Most mainstream media ignore Balcombe fracking protest acquittals

The acquittal of 11 anti-fracking campaigners last week (9/1/14) was ignored by most of the mainstream media, despite detailed and prominent coverage of their arrests in July.

The group was found not guilty of obstructing the highway outside Cuadrilla’s oil exploration site at Balcombe, after a three-day trial at Brighton Magistrates Court. The court heard how an image of the arrest of one campaigner was used on the front page of many national newspapers and was published widely across the internet.

 Who reported the arrests?

Sky News

BBC Sussex

Meridian TV

Channel 4 News

The Guardian

The Independent

Daily Mail

Daily Telegraph

Sunday Times

The Star

The Sun

Brighton Argus

And who reported the acquittals?

BBC Sussex

Meridian TV

Brighton Argus


Reports from the trial


Evidence from Day 3

Evidence from Day 2 – afternoon

Evidence from Day 2 – morning

Evidence from Day 1 – afternoon

Evidence from Day 1 – morning


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