IGas to frack this year, Cuadrilla to frack in 2015

20th February 2014

According to a survey by Bloomberg News, the only company that plans to frack at least one well in the UK this year is IGas Energy Plc. The company has faced protests for the past three months from anti fracking campaigners camped outside its exploratory drilling site at Barton Moss, in Salford.

The Manchester Evening News reported this afternoon that legal proceedings have begun to evict the camp. Solicitors acting for the landowning company, Peel, served High Court documents, claiming possession of the strip of land used by the camp . The case will be heard in Manchester County Court tomorrow (Friday).

Last week, a judge ruled that Barton Moss Road was a public footpath, which may mean that 50 protesters arrested for obstructing a public highway will have charges against them dropped.

Cuadrilla Resources told Bloomberg Sustainability it aims to frack two sites in the Fylde area of Lancashire next year. The company plans to submit planning applications in April or May for up to four exploratory wells at the sites near Roseacre and Little Plumpton.

Yesterday, the company reported that it had begun talking to local communities about its plans. Cuadrilla said its staff and those from its consultant, Arup, would consult local people again before planning applications were submitted to Lancashire County Council.

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