Picture post: Cyclists complete two-day “tour de frack” between shale sites

TDF 170428 Kirby Misperton Protection Camp Protect Ryedale

Photo: Protect Ryedale

A group of cyclists completed a 120-mile ride this afternoon between sites in Lancashire and Yorkshire where fracking is due to take place.

The journey, called the “tour de frack”, started at Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road yesterday morning (27 April) and ended at Kirby Misperton, where Third Energy has permission to frack its KM8 well.

David Davis and Stuart Leach were joined by other cyclists along the route, which involved climbing over 6,500ft.

They undertook the challenge because they said the pleasure they got from cycling would be reduced by the government’s fracking policy, particularly in northern England.

The second day of the event coincided with the first stage of the Tour de Yorkshire. Its route from Bridlington to Scarborough is almost entirely licensed for oil and gas exploration to shale gas companies Cuadrilla, INEOS and Third Energy.

Tour de Yorkshire

Map: Frack Free Ryedale

David and Stuart said:

“This industry is a major threat to the environment, tourism and the enjoyment of cycling. All will be badly affected by the associated increase in HGV traffic which will have to use country roads to take water, chemicals and equipment to fracking sites and then remove toxic waste water.”

The tour de frack passed Roseacre Wood, the second site that Cuadrilla wants to explore for shale gas in the Fylde district of Lancashire.

Barbara Richardson, of Roseacre Awareness Group, thanked the riders for raising awareness about the industry and its impact on cycling, tourism and the environment.

“Cycling is especially popular in and around Roseacre and we fear a large influx of HGV’s on our narrow rural lanes would pose a significant risk to all vulnerable road users a fact not missed by the Planning Inspector at the recent Public Inquiry”.

27 April 2017

TDF 170427 Maple Farm Peter Coates 1

The start of the journey, Maple Farm Nurseries, Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, Lancashire, 27 April 2017. Photo: Peter Coates

TDF 170427 Roseacre Wood RAG

The entrance to Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Roseacre Wood, Lancashire, 27 April 2017. Photo: Barbara Richardson

TDF 170427 Roseacre Wood Nick Danby

Roseacre Wood, Lancashire, 27 April 2017. Photo: Nick Danby

Photos Top left: at Higham, near Burnley (Protect Ryedale); top right: the view of Yorkshire (Protect Ryedale); bottom: the boundary between Yorkshire and Lancashire (Caroline Davis)

28 April 2017


Photos Left: Little Ouseburn (Protect Ryedale); top right: Ilkley to Pannal (Protect Ryedale); centre right: Howardian Hills (Peter Coates); bottom right: Amotherby (Protect Ryedale)

TDF 170428 Worsley Arms Pete Coates

Worsley Arms, Hovingham, 28 April 2017. Photo: Pete Coates

TDF 170428 Kirby Misperton Pete Coates

Kirby Misperton, 28 April 2017. Photo: Protect Ryedale

TDF 170428 Kirby Misperton Protection Camp Protect Ryedale2

Kirby Misperton Protection Camp, North Yorkshire, 28 April 2017. Photo: Protect Ryedale


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  1. To be honest who would want to be anywhere near a Fracking Zone to enjoy outdoor recreation of any kind?
    The toxic fumes emitted by flaring would just make breathing normally disgusting never mind the deep breathing required for sporting activities!

    • Having spent many, many happy days on platforms all over the world, each usually burning a flare much, much larger than any that will be used at PNR I have to ask how you came to this conclusion?

  2. Congratulations on putting the PEDL to the meddle and putting a spoke in the wheel in their destructive cycle, we are tyred of this downhill race, lets put a brake on their race to the start line and make them backPEDL!

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