Fracking week in Westminster (June 2nd -6th)

June 7th 2014

The spotlight turned onto fracking and shale gas during the last week in Westminster.

  • The Queen’s Speech on Wednesday (June 4th) included legislation to change the trespass laws to make it easier for exploration companies to drill under private land without permission.
  • There was a written ministerial statement on the proposals and a government consultation process
  • Fracking also came up in a debate on the Finance Bill
  • More than 20 MPs raised issues about fracking and asked questions, along with 15 members of the House of Lords

We’ve split up the material into separate posts:

Extract from the Queen’s Speech and 1st day’s debate – House of Commons  (4/6/14)

Queen’s Speech 2nd day’s debate – House of Lords (5/6/14)

Ministerial Statement by Michael Fallon, Energy Minister (5/6/14)

Debate on the Finance Bill (5/6/14)

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