New year, new comment policy


DrillOrDrop always welcomes comments. One aim of the site is to foster constructive debate about fracking and the onshore oil and gas industry.

The writers value highly the expertise and commitment of everyone who comments.

However, there is a risk that the useful content of the comment pages is becoming lost among off-topic discussion or personal remarks.

To address this, from today, I will remove or edit new comments that do not contribute to the debate on that stream.

It is difficult to create a forum that balances robust discussion with safe, legal and useful content. I apologise in advance if you think your post has been removed unfairly.

You can see more details of our Comments policy here

Comment display

The way comments are displayed has also changed. On pages with a large number of comments, older threads will no longer appear at the top of the comment list.  They will still be accessible from the “Older comments” link at the bottom of the page.

DrillOrDrop moderator

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  1. Personally I think the task is going to be challenging as it is always difficult to draw a line between moderating and censorship.

    Brits are a very tolerant nation and it is to be expected that varying levels of intelligence driving posters will deliver diverse comment from facile to hugely relevant and well articulated. Readers also approach material from their own level of motivation and need for understanding and abstracting information they find useful.

    For sure there has been much ”flaming,’ as it used to be called, where attacking the messenger with no material arguing the message, has been amusing and educational, and does play a part in our politically oriented media where it is the norm, even at the BBC, covert or overt to defame or assassinate a perceived opponent, or someone whose views counter an agenda to roll out a certain ”common purpose” narrative.

    Most intelligent and mature people, and they are in abundance and majority on this forum, can step over the silly comments which often inform us how best to expend energy replying or not to rants or ill informed postings from those with little meat to the gristle they keep gnawing over.

    I wish you luck with the moderating of an issue which for many is a hugely emotive one, while for others is all about profit and loss or some other personal need.

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