Villagers to be surveyed on Kirby Misperton fracking fund

171010 KM8 Leigh Coghill 2

Delivery of rig through Kirby Misperton, 10 October 2017. Photo: Leigh Coghill

People living in villages around Third Energy’s Kirby Misperton site are to be surveyed next month on how they think a fracking fund should be spent.

The £100,000 fund has been set up under a voluntary industry scheme by Third Energy, which is preparing to frack its KM8 well in Kirby Misperton.

The fund will be open to groups and charities in Kirby Misperton,  Great and Little Habton, Great and Little Barugh and the area around the Beansheaf Hotel.

But the criteria specifically prevent money going to groups opposed to fracking and hydrocarbon production. Among the projects that cannot be funded are:

“Activities contrary to the best interests of the Donor [Third Energy] or of any of its Affiliates.”

The criteria also exclude funding for: animals; advancement of religion; foreign trips; curriculum activities for schools, colleges or universities; groups controlled by local authorities. Individual grants are expected to be in the range of £200-£10,000.


171012 rig Ian R Crane

Workover rig at Third Energy’s Kirby Misperton site in North Yorkshire, 12 October 2017. Photo: Ian R Crane

The fund becomes available when Third Energy receives hydraulic fracturing consent for the KM8 from the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The company has said it expects consent to be imminent and fracking to be completed before the end of the year.

The money will be distributed by the Two Ridings Community Foundation, a local fund administrator, when the first of five fracks start.

Two Ridings said yesterday it would be carrying out a survey of what local people think should be the priorities. It would also set up a local panel to advise on how the money should be spent.

Chief executive, Jan Garrill, said:

“We are very pleased to have signed the agreement setting up this new fund.

“We will shortly begin the work to set up the Kirby Misperton Community Fund which will include a survey to establish local priorities and the recruitment of a panel to advise on the distribution of funds.”

The Two Ridings Foundation website said:

“Local knowledge is invaluable in contributing to decisions no how funds are best used to enhance the local area of benefit.”

According to the website, the panel would comprise representatives of the parish council and community. Individuals “may be invited at the discretion of Two Ridings Community Foundation for their relevant local knowledge and experience.”

Two Ridings said the fund was linked to the exploration and appraisal phrase of fracking at Kirby Misperton. It expected the money would be allocated during 2018. The website added:

“If, after this phase, the Energy Company decides to carry out further hydraulic fracturing that leads to commercial production, a new community fund arrangement will be set up. In this revenue phase the Fund will be based on a contribution from Third Energy of the equivalent of 1% of production revenues (before Third Energy has accounted for costs). “

Rasik Valand, chief executive of Third Energy, said

“With our test fracs at Kirby Misperton imminent, this Fund is recognition of the role that residents in the Kirby Misperton area have hosting these operations in their community.

“We look forward to learning how the grants will benefit the local community.”

Kirby Misperton Fund on Two Ridings Community Foundation website

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. This fund is a cynical ploy by Third Energy to sugar the pill of fracking. It concentrates, as Government intends that it should, on man’s innate integrity: Can I take the money which I need and deserve after all this upset and still (?) raise my voice in objecting to fracking.?” It is intended that recipients of the bribe will be effectively silenced by acceptance. As Third Energy has (understandably) made it difficult for bribes to be allocated to anti-fracking activities, I argue (with some misgivings) that the tables should be turned on the donor whose gift is far from altruistic, that the bribe should be accepted, recognised for what it is, but that opposition to fracking should intensify with no moral qualms and seen as merely compensation for a fraction of the harm caused and to be caused by the polluter whose actions should at all cost be resisted.

    • How much does democracy sell for these days? 30 pieces of silver? More with inflation and insider dealing?
      What is the going price for selling a human being by the pound? Weight? Location? Political allegiance? Corporate ownership? Conscience integrity perhaps?
      Must look it up on the selling your soul stock exchange and the no futures and slavery derivatives?
      Clearly it must be filthy lucrative judging from some of the views on these posts?

    • It is enshrined in an agreement with the industry. See pointt 7 of ,

      Its not a cynical ploy by Third Energy.

      Could you explain what harm will be caused? As someone who has brought many complaints against anti groups (all have withdrawn) I am unaware of any ‘harm’ this safe and well researched technology causes. You have been lied to I suspect.

      • Are you serious?
        Are you on the payroll?
        You say: Could you explain what harm will be caused?
        As well as all the 000s of well-documented claims made by people from as far afield as Pennyslvania and California –

        First of all – in YOUR DEFENCE

        excerpt from

        “It’s an iconic image, captured in the 2010 Academy Award—nominated documentary GasLand. A Colorado man holds a flame to his kitchen faucet and turns on the water. The pipes rattle and hiss, and suddenly a ball of fire erupts. It appears a damning indictment of the gas drilling nearby. But Colorado officials determined the gas wells weren’t to blame; instead, the homeowner’s own water well had been drilled into a naturally occurring pocket of methane. Nonetheless, up to 50 layers of natural gas can occur between the surface and deep shale formations, and methane from these shallow deposits has intruded on groundwater near fracking sites. In May, Pennsylvania officials fined Chesapeake Energy $1 million for contaminating the water supplies of 16 families in Bradford County. Because the company had not properly cemented its boreholes, gas migrated up along the outside of the well, between the rock and steel casing, into aquifers. The problem can be corrected by using stronger cement and processing casings to create a better bond, ensuring an impermeable seal.”

        The problem here Chesapeake Energy, through negligence, DID contaminate the water supply. So, where do we draw the line…
        one family, sixteen families, or a thousand families? Accidents DO happen. Negligence DOES happen. If Fracking is safe, why accept culpability and pay out compensation?

        A small selection of articles from all spheres – [public/media/government/ for and against]

        and on and on…..
        Google “fracking” and you’ll have as many returns as the Royal Mail.

        • Tom

          How many flaming taps in the UK? While a lot less wells, can you pop in a link to some such flaming taps next to onshore drilling sites?

          There are water wells with methane in them in the U.K. It seems, not linked to drilling for O&G. I note from an article against drilling at Ellesmere.

          I agree that mistakes can be made, but how does the UK record on such issues stack up?

      • No you are right Ken – It’s not a cynical ploy by Third Energy – It’s a cynical ploy by the entire industry.

        We have indeed been lied to as the ASA rulings attest.

        (You haven’t managed to get one of those yet Ken have you? They have all been against the industry so far haven’t they? )

        • Well then, I guess much of business is a cynical ploy, right Refiction? I mean, the o&g industry is hardly the first to give back to the community in which it operates, am I right? We could stop all of this cynicism if we just went back to the good ‘ol days of feudalism or communism!

      • A recent question asked by someone who has bought many complaints against anti fracking groups,

        ‘Perhaps you could explain what the ‘cement bond problems’ were John. I do know about this as I discussed it with Eric in great detail’

        The reply by someone who has the factual evidence to answer that question.

        “In November we conducted a cement squeeze operation in the upper part of the wellbore to repair
        several areas of poor bond across the Sabden Shale”

        Click to access 5065-annex-a.pdf

        I would have thought with all their experience Cuadrilla would not have needed to ask HSE a question that received the following reply.

        From our FOI regarding correspondence between HSE and Cuadrilla

        “Cuadrilla were looking for guidance on when a cement bond log was required and who was responsible for the interpretation of the logs”

        Cuadrilla to HSE

        “From our 5.5 inch bond log we have identified some questionable cement bonds”

        Looks like someone has been lied to……..or doesn’t understand what he is hearing.

        Maybe the money should be given to the profrackers to get a basic understanding of the realities of hydraulic fracturing of UK shale as there seems to be some confusion on the evidence so far.

        • John
          You have posted this before. Always interesting, especially the question about who checks the log.
          But …… how is this fracking specific? Or is it just Cuadrilla who are in the frame?
          Even offshore …. cement squeeze repairs are not uncommon.

    • “Timeo Daneos et dona ferentes” the famous comment of a Trojan as the Trojans debated whether or not to take the wooden horse inside the walls of Troy (“I fear the Greeks, even when bringing gifts”).

      I understand in the USA such gifts have been used to split communities and split opposition to Fracking.

      The total amount available for distribution may be about £150,000, I believe, but there is no way that this will be enough to compensate villagers for the reduction in the value of their properties.If TE were really serious in protecting property owners from the impact of fracking, they would be offering full compansation to individuals whose property values have been reduced.

      • Property values reduced, Paul? In some cases where wells are located very close to homes, but the more general trend has actually been an increase in property values do to the economic benefits which accompany the industry.

        The “gifts” from the “trojan horse” that is the oil and gas industry have been substantial. Thanks to fracking, the US has some of the lowest energy prices in the world, has reduced carbon emissions more than any industrialized nation, has created trillions in wealth, has created millions of jobs, and has become essentially self-sufficient in natural gas.

        This explains why the plurality of voters in the UK have chosen to let this “trojan horse” in!

  2. £100,000 is nothing to contaminate the ground, air and water, and industrialise the countryside!! Haven’t we done enough damage? We can’t eat money!

    • No, but you can certainly eat propaganda, LM. The scientific community understands that fracking doesn’t contaminate the land, air, or water in a systemic fashion.

  3. I would most certainly refuse the money – accepting it would imply consent to fracking, and £100 *million* would not compensate me for pollution of my surrounding water, air and land, with consequent potential damage to my health, that of my animals, and quality of life. Some things are literally invaluable. None of the fracking companies have yet grasped that fact, because to them, money *now* is everything.

  4. Stop your moaning. Fracking is coming to a location near you so just accept it. You might as well stop being grumpy and get on board, your protests are preventing nothing.
    Hopefully there will be enough smart people to put the funds to good use.

    • Our protests (amongst other things) have kept fracking at bay for 6 years Peeny. Stop your shilling old thing – the stocks you are invested in look like duds – stop moaning and invest in something sustainable. You know it makes sense.

    • ‘Fracking is coming to a location near you so just accept it’

      Desperate words from a lone voice in the wilderness.

      7 years since the first UK fracking applications were submitted. Not a whiff of gas in site. Government surveys proving the majority of the public will not allow it, share prices tumbling, major divestment against fossil fuel, and Scotland banning the industry.

      Keep howling but no one is listening or answering.

      Smart people are investing in renewables.

  5. A bribe is a bribe by any other name.
    And as evidenced by this rather desparate ploy, I think fracking is ‘dead in the water’, (rather than ‘coming to a location near you’).

    Could Barclays find a buyer when fracking & Third Energy became such a toxic asset and they tryed to offload them?
    …how many million in dedt are Third Energy currently?
    ….and how much investment would they need for any next stage of development?

    I think myself and many others will keep protesting to finish them off though – as word would have it that it IS PREVENTING fracking looking like an attractive proposition to investors, especially after the way they have eventually been stung in the USA.

    • Hahaha how naive are you? You honestly think you’re going to have any long term impact on preventing fracking? You’re a mere hindrance at present and we’ve only got two sites for you to group your comrades and nimbys together to focus on. Wait till there are dozens of sites, yes we will always have a small percentage of the locals to contend with but the green haired professionals from London will be far too sparse to cause any more nuisance.
      We also have plenty of money to make sure we finish the job.
      Sorry to **** on your fire.

      • Peeny – as you obviously haven’t been at the protest sites it’s probably escaped your notice but it seems to take 100 police a day to watch over a dozen pensioners at the road side – believe me I have seen this with my own eyes. Sorry to **** on *your* chips but each site is costing about £1 million a month to police on a fully costed basis and the police simply cannot sustain that. They got it very wrong at the outset but now it seems that is where we are at. Your “small percentage of the locals” at each site will be quite enough to keep the boys in blue in overtime payment for some time to come I’m afraid.

        • That’s your victory, Refracktion? Wasting tax payer funds and forcing loads of police to [edited by moderator] stand around all day? Congrats, old pal! If that makes you feel good, enjoy it!

      • The industry will fail all by itself, the economics are all wrong and global travel is away from fossil fuels. It has now been officially confirmed that the UK does not need fracking for energy security. At best it may just about offset a small amount of imported gas. And our imported gas requirements will become less and less as green technologies advance. Communities will not sit by and watch their environment negatively impacted by this unnecessary industry, just so Ineos and a few companies can hope to line their pockets. The groups opposed to fracking have done an outstanding job, delaying this industry until the government slowly comes to its senses. Slowly and surely the inevitable conclusions are dawning. Plus any change of government will deliver a repeat of the ban in Scotland and fracking will be gone in the blink of an eye.

  6. So basically the 70% of locals who have protested against this, will be blacklisted and ineligible..
    And legally one must never use the word ‘compensation’

    Will it be as successful as the TE liaison group?
    Which met once six months ago, faded away, got a kick from Hollinrake, met again and since then the relationship between TE and members of the group hasn’t been good.. Oh yeah it’s gagged too.

    Simply, will that even cove loss of property values?

  7. For all of you in Yorkshire (????) who have a problem with how local development can support local communities, try looking at Sirius Minerals web site. A huge mineral project in Yorkshire, feeding back £millions into local projects, good long term jobs etc.

    Look at the details of the jobs and projects, the royalties to local landowners etc. Not yet the situation with regard to KM but remember this is a test site.

    Funny how one situation can be all bad, and another is welcomed with open arms. Property values? You mean for farmers with second properties lined up overseas, maybe wanting to sell a farm with a high income?

    I monitored Sirius during the “early days”. It was very similar, with the antis spreading the scaremongering. Worked for a while, until the benefits started to become apparent on the other side of the balance sheet.

    No wonder antis are always desperate to prevent that balance being verified. However, that is a fatal weakness, as it suggests there is nothing to fear for the antis to allow that to be seen. But, they know the fear is with them and fear can be sniffed from a long way off, so back to the scaremongering.

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