Fracking will not “adversely impact people’s health” – Cuadrilla responds to health report

On 31st October, we asked Cuadrilla to respond to a report on the impact of shale gas extraction on public health. This had been commissioned by Lancashire County Council as part of the process to assess Cuadrilla’s applications to drill and frack at Roseacre Wood and Preston New Road.  Report findings  Lancashire County Council committee response

In particular, we asked the company to comment on the following quotes in the report:

“The over-riding responses about the two proposed exploration sites voiced by members of the local communities who attended the workshops were those of fear, anxiety and stress, which are affecting their mental wellbeing, with some people experiencing sleep disturbance and depression.”

“The residents … felt they did not have a voice, and that their concerns were not being addressed. These responses were associated with a lack of trust and/or confidence in the statutory and regulatory authorities responsible for either the regulation of shale gas exploration and extraction or the protection of residents’ health and wellbeing. Again these issues were affecting residents’ mental wellbeing”.

Cuadrilla responded today:

“We have reviewed Lancashire County Council’s (LCC) Health Impact Assessment.  We are responding to the recommendations made that LCC’s  Development Management team consider are specific to our proposed planning applications and will provide further clarification and information as requested.  We know shale gas exploration and extraction can be carried out in the UK safely, securely and in an environmentally responsible way, and we will do that.  Our planning applications for Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood are accompanied by comprehensive Environmental Statements which are the product of thousands of hours of work from highly qualified independent expert environmental scientists and other engineering specialists. These documents contain a detailed assessment of how any potential impacts would be mitigated against to ensure safety and environmental protection. We are very confident that our proposed activities will not adversely impact people’s health”

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