????

                • MARTIN ,

                  You must think were all BRAND NEW .

                  Whenever you talk about Ukraine , Russia , energy security , or the cost of energy.

                  Your REAL hidden agenda is to try and push UK Fracking….

                  I know it , the readers know it , every man and his dog knows it .

                  Get the message , UK Fracking is not going to happen.

                • I would concentrate on yourself “Jack”, would be my advice!

                  “We are” not “were”. English is a difficult second language, isn’t it?

                  There you go Jack, usual problem, apart from denial of facts. [Edited by moderator]

                  Cost of energy? Energy security?
                  With fracking $7 peak, without, $47 peak. No need for anymore debate than that, Jack. I know you want to sweep it under your carpet, but not my choice. Bring it out into the open and let it sink in, after all, a certain “Jack” did post that fortunes are being made by those even with the $7 bit who can supply to the $47 bit, before requesting it was swept under the carpet.

                  I will attempt to add some coherence to the muddle, but it may get beyond my ability, when there are those raising subjects that they have previously tried to hide!

                • P.S.

                  Not sure whether you are allowed to research what is actually happening in UK, Jack, but if you are you might note the largest drop in house prices since 2012 and the reasons why! You can make up your own, but those of us in UK already know why. “Strangely” property prices in Cornwall remain so high that many locals are still unable to afford them!

                  I thought you might have learned that lesson after the NT debacle, but it seems not.

                • MARTIN ,

                  I see your still bitter towards the National Trust , even after all ths time.🤣

                  Just for the record, JACK is delighted that they gave a firm two fingers to ALL Fracking activities on their land .

                • Well, Jack, thanks for re-affirming your ignorance of matters pertaining to the UK.

                  The NT lost THEN and are STILL being campaigned against by those who would want them to spend their money on other things where they don’t lose money. It wasn’t a one off, and was absolutely nothing to do with bitterness. Source-previously supplied.

                  The rest of your stuff was just the same. Meanwhile, I note houses in UK are selling quite well even when they are near power cables and forests. Even near nuclear power stations, even in areas where seismic activity has been triggered, and there are all sorts of “goodies” lurking underground to be released-although I am not too sure about selenium! Even near major military bases. The prices are declining for some other reason Jack that I failed to note within your stuff. Houses near on shore wind turbines still do have issues with a lot of potential house purchasers. Some were shut down in France when lock down removed other background noise and local residents complained about what was left-source previously supplied.

                  Estate agents give all sorts of reasons why house prices may not meet expectations. Perhaps, if the system of selling houses did not reward them so much for inflating the value of the houses to get the business, they would not have to come up with so many excuses when the price was not achieved?
                  House prices increase when people have more money to spend on buying them, they decrease when they have less. House prices also increase when there is a reward for living in a certain area that mitigates risk. I have seen comments from members of a PTA in USA embracing the reward they received for their local schools from fracking happening around them. But, not from you Jack. Wonder what sort of property a high school drop out in USA could afford, compared to one who was employed washing dishes and earning $60k a year, Jack? Same for a lorry driver on $100k+ per year. Would they otherwise be in the area to buy anything? Your previous? You are unaware, so they don’t exist!

                  I know it is all a mystery to you Jack, but if you had invested in Chesapeake Energy you could have afforded, by now, to expand your horizons and become acquainted with the UK, or even the USA. Not that you should, but it might help prevent so many factual errors. Your search engine seems rather limited at filling in the gaps.

                • MARTIN ,

                  Let’s get the facts right .

                  The ONLY thing the National Trust had to concede and that was strongly contested at the time , was to allow seismic surveys on their land .

                  Considering they own and maintain huge swathes of land in the UK ….. The second largest UK landowners by a Cats Whisker.

                  They gave a FIRM TWO FINGERS to ALL Fracking activities on their land and you have never forgiven them for that .

                  GEEE your bitterness runs deeeeeeeeeep

                • MARTIN ,

                  You once again, FAIL to back up your comments with a single shred of evidence.

                  Therefore it must be duly noted , that what you have said is nothing more than your own , Collywaffle OPINION.

                • MARTIN ,

                  OH YES , I remember, toilet cleaners and Shoe Shine men/woman were flying in to work by private jet 🤣

                  Were the people living in this major , intense FRACKING area reaping the rewards ?????????


                  I THINK NOT .

                  MARTIN , do you think elderly citizens in the USA will be happy knowing this ??????


                  Do you think they will feel Fracking was worth the risk ???????

                • MARTIN ,

                  Pre Ukraine – Russia war

                  The USA fracking industry was collapsing under the weight of bankruptcies and $300 BILLION of Fracking debt .


                  Your golden child, Chesapeake Energy was on the bones of its backside with $9 BILLION of debt .


                  This war has been a fantastic shot in the arm for the collapsing, bankrupt American shale industry.

                  It also has been a BOOM TIME for the American arms industry, The world’s largest arms manufacturer has never had it so good .

                  It makes you question why peace and a de-escalation of this dreadful war , are not talked about more , doesn’t it MARTIN ???????

                • [Edited by moderator]

                  If I am going to debate Ukraine I can do so very easily with the people from Ukraine taking refuge in my part of the UK. Unfortunately for them, they do know the true facts.

                  Wrong also on all the other points, including NT. (What was the request to NT??) Shown to be wrong on most of them, still regurgitated as if they are not wrong. Maybe the two issues combined are why people are ignoring you Jack-in your own words-so, sorry no influence.
                  Every time you stumble off in other directions, such as animal production, and now Ukraine, you supply even more reasons for that to continue.

  3. N Yorks and Surrey have taken legal action to prevent onshore oil and gas exploration. The Guardian reports that, at the same time….

    “China has approved the construction of another 106 gigawatts of coal-fired power capacity last year, four times higher than a year earlier and the highest since 2015, research shows.” 106gw by the way is about twice the UK’s TOTAL electricity capacity.

    “The speed at which projects progressed through permitting to construction in 2022 was extraordinary, with many projects sprouting up, gaining permits, obtaining financing and breaking ground apparently in a matter of months. “

    China has of course also vastly increased its green energy capacity so, in other words, it is deploying a sensible diversified energy policy which balances green concerns with issues like energy security and reliability. President Xi indeed has said that although he supports climate goals, he will not allow that issue to impede economic growth, which ultimately means increasing prosperity for his people.

    • Hardly to be admired? Human rights issues, suppression of information, pollution? With all the current economic pressures, I’d still rather live in the U.K. a democracy and a country that cares about a sustainable planet.

  4. I did hear someone comment a while ago regarding the China dilemma. Basically, indicating that such an authoritarian regime is tolerated by the population whilst economic growth continued, but would soon be in trouble if it did not. Other authoritarian regimes have taken a different approach, largely keeping any real benefit from economic growth from the population.

    Since then, actions do tend to have supported that view, and one would hope the economic growth continues because the other means of distracting a huge population have pretty severe consequences. Will be interesting to see if President Xi risks sanctions upon export trade.


    First of all, you are the last person who I will take an ” OPINION ” from .

    I say ” OPINION ” as that’s all you ever offer . Your comments are always supplied without a single shred of evidence and its important the readers take note of this fact .

    Your usual Collywaffle regarding the Russian and Ukraine War stands as a testament and ” warning ” to others as to how dangerous people like yourself with a light grasp on the situation can be .

    With 7 MILLION , yes I did say 7 MILLION UK citizens waiting for treatment and NHS staff striking for a wage increase that keeps up with rampant inflation . People in pain because they can’t find an NHS dentist . Cancer patients waiting MONTHS for tests .

    I think you will find that the people of the UK would prefer to see the £2.6 BILLION last year and the same this year given in military aid to Ukraine this year , spent on treatment for their loved ones here in the UK .

    To imply that people who question the great waste of money on endless stream of wars around the world , are in some way on this occasion , quote ” Putin apologist ” without putting any meat on the bone to support their argument , shows of a person who is lacking in knowledge on the subject, who’s priorities are not here in the UK , supporting the wellbeing of UK citizens .

    MARTIN , your forgetting , there are many DOD readers on here that can bare witness to the first time you spat venom at the the National Trust……. It was a time when the National Trust gave a firm Two Fingers to INEOS… They made it crystal clear to INEOS
    and to all other Fracking companies that they were FIRMLY against any Fracking activities on their land.

    Now MARTIN , in my above posts I have supplied you with evidence that shows how toxic Fracking is ….. In all your excitement and Collywaffle it appears YOU have forgotten to pass comment on these articles.

    Here they are again, just for you.



    What are your thoughts on the matter MARTIN , the link between Fracking and CANCER in CHILDREN ???????


    Your ” OPINIONS ” please

    • MARTIN ,

      To add to the above , £2.3 BILLION given in military aid last year and £2.6 BILLION offered this year …

      What about FOOD and help for the people of Ukraine , or is that just left to charities to beg on the TV for a £3 a month donation ??????

      What about pro-,active talks at a de-escalation of this appalling conflict ???????? There has been ZERO talk about peace in the last year .

    • [Edited by moderator]

      What did INEOS want to do, Jack?

      I will give you a clue, it was NOT to frack on NT land, they made it quite clear from the outset they had no need or intention to do that. Your claim is wrong, factually incorrect, rubbish. I could be polite and call it an historical inaccuracy, but you know what the situation was, so why should I be polite?

      There is no shortage of money to treat people in the NHS in UK, Jack. There is a huge backlog to catch up after the pandemic. (Some areas doing well with that, others not so well.) There has been a severe flu impact this winter. There are also a lot of people from Ukraine that the NHS is treating, and I am glad they are. I will wait, if I need to, although I am not having to currently. (Telephoned surgery am yesterday, tests done by lunch and results by mid pm. Prescription supplied 1 hour later. Doctor arranged to telephone after a few days to check that treatment had been a success.) I see people from Ukraine signing up at my GP surgery and also being welcomed into local schools.

      [Edited by moderator]

      ” Jack”- “as much as it takes, as long as it takes”. Let it sink in. Meaty enough?

      • MARTIN

        What a load of Collywaffle your churning out today …. Just words and ” OPINIONS ” backed up with your usual sweet nothing.

        The Russia – Ukraine War may suit YOU , as you desperately cling on to the hope and dream , that Oil and Gas shortages may resurect the highly toxic , climate changing, environmentally damaging process otherwise known as Fracking in the UK , but sadly old chap/old lady ,it’s not going to happen.

        Why you may ask , well SIMPLY put , it’s because in this country , if the people don’t want it then our democratically elected representatives , our MP’s don’t want it . If MP’s don’t want it , they’ll make sure the green light for UK Fracking is not passed through parliament.

        OH DEAR MARTIN , have you forgotten again ???????? I asked to comment on the evidence I’d put forward regarding the TOXIC dangers of Fracking . With such an important topic , why are you choosing not to engage ????????

        JACK and the DOD readers are all waiting for your OPINION.

        Again I will stress and push home the facts . As the long term DOD readers will already be aware of , your bitterness towards the National Trust reared its ugly head the moment they locked horns with INEOS on Fracking……. They National Trust were even FIRMLY against the non invasive Seismic Survey on their land …. Sadly through legal threats , they had to back down on that one , but they gave a firm two fingers to ALL other Fracking related activities on their land .

        That’s the sole reason for your dislike and bitterness towards the National Trust

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