Parents threaten to remove children from school near proposed Cuadrilla fracking site

Some parents are threatening to take their children out of a primary school one mile from a  proposed fracking sites in the Fylde area of Lancashire if the plans are approved.

The parents, who have children at Weeton St Michael’s Church of England Primary, have complained they haven’t been given enough information about possible health effects of fracking.

This week they presented a petition to Lancashire County Council objecting to the plans at the site at Preston New Road.Group_petition

There are currently 48 pupils on the roll at the school and if children were removed it could become unviable, the parents say.

The petition with 241 signatures was collected from parents, friends and family members, who objected to plans by Cuadrilla to frack up to four wells at the site.

Concern at health risks

One of the parents, Jason Mclemon, said: “I feel very concerned in relation to the health risks associated with the planned fracking for the Fylde Coast.

“I live in Weeton village where my children go to school. Lancashire County Council, Weeton St Michael’s School and Fylde Borough Council have not presented the health risks in conjunction with fracking.

“As a worried parent and citizen, we need more information as to the possible future effects to health and environment.”

The petition was supported by Fylde parliamentary candidates Bob Dennett (Green), Jed Sullivan (Labour) and Mike Hill (Independent), along with Julie Brickles, an Independent councillor on Fylde Borough Council.

Public consultation

A public consultation on revised plans to tackle noise and traffic issues at Preston New Road and Cuadrilla’s other site at Roseacre Wood is now half way through. The deadline for comments is Friday 17th April. Lancashire County Council has said it will make a decision on both planning applications by the end of this month.

In January, Lancashire County Council planners recommended refusal of both applications on grounds of noise at both sites and threats from increased traffic at Roseacre Wood. On January 28th, Lancashire County Council agreed to defer a decision on the plans and since then Cuadrilla has submitted revised proposals to tackle issues raised by planners.

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  1. I have read scientific evident that proves Fracking causes all sorts of health related problems not to mention polluting the water table. It must be stopped, anyway it’s about time we moved on from gas there are so many other options available these day. What is the point of liven in the past with fossil fuels, the name says it all!

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