Guest photo post: Horse Hill rally

Photographer David Burr took these pictures at today’s protest rally outside the Horse Hill exploratory oil site near Gatwick.

Around 100 people marched to the site from Horley. About 40 cyclists rode from Horley, Brighton and London.The well operator, Horse Hill Developments Ltd, is testing the flow of oil at the well and has described the rate of 463 barrels a day as significant.

The company and its partners, which include UK Oil and Gas Investments, have said they will not frack at Horse Hill. Some opponents question this. Others are against oil drilling, at the site regardless of whether fracking is used.

David Burr1 160220

David Burr 2 160220

David Burr 3 160220

All photos copyright David Burr




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  1. Who’s the woman holding the crafty frackers sign, Ruth? She’s often on anti-fracking demo pictures on the Torygraph, much like ugly girls never jump into the air with A Level results on their front page every August either. The old and crusty never get the exposure their numbers deserve

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