Protest police remove arm tube as TV reporter demonstrates anti-fracking lock-on

170720 Sky reporter Reclaim the Power1

Photo: Reclaim the Power

Police outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site near Blackpool got suspicious this morning when a TV reporter appeared to be putting his arm in a tube used by anti-fracking campaigners for lock-on protests.

The journalist, from Sky TV, said he wanted to demonstrate how campaigners had blocked the site entrance earlier in the day in the latest of a series of lock-on protests.

But police weren’t taking any chances, running towards him, moving him further from the gates and taking away the arm tube.

170720 Sky reporter Reclaim the Power2

Photo: Reclaim the Power

170720 Sky reporter Reclaim the Power4

Photo: Reclaim the Power

170720 Sky reporter Reclaim the Power3

Photo: Reclaim the Power

He said:

” I’m just trying to report on how these activists are making your job more difficult”.

One officer said:

“These guys are changing tactics every day, so we have to make sure”.



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  1. Good for the police. You can never be too careful with these hooligans. A good sign that the police are taking the responsibility of safeguarding EVERYONE’S rights (not just protesters) seriously. Too bad they weren’t aggresively protecting citizens from the protesters from the start!

    • Every fracking protest I have witnessed has been a peaceful and non violent protest, so I don’t know what you need protecting from?

      • I have seen many protests that were far from peaceful, Sophie. We have also witnessed lock-ons and other activities that may be peaceful, but still infringe on the rights of other law-abiding citizens who are trying to get to work and do their jobs. It is unlawful and immoral to impose your world view on others’ in a manner that infringes on their basic rights. I wish that the police would do more to stop that kind of behavior!

        • So the government is allowed to infringe the rights of people who voted for a county council which said no to fracking by steamrollering the permission through Westminster, whilst these people are not allowed to protest the government’s high-handed action which puts them in danger of poisoning, earthquakes and the other toxic side effects of fracking.

        • “It is unlawful and immoral to impose your world view on others’ in a manner that infringes on their basic rights” Thank you for perfectly outlining the reason for the protests. Lancashire County Council voted to not allow fracking here.

          • Yes, and a higher authority agreed with the Lancashire County Council Planning Inspector that the project did not contravene planning law and should go forward. It’s a good thing that the UK observes good democratic processes whereby national interests take precedence over extremist nimby’s! ;o)

            • The people are the highest authority in a democratic process, so when the people’s elected representatives make a decision on behalf of the people there is no higher democratic authority. I think you’re confusing it with the plutocracy you so obviously laud.

              • Oh no, Vim, I’m not confusing anything. It is you who are confused. The 10 million plus people who put the Conservatives in power deserve to have their voices heard. That is democracy.

      • Mr. Angry, chill out and look at the independent scientific evidence. Fracking doesn’t harm aquifers in a systemic fashion. Maybe now you can be Mr. Nice! ;o)

        • You are dead wrong there. The evidence as been piling up from both the USA and Australia – peer reviewed studies. This is what Lou Allstadt, retired executive vice president of Mobil, said “Making fracking safe is simply not possible, not with the current technology, or with the inadequate regulations being proposed.” Because concrete casings fail over time poisoning of water over time is inevitable. That has been known for a long time. You should get better informed.

  2. Definition of hooligan in English:

    A violent young troublemaker, typically one of a gang.

    The youngest people on site are the police(technically a gang). Its interesting that you are calling for the police to be more aggressive. While using obvious misdirecting language towards the citizens who are attempting to prevent an abuse of our environment.

  3. Just a good job the reporter didn’t want to demonstrate how a bank raid had been conducted!

    Not enough news to satisfy all the media outlets, hence such stunts, then speculation then fake news. And, unfortunately I’m not being cynical-can all be seen on Sky (or BBC) on any given day.

    And Arthur, if you don’t wish to continue that trend suggest it might be wise not to post pictures of the persons attending court-or perhaps their age was altered by a clever make up artist?

  4. Haha the anti’s have no chance in delaying progress for any considerable time any longer. All eyes on the results.

    • The results are in.

      Cuadrilla had planning application 08/10/0973 to frack at the Becconsall site passed in 2010.

      Passed, as in they were able to proceed to drill and frack. No Environmental Impact Assessment necessary. No Habitats Regulation Assessment necessary.

      So where is the gas?

      Preese Hall failed miserably.

      Cuadrilla make great claims to be experts with years of experience under their belts.

      Yet this happened whilst presumably giving it their best shot. Pulled out all the stops. No expense spared. Prove a point etc.

      No wonder Lord Browne left the company to work offshore.

      All eyes have already seen a string of failures.

      So have the investors

      Well organised communities, Low oil prices, technical failings, climate change, and the rapid advancement and price reduction of renewable technologies have left an infant UK shale gas industry floundering.

      It was completely the wrong time and wrong approach by the industry, the lobbyists, and the PR firms.

  5. John P. You will have the last when they have a dry well ie. unviable flow rate. B
    With all the hype over the past fews years it would be very embarrassing for the UK shale industry if the company came up with an empty well but they may have a trump card (hard data from Preesehall and other wells) that they have not reveal. Or it could be they just play up the hype to suck in investors.

  6. Hmm a few anonymous [edited by moderator] here who don’t know what they are talking about. Are they working for the companies wanting to “pollute for profit”? The police should be protecting the site and protecting the people from the fracking companies, not the other way around. Crazy stuff. So much for the “green agenda” to stop “global warming”. What a totally ridiculous situation. People also need to be aware of why, once the large scale suppression of certain technologies ended, we won’t even need fossil fuels. But of course anonymous name callers would never study, never find out and never admit they were wrong publicly. Re-investigate 911 – then you’d get a clue to what I am talking about. Or to get a big dollop of everything, look for my presentation “The Subversion Agenda” and please send me any corrections to it.

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