Picture post: Lancashire Responds anti-fracking rally


Picture: Frack Free Dee

People opposed to fracking demonstrated today outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road near Blackpool to protest at the go-ahead for exploration.

Some wearing black carried banners which said democracy had died on Thursday when the Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid, granted planning permission for the site. He upheld Cuadrilla’s appeal against the refusal of consent by Lancashire County Council in June 2015. Cuadrilla has said drilling could begin in 2017.

Mr Javid deferred a decision on the company’s other appeal site at Roseacre Wood. He reopened a public inquiry to give Cuadrilla another opportunity to provide evidence on highway safety.

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Picture: Richard Marshall


Picture: Frack Free Dee


Picture: Frack Free Dee


Frack Free Dee

Lancashire Responds 7 Frack Free Dee.jpg

Picture: Frack Free Dee


Picture: Frack Free Dee


Lancashire Resonds 7 Frack Free Dee.jpg

Picture: Frack Free Dee


Picture: Frack Free Dee


Breaking: Government approves Cuadrilla’s Lancashire fracking plans at Preston New Road but Roseacre Wood on hold. DrlllOrDrop report

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Industry reaction to Lancashire Cuadrilla fracking decision. DrillOrDrop

Key points in government announcement on Cuadrilla’s Lancashire fracking sites. DrillorDrop report


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  1. “The Great British Frack-off” …. some very amusing reference to Bake Off – a reminder of course that about half of British ovens are powered by, guess what….GAS – well the way British energy policy is going, everyone will be left with a soggy bottom when you can’t even switch the oven on.

  2. Very good to see the Frack-free protest photo because in the background you will see four electricity pylons, usually about 50 metres high, in other words you have in the photo an illustration of OVER FOUR TIMES the visual nuisance allowed at the Cuadrilla site where one 39 metre rig will be permitted.

  3. While I’m on a roll, in the frack-off banner that idyllic waterfalll on the left…..if it were just bigger and higher it could be ideal for a hydroelectric station – lots of traffic noise and disruption while it was being built and maintained, and an industrialisation of the landscape.., BUT would it be worth it, yes probably.

  4. A little furious flurry of fracking agent AI troll collectives here, well it must have been a good event, just to wake them up and make them blink in the daylight! LollCows all.

  5. Phil. While these guys show inhuman disrespect for those who find no other way than protest – to get their thoughts seen or heard – the internet can be generous and allow space for them to lick their wounds (from the real debate) and indulge a bit of mutual ego massage. Mark and Halfpenny are believers in the “shale gas is pure and it will bring salvation” dogma and practice of a belief is respected in the UK (even when it is bunk and should be kept private).

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