Biscathorpe oil well spudded

190106 biscathorpe eddy thornton 3

Biscathorpe oil exploration site, Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, 6 January 2019. Photo: Eddie Thornton

Edgon Resources confirmed this afternoon it had begun drilling its oil exploration well at Biscathorpe, near Louth in Lincolnshire.

The well, known as Biscathorpe-2, was reportedly spudded at 12.30pm this afternoon.

It is due to be drilled to a total depth of about 2,100m into the Basal Westphalian sandstone, the company said. Drilling is expected to last about 30 days and the chance of the well’s success has been estimated at 40%.

In a statement to investors, Egdon’s managing director, Mark Abbott, described Biscathorpe-2 as:

“one of the largest remaining un‑appraised oil prospects onshore UK”.

Union Jack Oil plc, which has a 22% stake in the licence area, PEDL253, said it could earn £24m if the well were successful. Union Jack’s executive chairman, David Bramhill, said in a statement:

“Biscathorpe is one of Union Jack’s near-term, high-impact projects and success here will be transformational for our company.”

Egdon Resources holds 35.8% of the exploration licence, Montrose Industries 22.20% and Humber Oil & Gas Ltd 20%.

Egdon said the Biscathorpe-2 wellsite would not now, or in the future, use high volume hydraulic fracturing.

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Opponents of Egdon’s operations have protested outside the site since work began in November 2018 (DrillOrDrop report). They have said drilling threatens air pollution from flaring, pollution of a protected chalk stream, industrialisation of the Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and increased traffic.

Two people, a 74-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman, were the first people to be arrested on 4 January 2019. DrillOrDrop report

Lincolnshire County Council’s planning committee agreed unanimously in May 2018 to extend the duration of the Biscathorpe planning permission until February 2021.

7/1/19 Date of two arrests corrected to 4 January 2019




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  1. Arrested on 4th January 2018?

    Maybe time to ask Vlad for a bigger budget so you can get a decent reporter (and editor)!

  2. Thanks for all that you do Ruth. Excellent reporting and editing. How many of us are so perfect we never get a digit wrong. Some people are only really good at criticising others. You always get the major facts right and it matters that someone is giving us the facts on what is happening (so little on TV and other media despite their vast budgets)

  3. Maybe so little on TV and other media as they tend to focus upon the majority interest?

    Perhaps it would be easy to find quite a few references in other media regarding, for example, Lincolnshire farmers utilising large volumes of red diesel to help supply food to the majority within the UK. Wonder how they get that and how it gets subsidised?

      • Still seems to hit the spot though Cherri. Reality does that.

        But, if you want a bit of “poetry”:

        “And the drill goes round and round,

        As it heads down though the ground”

        That was great, Martin!! (“someone else”)

        Nah, 2019 alternative is not a good look. I think I will stick with the reality, and avoid the Emojis signifying the reality deficit.

  4. To who it may concern.

    Whoever flew this Drone over the well site might find themselves in trouble. NEVER fly a Drone directly over the top of any installation. And especially over the top of working people. Distracting workers who are working in a dangerous environment such as moving Plant and Equipment can cause serious accidents and fatalities.

    I Hope the Drone flying has Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances!!

    Secondly protestors seem to have covered the top fencing/gate entrance on the top road with Teddy Bears and Banners. Obscurring all the Health and Safety Signage.
    Quite irresponsible for people concerned about Health issues.

    Plus “IN AN AREA OF OUTSTANDING NATURAL BEAUTY” these considerate protestors have made he road side look like a good place to fly tip.

  5. Dear Ruth I have an uptodate photo of the Biscathorpe site if you like to use it … I haven’t seen the site from this angle so it looks different from my own viewpoint of course. I dont know how you manage to do all you do but I am very grateful thankyou. What I am concerned about tonight is that the observation ..(not the official line of simple exploration) the observation of the group indicates a vast number of containers now present. It must be reiterated that they are drilling right next to a pure uncontaminated and rare chalk stream that will become contaminated despite their assurances to the contrary. As you know probably a legal challenge in the summer was thrown out 6 months ago, We have reached the target of promised 20#000 for expenses for this challenge but may possibly need to raise a bit more. I am concerned that the Enviroment Agency need to do a toxicity report and check the chemicals but do not necessarily have to tell the council what is there. The council then can give the go-ahead for full drilling at some point but seem remarkably uninformed about the procedure. This is all in the future and they may not find anything. But I wonder how they can get away with all this…I know it is everywhere but the media are alarmingly quiet so the general public are simply not engaged in the numbers needed to frighten the government. …But this is just a bad hair year lets hope! I am including this photo just in case you want to use it at all in the future Best wishes Pauline (Bell)


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