Picture post: Christians pray at shale sites

170822 Bramleymoor Lane

Christian Climate Action members at INEOS’s proposed shale gas site at Bramleymoor Lane, Derbyshire

Christians went on an anti-fracking road trip of the East Midlands to meet and pray with communities facing exploration for shale gas.

Members of Christian Climate Action, from a range of denominational backgrounds, visited three sites in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire yesterday (22 August 2017). The sites either have permission for shale gas drilling or companies are seeking consent for exploration.

170822 Tinker Lane

Tinker Lane, near Blyth, Nottinghamshire, where IGas permission for a shale gas well

The sites were:

  • Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane, near Eckington, Derbyshire, where INEOS has applied for permission for shale gas exploration
  • Tinker Lane, near Blyth, Nottinghamshire, where IGas has permission for an exploratory well.
  • Shirebrook Wood, Nottinghamshire, one of several council-owned sites where INEOS is seeking permission for seismic testing
170822 Shirebrook

Shirebrook in Nottinghamshire, where INEOS is seeking permission for seismic testing

Ruth Jarman, one of those who attended, said:

“Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it was easy to give thanks and praise for God’s creation, but it was hard to imagine a 60 metre high drilling rig towering over the fields.

“It is a mistake to explore for more oil and gas when scientists tell us that we must leave 90% of all known reserves in the ground in order to maintain abundant life on earth as we know it. It felt right to be here.

“We prayed for strength and perseverance for the local opposition groups, and for the repentance and conversion of humanity as we seek to learn to live within our means in God’s earth.”

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  1. The mother in law, Shirebrook born and bred said ( on reading out the article to her )

    ‘ it’s a beautiful area’. perhaps they should have prayed where sports direct is located some while ago.
    Or maybe pray in the town centre, which has not been right since the pit closed.’

    Then, reflecting on the issue, asked if this meant the wood was to be cut down and built upon, with lots of large hanger sized factory units and thousands of lorry movements a week to and from it, all in the persuit of cheap track suit bottoms.

    I said I did not think so, as although an industrial activity it was a bit more dispersed than recent activity in the area, did not require as many workers to be imported to the area and would not be selling imported goods, i.e. The gas would not be imported, repackaged and sold on, it would be produced in the U.K.

  2. I suppose “living within our means” will mean Jim will decide this is not the right area for his vehicle factory!

    Shame really, with motorway connections and a local base of workers with automotive manufacturing skills. Oh well, back to the zero hour contracts.

  3. Just to add a little balance:

    SOME “Christians went on an anti-fracking road trip” who also disagreed with Church of England policy to allow exploration for gas on land owned by the Church.

    A few black sheep within the flock. No disrespect to them, of course they are entitled to their views but it should be remembered it is a position outside of Christians generally, and the Church of England, specifically.

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