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Breaking: West Sussex planning committee considering Cuadrilla’s Balcombe application adjourns

29th April 2014

The chair of West Sussex Planning Committee has adjourned the meeting considering Cuadrilla’s planning application at Balcombe, amid heckling from the audience.

To shouts of “very unprofessional” and “not democratic”, Cllr Heidi Brunsdon led members of the committee out of the meeting room.

The committee is considering an application from Cuadrilla to flow test its exploratory oil well at Lower Stumble in Balcombe. It had heard from an agent for Cuadrilla as well as villagers opposed and in favour of the application. Members were raising questions when the meeting was adjourned. Cllr Brunsdon asked the members of the committee team to  “take appropriate action”. Members of the 100-strong audience had been asked several times to be quiet.

Cllr Brunsdon said she would reconvene providing the room remained quiet.

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