Ryedale anti-fracking campaigners “fired up” for day in court



Opponents of Third Energy’s plans to frack at Kirby Misperton in Ryedale, carried Yorkshire white roses as they gathered at the Royal Courts of Justice in London where their legal challenge will be heard this morning.

Campaigners from Friends of the Earth and Frack Free Ryedale are seeking a judicial review of the decision by North Yorkshire County Council to approve fracking and gas production at the KM8 well.

If the court agrees to hear the case, it will go ahead later today. DrillOrDrop will be reporting on the proceedings.

The two groups argue the decision was wrong in law because councillors did not properly consider the climate change impact of burning gas from the well at Third Energy’s nearby Knapton power station.

They also say the council failed to secure long-term financial protection from the company against the risk of long-term environmental damage.


Jackie Cray, of Kirby Misperton, and David Davis, of Hovingham, who are bringing the case for Frack Free Ryedale 

Rev Jackie Cray, one of the campaigners bringing the case for Frack Free Ryedale, said this morning:

“Fracking is harmful to the environment, health and the land. We don’t want fracking in this country, in our village, for these reasons. We don’t think it is a safe industry.

“The Third Energy development will mean 900 traffic movements for just the test frack on a very narrow road in our village. It will be difficult for children getting to school and parents dropping off toddlers. My greatest fear is for children in the village.

Friends of the Earth’s Yorkshire and Humber campaigner, Simon Bowens, said:

“We are really fired up for our day in court.

“We think we have a strong case on both grounds. The council has not assessed the climate change impact fully and they have not put in full protection for any long term damage.”

North Yorkshire County Council said its planning committee “gave proper regard to all material planning considerations before approving the application”.

Third Energy said it had “every confidence” that the council followed “all due procedures” in reaching their decision.

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  1. Luckily I won’t have to see these images outside the courts for much longer with the abolished cap.
    2017 is going to my a lovely year for anyone invested in fracking. The Government have made subtle little changes to see it through.
    Nice to see we have GMB and Labour on board as well, might be off the cuff remarks at the moment but they will change to more vocal as we move fwd. They managed to say no to fracking for a whole 2 seconds. The anti frackers have no one supporting them apart from greedy lawyers and fictitious advocates of a green world (just remember to leave a donation to pay our salaries).

    • Fascinating Mini Me, do you actually see anything through those standard issue blackfrack# blinkers? Must be the new depleted uranium ones, guaranteed to obscure anything but the dollar sign, no tears, no emotion, no humanity, just empty digits on an empty cold soul less screen. I suspect your lovely year will quickly turn into an Annus Horribilis (did i spell Annus right?) do you actually live in this country? I hope your industry does not need to employ any ‘greedy lawyers’ soon, you are so adept at driving people away, you insult and disparage at your peril. The pro frackers are all ready represent the nasty little ‘no friends’ angry little child in the playground no one wants to stay down wind of. I feel sorry for you. the industry are really not capable of understanding what it is you do are you? All you write simply alienates those who might just have been sympathetic towards the industry, but you show nothing but that same contempt and hatred for anything that opposes this destructive industry, but you cant get off that treadmill can you? All you can do is snipe and spread hatred and division in some vain attempt to show…….what? what is it you want to illustrate? Do you imagine any process based upon the attitudes you display here are actually going to make anyone like you and your industry? I recall another similar attitude wanted to visit their hatred on this country only 70 odd years ago, perhaps you had better ask Donald about that?
      i am fascinated by the this frack about the ‘fictitious advocates of a green world’? What colour do you think the countryside all over the world was before these activities of fracking turned everything brown a dead, air, water, land, animals, children, wild life all permanently polluted by this activity, and you want money for it?? I am not an anti fracker, i am pro life, and this pernicious industry you espouse is a self declared anti-life invasion and you crow it from the rooftops as if its some sort of triumphalist victory over nature that you seem to hate and have the same contemptuous attitude that you display so clearly here.
      The donation i give freely to you is this: Wake up and smell the roses, before you make them and us extinct.

  2. Sorry buddy I’m too busy winning to listen to all that nonsense. I honestly did try to by sympathetic towards you lot but you’re a bunch of saddos that pretend to be morally superior every single time so I’ve given up.
    Your views are very short sighted but you’re too long in the tooth to know any better .
    I love having these types of outlets to demonstrate just what we think of the unfashionable left.
    You’ll be waking up to the smell of our HGVs very shortly.

    • … it’s the height of ignorance to label everyone who cares about the environment a Lefty. The tolerance that is needed to watch the world, it’s communities and it’s climate being damaged by stupidity and ignorance, and by greedy, impatient profiteers (while having to accept that the world is probably just getting all it deserves) is quite an accomplishment – to be respected really.

    • ‘Your views are very short sighted’ Is that right Mr M? This JR is about whether the planning application correctly addressed the climate change issue in law. That’s an issue right from the short term (now) to however long-term the human race are able to inhabit our only planet. Do you believe in athropogenic climate change Mr M, or is it just a hoax?

  3. Thats it, dont answer a thing……..buddy……that would be too dangerous, The sadness is all yours old thing, my teeth are fine, long and pointed and sharp, lean a little closer….i wont break the skin? as for the smell of your HGV’s, i am glad you told me what that was, i thought it was the same old smell i usually get a whiff of with this contemptuous attitude you display. Enjoy your empty heartless screen showing your empty soul less illusion of wealth, try eating it, try making friends with it, try enjoying its cold heartless feel against you skin. Watch your good time friends evaporate when it runs out. I will enjoy the humanity and company of my community, my friends who will support me and anyone else who needs it, maybe you too one day, when all this comes to nothing and all your money friends desert you and those same stinking HGV’s run you off the road into the gutter. Welcome to your world.

  4. “You’ll be waking up to the smell of our HGVs very shortly.” threatens Mr.M …

    In addition to the adverse effects of increased congestion on local roads and noise pollution from increased traffic, scientists at the University of Newcastle discovered that:

    “Road traffic related to hydraulic fracking work could increase local NOx and NO2 air pollution emissions by as much as 30%”

    At the beginning of this week the High Court (thankfully) forced the UK government to deliver an effective plan to tackle the UK’s air pollution crisis within eight months. It’s a crisis because UK has second-highest number of deaths from NO2 pollution in Europe.

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