Shale gas is a vote loser but post-election period is critical – Tim Yeo

Shale gas is unlikely to feature in the election campaign because it won’t win votes, MP Tim Yeo told a fracking conference today.

Tim YeoSpeaking at Shale UK, the chair of the energy and climate change committee said: “Shale is not a vote winner. It is unlikely to feature very much in the next two and half months”.

But after the election, he said, shale supporters had to get behind a big campaign to educate the public and policy-makers about its benefits.

“May to December is absolutely critical to changing public opinion”. He said this was a small window of opportunity that had to be grasped.

“The enormous benefit to UK PLC is about to slip through our fingers”.

Mr Yeo, a supporter of shale who is standing down as an MP at the election, said he was dismayed at what he called the industry’s “incoherent approach” to promoting shale gas.

“I suggested they might do with a bit of advice”, he said, “But I was roundly rebuffed”.

Other comments by Tim Yeo to Shale UK

Environmental Audit Committee report which called for a moratorium on fracking
“It was the worst select committee report I have seen in 33 years in parliament. It was policy-biased evidence. They decided what the conclusion was and consulted the witnesses that they thought would support it. They ignored other people they could have consulted. The committee was captured by entrenched opponents of fossil fuels. It [the report] got pretty short shrift. It was deplorable. It shows the committee in a very poor light.”

UK as a shale leader
“It could be the UK that writes the EU-rule book and sets the standards and British companies that develop the skills base that a European shale industry would need.”

Drill wells to dispel fears
“You have to get some wells drilled. Public fear will dissipate very quickly when they see negative stories are just myths”

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  1. Tim Yeo is perhaps the epitome of an MP committing misconduct in public office. This speech would make Iain Duncan Smith blush or Eric Pickles break out into a sweat.
    What about the evidence coming to light recently of contamination at Barton Moss (IGas) in Lancashire or the breaching of 19 EA permits at West Newton (Rathlin Energy) in the East Riding of Yorkshire….TIM?. How about the earthquakes of Preese Hall (Cuadrilla) back a few years ago? There’s more but Tim doesn’t care really does he, it doesn’t take an academic to know what he really cares about and who he really ‘works’ for…

    The only myth here is that Tim serves public interest

  2. Bizarre comments above! I hate the Tories but what Tim Yeo says is sound. There are few issues with the well researched and established technique of hydraulic well stimulation, yet the public info debate has been hijacked by FoE and Greenpeas who spread fear and loathing with false information. The public are being mislead but its by the green blob and their rather daft ideas that renewables will keep our 60 billion a year chemical and pharma industries going. That ignores of course that 19 million homes are heated by gas and our N Sea supplies are running out. If people want to protest, please walk or cycle to protest meetings, rather than drive using fossil fuels. Please however realise that all of the supposed horror show issues have been looked at by expert engineers (RAE 2012) and a host of other organisations (CIWEM, HPE, BGS EASAC, EU etc etc) and they all find it to be fine if done properly. So many base their ideas on the US experience, which do not apply in the UK. Witmess the recent Medact report, where they did not even know that chemical usage in the UK is controlled by UK and EU laws! Barking.

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