Fracking Week in Parliament: 9-13 January 2017


In the first Fracking Week in Parliament of 2017, MPs question the climate change minister over whether the Green Investment Bank will be allowed to fund fracking.

Thanks to TheyWorkForYou.com for the transcripts


11 January 2017

Questions on the sale of the Green Investment Bank

kevin-brennan-mpQuestion by Kevin Brennan, Shadow Culture Minister, Labour, Cardiff West

I remind the Minister that during the passage of the Bill that became the Enterprise Act 2016, the Government rejected a Labour amendment that would have guaranteed the green purpose of the bank. Will he give an assurance today? After privatisation, will the bank be free to invest in fracking projects?

nick-hurdReply by Nick Hurd, Climate Change Minister, Conservative, Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner

Let me respond to the hon. Gentleman’s substantive point about the protection of the green purpose. If he doubts the integrity of the mechanism that we have established, that is fine, but I think Parliament has recognised that it is a robust mechanism, whereby the green purpose is set in the articles of association and any change must to be given effect by an affirmative resolution of the trustees. It is worth our noting the integrity of those people: James Curran MBE, Trevor Hutchings, Tushita Ranchan, Lord (Robin) Teverson—a very public sceptic of this process—and Peter Young. That is a very good group of people, selected by a rigorously independent process to safeguard the integrity of the green purpose, which is a priority for the Government.

jenny-chapmanQuestion by Jenny Chapman, Shadow Minister on exiting the European Union, Labour, Darlington

For the sake of transparency, can the Minister tell the House whether the GIB will be able to invest in fracking in the future?

Reply by Nick Hurd

The GIB will be required under this process to continue to respect the green purpose of the organisation, as set out in the articles of the association. The degree to which investment proposals fit those criteria is a judgment to be made by management and the trustees that we have set up to be independent guardians of this process.

Link to transcript of questions

Also this week: Nick Hurd backs shale gas in his evidence to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee. DrillOrDrop report

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  1. Was that it on fracking? Just two oral questions and no follow ups? Where there no written questions requiring more detailed written answers? No Business Questions (perhaps to see if the Commons could have a full debate on fracking) ? No relevant Early Day Motions nor Private Members Bills published ? No signs that any Select Committees are preparing to come to grips with the problem ? No amendments to any passing legislation (including any via Standing Committees) to try to focus on the issue ? No Select Committee’s investigations feeding into the matter – even as a side issue ? No relevant points of order? No efforts to find the time for a debate under the procedures of the Commons Business Committee ? No relevant “Points of Order” ? And I wonder how many MPs have contacted House of Commons researchers at the Commons Library for some helpful information. Yet M.P.s have just returned from a recess during which fracking dangers were growing for their constituents. Then if some of these procedural avenues aren’t available at specific times – MPs can always seek to use press-releases.

    But perhaps I am jumping the gun. There is always next week.

  2. It is now 22 March and little has changed, apart from a recent coverage at a Committee Meeting dealing with a fracking item under delegated legislation. Yet moves towards applications for fracking purposes continue.

  3. A year since my last comment and still little happens on the fracking front in parliament. One expection is that a Select Committee Enquiry effecting the role of Local Government on the issue, is moving into action. Then an All-Party Group on the Impact of Shale Gas has just been established. But there is plenty scope for much more.

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