Caroline Lucas and fellow anti fracking campaigners outside Brighton magistrates court

After five days of evidence, the trial of five anti-fracking campaigners was adjourned until April 17th.

The group read this statement outside the court:

“We have made our case, stood up for what we believe in, and it will soon be time for the judge to make his ruling.

While we were in court, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change met in Japan. It is likely that they will publish their report on Monday.

This report is the culmination of four years’ work by hundreds of experts around the world. The report will address the impacts of climate change and how we must adapt to survive.

We believe that this report will provide further context and justification for people to peacefully protest against fracking.

Fracking will not lower our fuel bills, it will not give us energy security, and it will not create significant numbers of jobs.

Fracking will accelerate climate change, pollute our environment and is an economic dead end.

David Cameron must listen to the scientists rather than his ministers and advisors who work for Cuadrilla and the oil industry.

Finally, we would all like to thank all of the supporters who have come to court and the thousands who have sent messages of support.

[Updated on April 8th to add statement]

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