Decision on IGas Misson shale plans delayed until October

Misson Springs map

The decision on plans by IGas to drill two shale gas exploration wells at Misson in north Nottinghamshire is now likely to be delayed for another three months.

Nottinghamshire County Council announced this morning it had agreed a new determination date with the company for October 2016.

A special meeting of the council’s planning committee is now scheduled to consider the application on 5 October 2016.

This means a decision on the proposal, submitted in October 2015, will have taken about a year – more than double the government’s limit of 16-week.

The delay follows two requests for more information by Nottinghamshire County Council from IGas as well as extended periods of public consultation.

The latest consultation has been extended until Friday 5 August 2016 so that people can comment on new details supplied by IGas.

New information

IGas wants to drill a vertical well to 3,500m and a deviated well to a depth of 4,350m at the site at Springs Road. It has said it does not plan to frack at this stage.

Last month, Nottinghamshire County Council asked IGas for information on:

  • The geological reasons for choosing the site location
  • Local ecology issues including a breeding bird survey and an assessment of noise impact on the nearby Misson Carr Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  • An assessment of the cumulative landscape and visual impact of the proposed development with other tall structures in the surroundings, such as wind turbines

The company’s response to the request can be viewed on the application website in a document titled Reg 22 Further Information 07/07/2016

The response includes proposals to reduce noise at Misson Carr SSSI during drilling. IGas has said it will create a barrier of stacked shipping containers on three sides of the proposed boundary.

The barrier would be 5.2m high and about 270m long. It would require an extra 180 heavy goods vehicle (HGV) movements in the early phase of the project and another 180 at the end.

IGas said this would “not cause an adverse impact upon the local highway network capacity”. The barrier would also not have an adverse visual impact, the company said because it would be screened by existing warehouses.

IGas also said it had assessed the impact of its plans on the hydrogeology of the SSSI as “very low with a minor adverse effect” that was not regarded as significant.

The cumulative impact on the landscape of the rig and a proposed 35m wind turbine at Everton Carr Farm were not likely to be significant, IGas concluded.

The company has also submitted geological information in support of its choice of the site.

In a statement this morning, Nottinghamshire County Council said:

“To allow time to review the submitted information and to undergo the necessary consultation process, the County Council has agreed with IGas to extend the determination period until 14 October.”


15 July 2016
Public consultation on new information begins until 5 August 2016 and the determination date set for 14 October 2016

20 June 2016
Nottinghamshire County Council says it will be asking for more information from IGas on geology, ecology, landscape and visual impact. Details

16 June 2016
Environment Agency grants a mining waste permit for the proposed operation at Misson

22 February 2016
Nottinghamshire County Council says it needs more information about how IGas chose the Misson site and further details about surface water run-off, ecology, traffic, unexploded ordnance and the likely impacts of shale gas exploration on the landscape. New determination date set for 29 July 2016.

27 January 2016
IGas moved equipment onto the site at Misson to begin ground watermonitoring

19 January 2016
Nottinghamshire County Council approves the application by IGas for up to 12 groundwater monitoring boreholes at Springs Road, Misson.

16 December 2015
Bassetlaw District Council planning committee (a statutory consultee) accepted the recommendation of officers and offered no objection to the plans (See headline for 16 December 2016)

30 October 2015
First consultation opened on IGas application. Details

15 October 2015
IGas applies for permission to drill up to two wells (one vertical and one horizontal) at Springs Road, Misson. Link to application

Updated 20/7/2016 to correct government limit for deciding planning applications.

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  1. Those houses are well within 50 metres of that site, does anyone from Mission springs have any information on what that has done to house prices and how the residents fee about a site so close to their back doors?

  2. Only indirectly related to the Misson plans but Centrica has announced today that two-thirds of the Rough undersea gas storage facility will not be operational this winter. The UK becomes increasingly dependent on regular imported shipments of LNG from the Middle East. Just makes me think that further delays in developing onshore production are not in the interests of our energy security. The National Grid report that they can continue to maintain supply without taking gas from Rough storage. Hope so.

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