Most councillors who will decide on Cuadrilla’s flow test application live more than 10 miles from Balcombe

9th April 2014

None of the people who will decide on April 29th whether Cuadrilla should be allowed to flow test its exploratory oil well at Balcombe live in, or represent, the village.

Eight of the 13 members of West Sussex County Council’s planning committee who will vote on the application live more than 10 miles from Balcombe. Eleven live more than five miles away. The member nearest to Balcombe represents Haywards Heath, about four miles away. The furthest, is in Chichester, about 40 miles or more than an hour’s drive away.

The map below shows the location in stars of the electoral divisions represented by members of the planning committee. The colours indicate the party politics of the committee members (blue – conservative, purple – UKIP, grey – Independent, red – Labour, yellow- LibDem).

Who’s Who on the planning committee – detail and quick summary 


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