Frack-Free West Sussex petition aims for 800+ signatures in a fortnight

11th August 2014

Campaigners calling for a ban on fracking in West Sussex have two weeks left to collect more than 800 signatures to secure a county council debate on the issue.

So far, more than 2,100 people have signed an e-petition which calls on the county council to declare West Sussex a frack-free zone.

The petition, which was launched on May 25th, is open until August 25th. Under the council’s petitions policy, councillors will debate the issue if a petition contains at least 3,000 signatures. Only people who live, work or study in West Sussex are eligible to sign the petition.

The organisers argue the technology for unconventional oil and gas exploitation is untested in the UK and the target areas for fracking in West Sussex are not appropriate.

“The Sussex Weald is rural and tranquil in nature with narrow lanes and tracks”, they said. “The underlying geology is multi-faulted and completely unsuitable for hydraulic fracturing.

“The area is water stressed and cannot afford the huge amounts of water required for fracking. Fracking does not make sense economically or environmentally.“

The petition is on West Sussex County Council website. Paper petitions are also accepted.

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