10 year old urges PM and the Queen to stop fracking – Cuadrilla inquiry

Joshua picture

10 year old Joshua Mae read out a letter to David Cameron at the public inquiry into Cuadrilla’s shale gas plans, urging the Prime Minister to stop fracking.

Joshua pleaded with Mr Cameron:

“Don’t do bad things to our home”.

And he asked the Prime Minister when he had finished with the letter to pass it on to the Queen because

“she is a mum so she will help protect her children”.

Joshua, from Fylde in Lancashire, wrote the letter today. He read it aloud during a day-long session set aside for public statements on Cuadrilla’s plans to frack at Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood.

Joshua said:

“I am against fracking I have learnt all about it, and I research myself”

Joshua letter

He said there were lots of kids who felt like him, including his friend, Alfie. He asked Mr Cameron:

“Please don’t do bad things to our home, we have only one world, can you promise to protect it for us?”

He told the Prime Minister:

“We are going to have to sort it out, because the trouble is when it all gets older.”

The inquiry inspector, Wendy McKay, promised to make sure the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark, also saw the letter.

The public inquiry into Cuadrilla’s appeals against refusal of planning permission has been running since February 9th. It has heard from more than 20 expert witnesses and well over 100 members of the public.

Tomorrow (Friday) it moves into the final stage with the final statements from barristers. It ends on Wednesday next week (16th March).

Mrs McKay will make a recommendation to Mr Clark, who will make the final decision on the fracking plans.

Live updates from today’s public session

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  1. This really is taking the biscuit. Obviously not influenced by his parents! Where do we draw the line, whats next, the head of Cuadrillas’ kids reading out letters supporting drilling and fracking because there dads jobs depend on it. Get a grip. And if the 10 year old researched it himself let him show the evidence. His parents should hold their heads in shame getting him involved.

    • you should be the one hanging your head in shame … you have no idea if his parents influenced him .. plenty of children have more brains than all the tories and frackers put together and think for themselves … and have more conscience too ! WHy not honour the little guy for actually CARING about the future … would be good if a few greedy politicians would do the same someday … but I doubt they will … they make too much money for themselves out of it all …

  2. mcanchr. It is sad that you attack the effort of this young man. He has a right to a voice, he is a valued member of the human race. Interestingly after the Taliban began attacking girls’ schools in Swat, Malala Yousafzai gave a speech in Peshawar, Pakistan, in September 2008 (aged 11). The title of her talk was, “How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education?” She went on to receive, at age 17, the Nobel Peace Prize.
    I suggest you take off your ‘rose tinted glasses’ and look at fracking through the eyes of a child; maybe then you will see the truth….

  3. mcanchr- in short the kids are the future. I am proud of all parents who inform their children wisely about this miasmic intrusion. Kids should always be seen and heard. The People have won. The pro frackers have failed at every level in this inquiry. They should not merit an overturn of the original democratic decision.

    And now it is up to the Secretary of State?

    This is not a government of theThe People.

  4. I remember in the News from oversea (I think it may have been Sydney Australia) there were demonstration against war in Irag and one of the Muslim young boy about the same age as this young man Josh (8-10yrs old maybe) holding up the card that read ‘dead to the infidel’.

    It just shows how far some parents are willing to use their children as a political tool to hit the soft spot. But I must say the boy got gut daring telling the PM listen up straight and pass his letter to the Queen. Great stuff..

  5. TW. So, ‘I remember’, ‘I think’ ,’maybe’….
    Children in this country are well educated and capable of independent research and making up their own minds with the evidence presented before them, even at ten…give him credit for that, not just for his ‘daring’.

  6. Sherwulfe ,

    Regardless of who is to blame , the education children in most parts of the UK are receiving up until 16 is inadequate to prepare them for life in the future . And it’s even worse between 16 and 18 .

    They are unable to compete with better educated and motivated children from Poland , the Far East and India .

    Mcanchr is right , it’s cynical using kids to appeal to emotions rather than arguing your case .

    The little fellow probably still believes in Santa Claus .

  7. striebs….and again you attack the child and his ‘apparent’ lack of intellect. He is the future, your cynicism is not. Of all three posts attempting to devalue this boy’s contribution, all have made presumptions about him and his family. It is a trend with pro-frackers to make speculative comments without firm evidence, not surprised, and disappointed to not be able to expect better of you.

  8. Are you the same Striebs, or Streibs as known on the Igas share chat webpage ??

    If you are the same person, with the collapse of the Igas share price I can understand why possibly you would be desperate to see fracking start in the UK.

    BUT HEY, trying to discredit and rubbish the opinion of this young lad without knowing him, or anything about his background is unjustified and distasteful.

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