Five onshore wells drilled in six months

The latest government information shows five onshore oil and gas wells were completed in the UK in first half of 2015. This is two fewer than for the same time last year and four down on 2013.

Wells 2015 1st half

Four of the wells were classified as development operations and one as exploration. Four were drilled for conventional oil and gas and one for mine gas.

Three of the wells were in Dorset, two of them sidetracks of a well operated by Perenco at Wytch Farm. The other Dorset well was at the smaller Wareham oil field, also operated by Perenco.

The most recently completed well was operated by Europa Oil and Gas’s well at Kiln Lane, in Lincolnshire. A day after the well completion date, the financial media reported it had not been a success. Europa’s chief executive Hugh Mackay was quoted by Proactive Investors as saying:

“While we are disappointed with the outcome, Kiln Lane was drilled on schedule, on budget and safely. This is testament to the performance of both our own technical team and the engineering crew on the ground.”

The remaining well was drilled by Alkane Energy at Mossfield Industrial Estate in Stoke. The company was granted permission in September 2014 to extract methane from a former coalmine for 25 years. It has two similar sites in the city.

The local paper, the Stoke Sentinel, reported at the time that the gas would be used to generate electricity to power more than 1,500 homes. Residents whose homes backed onto the site told the paper they were worried about noise, lighting and safety risks.

Licence surrenders

The Oil and Gas Authority has released details of 19 surrenders of onshore licences in the first half of the year.

On 1st May, IGas has surrendered two blocks of PEDL158 in Caithness and partially surrendered three other blocks in the licence area.

Also in May, Coastal surrendered PEDL 249, 250, 252, all in east Kent.

Egdon partially surrendered blocks in PEDL 180, 182, 241 and 253 in Lincolnshire. It also partially surrendered blocks in PEDL 201 in Leicestershire, and 237 in Dorset.

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