Cuadrilla statement on recommendations on its Fylde fracking applications

This morning, Lancashire County Council planners recommended approval of Cuadrilla’s application to frack at Preston New Road. But it recommended refusal on traffic grounds for the company’s fracking application for Roseacre Wood. The applications will be decided at meetings of the council’s Development Control Committee between Tuesday June 23rd and Friday June 26th. Breaking news

The company made this statement:

 “We are pleased that Lancashire County Council’s Planning Officers have recommended that the Councils’ Development Control Committee grant planning consent for our application at Preston New Road.  In January 2015, Officers recommended refusal at Preston New Road only on grounds of night-time noise and we duly submitted additional information on mitigation measures, which was publicly consulted on, to further bring down noise levels well below limits set out in government guidance.

We note that, as in January, the Planning Officer’s report is satisfied with all other aspects of the planning applications, in particular with regard to drilling and fracking.  These include Air Quality, Archaeology and cultural heritage, Greenhouse gas emissions, Community & socio-economics, Ecology, Hydrogeology & ground gas, Induced seismicity (including subsidence), Land Use, Landscape and visual amenity, Lighting, Resources and waste, Water resources and Public Health.

For our application at Roseacre Wood we supplied additional information regarding traffic routes which we and our expert advisers believe addressed issues which were raised in the Officer’s report in January.   Whilst we remain confident that our original proposed route was adequate, the alternative route suggested also met with all necessary guidelines in our view.  We are disappointed that Officer’s do not support this in their negative recommendation today, however we are pleased to note that as with Preston New Road, they are satisfied with all other aspects of the Roseacre Wood planning applications.

We will await the Councillors’ decisions on both these applications at the end of June.”

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  1. Many of us in the Fylde have long suspected that Roseacre Wood was a stalking horse and Preston New Road was the real target. Why else would Cuadrilla apply for a site where there would inevitably be insuperable highways objections?

    I believe the intention was always to split the objector effort and dilute their finances. Also to give the County Council the perfect opportunity to show their even-handedness by refusing one and granting the other, keeping the government happy and part of the electorate happy. This would be the ideal outcome for Lancashire.

    The battle is not over yet, not by a long chalk.

  2. What is it with these green activists and conspiracy theory? If the decision did not go their way then they say it is all in the pocket of the company. When US EPA Royal Academy Environment Agency all say it is safe under current regulatory compliance then they say these agencies are in the pocket of companies. These are independent agency from different countries for god sake. And they all say it is safe.

    • There is no reason to assume that opponents of fracking are green activists.
      The US EPA, Roal Academy and the Environment Agency have not said that fracking is safe. That is one reason why people across a wide spectrum of economic, social, political and even religious viewpoints are opposing fracking. It is notable that the Pope, who some claim is infallible, is an opponent of fracking. The irony is that the advocates of fracking claim it never fails to stop the migration of contaminants in to aquifers through leaking casings, cement seals, faults and folds. The Pope may be infallible, fracking most definitely is not.

      • They have said it is low risk, To put that into perspective, the RAE repost states it has never happened. Thats was confirmed in the recent EPA report. So they have said it is safe.
        There are risks with cementing etc etc etc and the HSE require a very high standard of well sealing, much higher than that which has lead to a tiny proportion of wells to fail in the US. People opose fracking when they do not understand it. Its a technical issue that needs technical people to understand it.
        The Pope is concerned with climate change. Gas is better than coal so he should support it.

  3. Ken W they have not said it is safe.
    The EPA draft assessment does state the following “this report is not a human health risk assessment. It does not identify populations that are exposed to chemicals, estimate the extent of exposure, or estimate the incidence of human health impacts.”
    It may help to save time by providing definitions for some widely quoted words from the EPA’s draft assessment.
    Widespread means found or distributed over a large area.
    Systemic means of or relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part: for example ‘the disease is localized rather than systemic’
    It is reasonable to conclude that the EPA assessment finds that there is evidence that hydraulic fracturing impacts drinking water in some areas of the United States through mechanisms including below ground migration of liquids and gases, spills of fracturing fluid and produced water and inadequate treatment and discharge of wastewater. Access to evidence is restricted by the reluctance of the industry to cooperate with the EPA in carrying out the study.
    Several jurisdictions have banned fracking on grounds of safety.
    The Pope does oppose fracking.

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