‘Next government must stand up to fracking opposition’ – Yeo tells conference

The out-going chair of the Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee urged the next government to challenge opposition to fracking.

Tim YeoTim Yeo, who is standing down at the May election, told a conference in London ministers must stand up to what he called “the fuzzy-headed ideological fringes that oppose fracking.”

He said greens opposed to fracking did not have evidence on their side.

“My Committee’s detailed work found no evidence to support concerns that UK water supplies would be put at risk.

“Indeed there appears to be nothing inherently dangerous about the process of hydraulic fracturing itself.

“As long as the process is properly regulated and the integrity of the well is maintained shale gas extraction should be safe.

In what he said was his final speech at an MP, Mr Yeo also challenged the argument that fracking was incompatible with climate change targets.

“Even if the amount of gas used in our electricity and heating systems is dramatically cut by 2030”, he said, “We are still likely to need imported gas for many decades to come.”

“Shale gas gives us the opportunity to reduce this dependence on imports.”

“Sadly the woollier green opponents refuse to acknowledge that net greenhouse gas emissions from imported LNG are actually higher than those from shale gas extracted by fracking.”

“Analysis by the Committee on Climate Change has shown that fracking can be permitted as long as we continue to reduce emissions elsewhere in our energy system.”

Full speech

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