Balcombe one year on – new interview

31st July 2014

We’ve added another interview to the review of life in Balcombe one year after the start of protests in the village against Cuadrilla and fracking.

Alison Stevenson, the chair of Balcombe Parish Council, reflects on:

  • Tensions in the village
  • The No Dash for Gas camp
  • Breaches of planning permissions
  • Balcombe today
  • Lessons for communities facing drilling operations

Her advice to other villages includes:

It’s been difficult at times not to just let rip but you have to keep cool. Assess the risks, pass on information and listen to the people you represent. Be prepared to go against your own views and brace yourself for a roller coaster ride. It’s better not to overplay either the positives or the negatives. It has little real influence on decision-makers if you do, in fact it can work against you. We have tried to work with the agencies because we are a PC and it’s our role to do so. That has not been a course that sat well with some of our residents or the wider protest groups but we did stick to it.

Balcombe One Year On now has a permanent, easy-to-find, place on the blog. Click here or on the tab on the blog menu for 14 interviews reflecting on the past 12 months.

We hope to add a 15th interview soon – with a police officer from Sussex Police who took part in the operation at Balcombe.

  • Apologies for the broken links when we first published Balcombe One Year On. All the links are now working – but please let us know if there are any problems.



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