Biscathorpe, Lincolnshire

190106 biscathorpe eddy thornton 2

Biscathorpe oil exploration site, Lincolnshire, 6 January 2019. Photo: Eddie Thornton

Last updated: 15/10/2022

Key facts

Address: Land off High Street, Biscathorpe, Louth, Lincolnshire

Planning applications: N/O59/0053/18 (May 2018) and (E)N59/2259/14 (2015)

Operator: Egdon Resources

Licence: PEDL253

Status: Exploratory drilling for oil awaiting decision for sidetrack and production



11 October 2022

Egdon Resources challenged over changes to Biscathorpe oil production plans – report of appeal hearing. Details

5 October 2022

Egdon makes later offer on biodiversity and community liaison for Biscathorpe ahead of appeal hearing. Details

3 October 2022

Arguments over Biscathorpe oil production to be made at appeal hearing. Details

8 August 2022

Deadline for comments from interested parties in Biscathorpe appeal. Details

10 May 2022

Lincolnshire oil schemes will not help energy crisis, say pilgrims. Details

13 April 2022

Egdon lodges Biscathorpe appeal against refusal of planning permission. Details

3 November 2021

Egdon “likely to appeal” against Biscathorpe refusal. Details

1 November 2021

Lincolnshire County Council refuses planning permission for sidetrack drilling and production. Details and reaction

22 October 2021

Officials say oil drilling at Biscathorpe is in the public interest and recommend approval. Details

4 September 2021

Villagers stage “dirty duck” rate as 1,200+ oppose Biscathorpe oil drilling. Details

19 July 2021

Biscathorpe oil carbon intensity below UK onshore average, says Union Jack. Details

15 July 2021

Biscathorpe oil production plan “completely at odds” with local area, says Conservative MP. Details

11 July 2021

Biscathorpe oil petition tops 1,000 – Egdon submits more information on plans. Details

3 June 2021

Planners seek more details on national importance of Egdon’s Biscathorpe oil plans. Details

29 April 2021

Warning that Biscathorpe oil production plans would “cause significant and long-term harm” to Lincolnshire Wolds. Details

10 April 2021

Views sought on Biscathorpe oil production plans in Lincolnshire Wolds AONB. Details

1 March 2021

Egdon submits plans for new sidetrack well and long-term production at Biscathorpe. Details

Union Jack completes acquisition of further 15% stake in Biscathorpe licence from Humber Oil & Gas. Details

18 January 2021

Union Jack Oil raises £1m to become the largest investor in Biscathorpe. Details

10 November 2020

Egdon plans for drilling and oil production at Biscathorpe. Details

17 September 2020

Union Jack raises £7m for work at East Midlands sites, including Biscathorpe. Details

24 June 2020

Union Jack Oil adds to stake in Biscathorpe licence. Details

30 March 2020

Oil partners “optimistic” about finding oil with Biscathorpe sidetrack. Details

6 January 2020

Pictures show flooding at Biscathorpe site.

200106 Biscathorpe UWOC

Biscathorpe site, 6 January 2020. Photo: Used with owner’s consent

4 January 2020

Egdon Resources announces Humber Oil & Gas has defaulted on payments for operations at Biscathorpe. Legal action is underway. Details

27 November 2019

Union Jack Oil raises £5m for new wells at West Newton and Biscathorpe. Details

2 August 2019

Acquittal for sole campaigners arrested at Biscathorpe protests. Details

15 July 2019

Partners in Biscathorpe says analysis at Biscathorpe raises hopes of finding oil in PEDL253. Details

20 February 2019

Egdon Resources announced that Biscathorpe-2 well is to be sealed and suspended after it fails to find target formation. Details

7 January 2019

Biscathorpe well spudded. Details

4 January 2019

First arrests outside the Biscathorpe site: a 74-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman. Details

3 November 2018

Campaigners protest as Biscathorpe site construction begins. Details

October 2018

Dismissal of request for judicial review of Lincolnshire County Council decision.

14 May 2018

Lincolnshire County Council unanimously approved time extension for Biscathorpe site until December 2020. Details

28 February 2018

Expiry date of 2015 planning permission

12 July 2017

Environment Agency grants mining waste and radioactive substances permits. Link to permit documents and DrillOrDrop report

16 March 2015

Planning permission for three years was awarded by Lincolnshire County Council to create a well site and drill an oil exploration well.

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