Angus comes step closer to drilling new oil well at Lidsey, West Sussex


Map: UK Online Geophysical Library

Details of a new oil well in West Sussex emerged today when Angus Energy announced it had received final planning consent at its Lidsey site near Bognor Regis.

West Sussex County Council confirmed that Angus had fulfilled three conditions of its planning permission, covering the drilling rig, equipment, buildings and fencing.

The company said the well would be drilled to about 1,000m. It would target the Great Oolite oil reservoir and take samples of the Kimmeridge formation above.

Angus said the new well would be called Lidsey-X2. It said it was currently seeking consent from the Environment Agency and Health and Safety Executive before requesting approval to drill from the Oil and Gas Authority.

Earlier this year, Angus drilled a side-track well at Brockham, near Dorking in Surrey. Company chairman, Jonathan Tidswell-Prestorius, said today:

“Lidsey-X2 will target the upper crest of the producing Great Oolite reservoir and will also pass through the Kimmeridge layers allowing us to electronically log the layers and sample the drill cuttings for a detailed comparison to the encouraging results Angus encountered at Brockham-X4Z.”

The most recent planning permission for the site, at Lidsey Road, Aldingbourne, was granted in February 2006. It allowed for a three wellhead and beam pump oil production facility.

The existing well (Lidsey-X1) was drilled by Carless Exploration in 1987 and has been suspended since February 2016. Before then, the well produced oil at a rate of around 25 barrels per day, Angus said.

Details of Lidsey-X2 drilling

According to documents on the West Sussex planning website about the Lidsey-X2 well:

  • A 47m high drill rig would be on site for six-seven weeks
  • Delivery of the rig would take place during nine-14 days and involve approximately 70 heavy goods vehicle (HGV) movements
  • 2.4m high palisade-style fencing would replace the existing concrete post and chain-link fence
  • New facilities on the site would include: steel purpose-built security office, site office, toilet, mess room, steel palisade fence.

Last year, Angus told investors the estimated cost of the new well would be £2.275m.

Conditions and impacts

Under a Section 106 legal agreement, HGVs delivering to the site will be required to leave the A27 at the roundabout near Fontwell racecourse and use the A29 through Westergate and Woodgate.

On noise, the planning decision notice requires maximum noise levels at any nearby home not to exceed 35dB(A) LAeq/1hr at any time. The company said:

“The rig has a relatively low noise footprint and can meet the limits set out in the present planning consent.”

The company was also required to “use its best endeavours” not to withdraw and replace the drill string or set case or place cement in the borehole between 10pm and 7am, except for in an emergency.

Apart from the assembly, use and removal of the drilling rig, work is limited to 7.30am-6pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

According to Angus, “no impacts to climate or air quality will arise” during the drilling operation. In documents to West Sussex County Council, the company said:

“The proposed drilling does not involve the generation of significant air emissions and no adverse environmental impacts are envisaged”.

Buildings, machinery and engineering works are to be removed within 12 years of the planning decision (17 February 2006).

Who has interests in the Lidsey production licence PL241?

  • Angus Energy Ltd 50% (of which UKOG has a 2.56% interest)
  • Doriemus plc 20%
  • Terrain Energy Ltd 20%
  • Brockham Capital Ltd 10%

The PL241 production licence was granted in December 1983 and is due to expire on 1 December 2017. But Angus told investors last year that the OGA intends to renew licences provided that consents and permits are in place and production continues to be economically viable.

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  1. Possibility of further secure source of energy. But of course, not required because the world is in such a stable situation and tankers are just waiting to deliver at zero cost! (Apart from those from M.East and Russia-oh whoops!)

    Perhaps the viewing area will require some extra attention, to cater for the location. Locally produced wines, courtesy of global warming, and some slices of wild boar with a few slivers of truffles? Who needs holidays abroad?

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