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Breaking: West Sussex planning committee approves Cuadrilla’s Balcombe application

29th April 2014

The planning committee of West Sussex County Council has approved the application by Cuadrilla to flow test its oil well at Balcombe. This is despite 900 objections and a call by a village group to delay the vote on the application.

The council’s strategic planning manager, Mike Elkington, had recommended the application should be approved. His report to the committee said there was a national need for oil and gas and the application did not threaten air or water pollution. Other impacts of the application on roads, public health, landscape and ecology were acceptable, he said.

But Frack Free Balcombe Residents Association urged the committee to delay consideration of the application or risk a legal challenge. It said the report had not accurately assessed the risks. It relied too heavily on the advice of the Environment Agency and Health and Safety Executive, which the group said had been “deficient in their responsibilities at Balcombe.” The group also criticised the planning conditions on Cuadrilla’s operations as “far too weak”. It said planning permission should not be granted without a legal agreement between the company and the county council to protect the environment and local people.

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  1. Did anyone really realistically expect that after drilling a well the operator would be refused permission to test it ?

    The meeting was conducted professionally and the committee was not intimidated by threats of legal challenges and had the courage to deliver the only decision they could .

    A couple of the objectors made salient points such as potential for air pollution from flaring but were drowned out by endless minutiae about the tiny number of lorries and non-issues about light and noise pollution .

    The objectors sounded like people who are used to getting their own way .

    I hope these capable people can move on from trying to find legal loopholes to delay proceedings or trying to call into question Cuadrilla’s reputation or financial state and put their energy into making sure that something which was always going to happen happens properly .

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