DrillOrDrop live election updates


DrillOrDrop is reporting live throughout the night as the general election results come in, looking closely at constituencies with onshore oil and gas sites or exploration plans. Keep checking here for updates on the results.


Brighton Pavilion – Green hold

The anti-fracking Green Party joint leader, Caroline Lucas, increased her majority and her share of the vote by 10% to hold onto the this constituency.

Caroline Lucas, Green, 30,139

Soloman Curtis, Lab, 15,450

Emma Warman, Con, 11,082

Ian Buchanan, UKIP, 630

Nick Yenomans, IND, 376


Latest results

With 20 seats left to declare, the BBC says a hung parliament is now inevitable. The Conservatives are the largest party but don’t have enough seats to for a majority government.

Conservative 306 (down 11) – 42.4% share of the vote

Labour 257 (up 28) – 40.3%

SNP 34 (down 21) – 3%

Lib Dem 12 (up 5) – 7.1%

DUP 10 (up 2)

Sinn Fein 7 (up 3)

Plaid Cymru 3 (no change)

UKIP 0 (down 1) 1.9%

Greens 0 1.6%

SDLP 0 (down 3)

UUP 0 (down 2)

Turnout 68.7%


Ashfield – Labour hold

This constituency includes a site at Thieves Wood, which Friends of the Earth said INEOS was considering for shale gas exploration. INEOS has not confirmed this. The Conservative candidate increased his share of the vote by nearly 20% but it wasn’t quite enough to catch Labour’s Gloria De Piero, who survived by 441 votes. 

Gloria De Piero, Lab, 21,284

Tony Harper, Con, 20,844

Gail Turner, IND, 4,612

Ray Young, UKIP, 1,885

Bob Charlesworth, Lib Dem, 969

Arran Rangi, Green, 398


Horsham – Conservative hold

This constituency includes Cuadrilla’s Balcombe site, which saw anti-fracking protests in 2013. No work has been carried out there since September 2013 and a new planning permission has now expired. Susannah Brady increased Labour’s share of the vote by more than 10% but it wasn’t enough to catch up the former MP, Jeremy Quin.

Jeremy Quin, Con, 39,906

Susannah Brady, Lab, 13,422

Morwen Millson, Lib Dem, 7,644

Catherine Ross, Green, 1,844

Roger Arthur, UKIP, 1,533

James Smith, SN, 375

Jim Duggan, PP, 263


Arundel and South Downs – Conservative hold

This constituency includes UKOG’s Broadford Bridge site near Billingshurst, where drilling for oil began last month. It also included the proposed site near Kirdford and Wisborough Green, which was refused permission in 2014. The Conservatives lost some votes to Labour but increased their share of the vote.

Nick Herbert, Con, 37,573

Caroline Fife, Lab, 13,690

Shweta Kapadia, Lib Dem, 4,783

Jo Prior, Green, 2,542

John Wallace, UKIP, 1,668


Thirsk and Malton – Conservative hold

Labour’s Alan Avery closed the gap on the Conservative’s Kevin Hollinrake in this constituency where Third Energy has permission to frack its well at Kirby MispertonThe constituency has the largest number of PEDL licence in the country. Kevin Hollinrake has supported fracking, despite vocal and active opposition in the constituency.

Kevin Hollinrake, Con, 33,572

Alan Avery, Lab, 14,571

Dinah Keal, Lib Dem, 3,859

Toby Horton, UKIP, 1,532

Martin Brampton, Green, 1,100

John Clark, Lib, 753


York Central – Labour hold

This constituency is divided between the INEOS licence PEDL282 and the IGas PEDL146.

Rachel Maskell, Lab, 34,595

Ed Young, Con, 16,019

Nick Love, Lib Dem, 2,475


Wakefield – Labour hold

This constituency is covered by IGas PEDL273, Alkane’s 274, Huttons’ 275.

Mary Creagh, Lab, 22,987

Antony Calvert, Con, 20,811

Lucy Brown, YRKS, 1,176

Denis Cronin, Lib Dem, 943

Waj Ali, Ind, 367


Sherwood – Conservative hold

This constituency has multiple PEDL licences, with INEOS holding most of the north of the area. Opponents of fracking have campaigned hard against shale gas developments in the Sherwood Forest area

Mark Spencer, Con, 27,492

Mike Pringle, Lab, 22,294

Stuart Bestwick, UKIP, 1,801

Becky Thomas, Lib Dem, 1,113

Morris Findley, Green, 664


North East Derbyshire – Conservative gain

This constituency is where INEOS wants to drill a vertical shale gas coring well, at Bramleymoor Lane, in the village of Marsh Lane. Labour’s Natascha Engel supported the project. The Conservative, Lee Rowley, said it was the wrong development in the wrong place. He increased the Conservative share of the vote by 12.5% overturning Natascha Engel’s majority of 1,883.

Lee Rowley, Con, 24,784

Natascha Engel, Lab, 21,923

James Bush, UKIP, 1,565

David Lomas, Lib Dem, 1,390

David Kesteven, Green, 719


Yorkshire East – Conservative hold

This area has five Cuadrilla licence areas (PEDLs 288, 333, 342, 346, 347) and the INEOS PEDL332. Greg Knight increased the Conservative share of the vote.

Greg Knight, Con, 31,442

Alan Clark, Lab, 16,436

Carl Minns, Lib Dem, 2,134

Andrew Dennis, UKIP, 1,986

Timothy Norman, YRKS, 1,015

Michael Jackson, Green, 943


Louth & Horncastle – Conservative hold

This constituency includes Egdon’s Biscathorpe site and five exploration licence areas. 

Victoria Atkins, Con, 33,733

Julie Speed, Lab, 14,092

Jonathan Noble, UKIP, 2,460

Lisa Gabriel, Lib Dem, 1,990

the Iconic Arthy-Pole, MRLP, 496


Brigg & Goole – Conservative hold

The constituency includes the Wressle-1 well site, operated by Egdon Resources. The company was refused permission in January for oil production from the site site. It appealed against the decision and submitted a new planning application, being consulted on now. Andrew Percy increased his share of the vote by 7%

Andrew Percy, Con, 27,219

Terence Smith, Lab, 14,856

David Jeffreys, UKIP, 1,596

Jerry Lonsdale, Lib Dem, 836

Isabel Pires, Green, 550


Tatton – Conservative hold

This constituency has four INEOS licences (PEDL 292, 293, 294 and 296) and the IGas PEDL193. The seat was previously held by the former chancellor, George Osborne

Esther McVey, Con, 28,764

Sam Rushworth, Lab, 13,977

Gareth Wilson, Lib Dem, 4,431

Nigel Hennerley, Green, 1,024

Quentin Abel, IND, 920


Bolsover – Labour hold

This constituency includes six INEOS PEDL licences: 299, 300, 303, 307, 308, 349.

Dennis Skinner, Lab, 24,153

Helen Harrison, Con, 18,865

Philip Rose, UKIP, 2,129

Ross Shipman, Lib Dem, 1,372


York Outer – Conservative hold

This constituency has three PEDL licences: 282 and 283, held by INEOS and 146, held by IGas, where the company has to drill a well by December 2017.

Julian Sturdy, Con, 29,356

Luke Charters-Reid, Lab, 21,067

James Blanchard, Lib Dem, 5,910

Bethan Vincent, Green, 1,094


City of Chester – Labour hold

The constituency includes the former IGas site at Upton. Frack Free Upton backed the Labour candidate, Chris Matheson, who increased is majority from 93 to more than 9,000

Chris Matheson, Lab, 32,023

Will Gallagher, Con, 22,847

Lizzie Jewkes, Lib Dem, 1,551


Rother Valley – Labour hold

The constituency has one INEOS licence (PEDL304), two IGas licence (PEDLs 200 and 304) and PEDL43, held by Alkane. INEOS has begun the planning process for a vertical coring shale gas well at Harthill in the constituency

Kevin Barron, Lab, 23,821

Bethan Eddy, Con, 19,939

Lee Hunter, UKIP, 3,704

Katie Pruszynski, Lib Dem, 1,155

Paul Martin, Green, 869


Congleton – Conservative hold

The western half of the constituency is covered by the INEOS PEDL293.

Fiona Bruce, Con, 31,830

Sam Corcoran, Lab, 19,211

Peter Hirst, Lib Dem, 2,902

Mark Davies, UKIP, 1,289

Alexander Heath, Green, 999


Warrington South – Labour gain

The constituency includes the Doe Green coalbed methane site, now operated by INEOS. There is also a protection camp at Woolston and Thelwall, in opposition to plans for a site there. The pro-fracking Conservative, David Mowat, held the seat since 2010.

Faisal Rashid, Lab, 29,994

David Mowat, Con, 27,445

Bob Barr, Lib Dem, 3,339

John Boulton, Ind, 1,217


Gainsborough – Conservative hold

Edward Leigh increased his share of the vote from 52.7% to 61.8%. The constituency has multiple oil and gas licences and well sites. The sites include the North Kelsey well, operated by Egdon Resources. 

Edward Leigh, Con, 31,790

Catherine Tite, Lab, 14,767

Lesley Rollings, Lib Dem, 3,630

Vicky Pearson, Green, 1,238


Weaver Vale – Labour gain

Pro-fracking Conservative, Graham Evans, was pushed into second place in this constituency which includes two INEOS PEDL (292 and 294) and the IGas PEDLs 145 and 190.

Mike Amesbury, Lab, 26,066

Graham Evans, Con, 22,136

Paul Roberts, Lib Dem, 1,623

Christopher Copeman, Green, 786


Lancaster and Fleetwood – Labour hold

Anti-fracking MP, Cat Smith, held this seat which she took in 2015, again defeating the former Conservative, Eric Ollerenshaw. The constituency is at the northern end of Cuadrilla’s PEDL165. Warwick Energy holds PEDL263 in the northern part of the constituency.

Cat Smith, Lab, 25,342

Eric Ollerenshaw, Con, 18,681

Robin Long, Lib Dem, 1,170

Rebecca Novell, Green, 796


Stretford & Urmston – Labour hold

The constituency includes IGas’s coalbed methane site at Davyhulme, which has planning permission but not developed. Labour’s Kate Green saw a big increase in her share of the vote from 53% to 66.8%

Kate Green, Lab, 33,519

Lisa Cooke, Con, 13,814

Andrew Beaumont, UKIP, 1,094

Anna Fryer, Lib Dem, 1,001

Michael Ingleson, Green, 641

Rose Doman, CPA, 122


Bassetlaw – Labour hold

Constituency includes the newly approved IGas sites at Springs Road, Misson, and Tinker Lane, between Blyth and Barnby Moor. Labour’s John Mann, who opposed both planning applications, increased his share of the vote.

John Mann, Labour, 27,467

Annette Simpson, Con, 22,615

Leon Duveen, Lib Dem, 1,154

Nigel Turner, Ind, 1,014


Surrey East – Conservative hold

Constituency includes UKOG’s oil exploration site at Horse Hill and the IGas site at Bletchingley. Sam Gyimah increased his party’s share of the vote by just over 2%

Sam Gyimah, Con, 35,310

Hitesh Tailor, Lab, 11,396

David Lee, Lib Dem, 6,197

Andy Parr, Ind, 2,973

Helen Windsor, UKIP, 2,227

Benedict Southworth, Green, 1,100


Beverley and Holderness – Conservative hold

Constituency includes the Rathlin Energy oil exploration sites at West Newton A and B. The Conservative, Graham Stuart, increased his share of the vote by 10%. The Green Party candidate is a local anti-fracking campaigner

Graham Stuart, Con, 32,499

Johanna Boal, Lab, 18,457

Denis Healy, Lib Dem, 2,808

Lee Walton, YRKS, 1,158

Richard Howard, Green, 756


Forest of Dean – Conservative hold

Mark Harper faced criticism during hustings when he told the audience the area could not be fracked because there was no shale. Anti-fracking campaigners disagreed.

Mark Harper, Con, 28,096

Shaun Stammers, Lab, 18,594

Janet Ellard, Lib Dem, 2,029

James Greenwood, Green, 1,241

Ernie Warrender, UKIP, 1,237

Julian Burrett, Ind, 570


Lancashire West – Labour hold

Constituency split between Cuadrilla’s PEDL165, Aurora’s PEDL164 and 262.

Rosie Cooper, Lab, 32,030

Sam Currie, Con, 20,341

Jo Barton, Lib Dem, 1,069

Nate Higgins, Green, 680

David Braid, WVP, 269


Bognor Regis – Conservative hold

Constituency includes Angus Energy’s Lidsey oil field

Nick Gibb, Con, 30276

Alan Butcher, Lab, 12,782

Francis Oppler, Lib Dem, 3,352

Paul Sanderson, Ind, 2,088

Patrick Lowe, UKIP, 1,861

Andrew Bishop, Green, 993


Bolton West – Conservative hold

Constituency divided between PEDL264 (Hutton Energy) and PEDL266 awarded to Osprey

Chris Green, Con, 24,459

Julie Hilling, Lab, 23,523

Martin Tighe, UKIP, 1,587

Rebecca Forrest, Lib Dem, 1,485


Penistone – Labour hold

South and east of the constituency divided between PEDL298 (Warwick Energy) and PEDL272 (INEOS). Angela Smith voiced support for fracking in the last parliament.

Angela Smith, Lab, 22,807

Nicola Wilson, Con, 21,485

John Booker, UKIP, 3,453

Penny Baker, Lib Dem, 2,042


Mole Valley – Conservative hold

Constituency includes the IGas gas site at Albury, Angus Energy’s oilfield at Brockham and Europa’s site at Bury Hill Wood, yet to be drilled.

Paul Beresford, Con, 35,092

Paul Kennedy, Lib Dem, 10,955

Marc Green, Lab, 7,864

Jacquetta Fewster, Green, 1,463

Judy Moor, UKIP, 1,351


Chichester – Conservative hold

Constituency includes UKOG’s oil exploration site at Markwells Wood, the IGas Singleton oilfield, a possible site at Baxter’s Copse and the rejected development at Fernhurst. Gillian Keegan increased the Conservative share of the vote from 57.7% to 60.10%

Gillian Keegan, Con, 36,032

Mark Farwell, Lab, 13,411

Jonathan Brown, Lib Dem, 6,749

Heather Barrie, Green, 1,992

UKIP, Andrew Moncreiff, 1,650

Andrew Emerson, PATR, 84


Isle of Wight – Conservative hold

Licensed in the 14th round for oil and gas exploration. Active anti-fracking campaign. The Conservative, Bob Seely, increased his share of the vote by more than 10% points. Vix Lowthion polled the highest of any Green Party candidate so far.

Bob Seely, Con, 38,119

Julian Critchley, Lab, 17.121

Vix Lowthion, Green, 12,915

Nick Belfitt, Lib Dem, 2,740

Daryll Pitcher, UKIP, 1,921

Julie Jones-Evans, IND, 1,592


South Ribble – Conservative hold

The constituency includes Cuadrilla’s Becconsall site in PEDL165. Seema Kennedy increased her share of the vote from 46% to more than 52%

 Seema Kennedy, Con, 28,980

Julie Gibson, Lab, 21,559

John Wright, Lib Dem, 2,073

Mark Smith, UKIP, 1,387

Andrew Wright, Green, 494

Mark Jarnell, NHA, 341


Ellesmere Port – Labour hold

Constituency contains the drilling sites of Ellesmere 1 and Ince Marshes and the identified site of Bridge Trafford. The area is divided between IGas’s PEDL184 and 190. Labour increased its share of the vote from 48% to 59%.

Justin Madders, Lab, 30,137

Nigel Jones, Con, 18,747

Ed Gough, Lib Dem, 892

Fred Fricker, UKIP, 821

Steven Baker, Green, 342


South Dorset – Conservative hold

Includes the California Quarry site, near Swanage, where Infrastrata abandoned plans to drill for oil but a new scheme is under discussion. Richard Drax has increased his share of the vote from 48% to 56%.

Richard Drax, Con, 29,135

Tashi Warr, Lab, 17,440

Howard Legg, Lib Dem, 3,053

Jon Orrell, Green, 2,278


Ribble Valley – Conservative hold

Southern part of the constituency divided between Cuadrilla’s PEDL165, Aurora#’s PEDL267 and PEDL268 and 271 awarded to Osprey

Nigel Evans, Con, 31,919

David Hinder, Lab, 18,720

Allan Knox, Lib Dem, 3,247

Graham Sowter, Green, 1,314


Salford and Eccles – Labour hold

Constituency divided between IGas’s PEDL193 and PEDL264 (Hutton Energy). Rebecca Long-Bailey increased her share of the vote from 49% to 65%

Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lab, 31,168

Jason Sugarman, Con, 12,036

Christopher Barnes, UKIP, 2,320

John Reid, Lib Dem, 1,286

Wendy Olsen, 809


Don Valley – Labour hold

Constituency covers PEDL licences 139 and 305 (IGas), 43, 161, 169 and 277 and 281 (all Alkane). Labour’s Caroline Flint has supported fracking for shale gas

Caroline Flint, Lab, 24,351

Aaron Bell, Con, 19,182

Stevie Manion, YRKS, 1,599

Anthony Smith, Lib Dem, 856


Sheffield Hallam – Labour Gain

Northern part of the constituency in PEDL298, held by Warwick Energy

Jared O Mara, Lab, 21,881

Nick Clegg, Lib Dem, 19,756

Ian Walker, Con, 13,561

John Thurley, UKIP, 929

Logan Robin, Green, 823

Steven Winstone, SDP, 70


Worsley – Labour hold

Constituency divided between PEDL193 (IGas) and PEDL264 (Hutton)

Barbara Keeley, Lab, 26,046

Iain Lindley, Con, 17,667

Kate Clarkson, Lib Dem, 1,087

Tom Dylan, Green, 842


Bolton North East – Labour hold

Most of the constituency is in Hutton Energy’s PEDL269

David Crausby, Lab, 22,870

James Daly, Con, 19,073

Harry Lamb, UKIP, 1,567

Warren Fox, Lib Dem, 1,316

Liz Spencer, Green, 357


Sheffield South East – Labour hold

Constituency divided between PEDL301 and PEDL304 (both held by INEOS) 

Clive Betts, Lab, 25,520

Lindsey Cawrey, Con, 13,722

Dennise Dawson, UKIP, 2,820

Colin Ross, Lib Dem, 1,432

Ishleen Oberoi, SDP, 102


Barnsley Central – Labour hold

Constituency divided between PEDL273 (IGas) and PEDL272 (Cuadrilla)

Dan Jarvis, Lab, 24,982

Amanda Ford, Con, 9,436

Gavin Felton, UKIP, 3,339

Richard Trotman, Green, 572

David Ridgway, Lib Dem, 549

Stephen Morris, ED, 211


Bury South – Labour hold

Western half of the constituency in new PEDL264 (Hutton Energy).

Ivan Lewis, Lab, 27,165

Robert Largan, Con, 21,200

Ian Henderson, UKIP, 1,316

Andrew Page, Lib Dem, 1,065

Peter Wright, Ind, 244


Blackpool North – Conservative hold

Constituency wholly in Cuadrilla’s PEDL165

Paul Maynard, Con, 20,255

Chris Webb, Lab, 18,232

Paul White, UKIP, 1,392

Sue Close, Lib Dem, 747

Duncan Royle, Green, 381


Southport – Conservative gain

Constituency in Cuadrilla’s PEDL165 and Aurora’s PEDL261

Damien Moore, Con, 18,541

Liz Savage, Lab, 15,627

Sue McGuire, Lib Dem, 12,661

Terry Durrance, UKIP, 1,127


Chorley – Labour hold

Constituency divided between Cuadrilla’s PEDL165 and PEDL266 awarded to Osprey

Lindsay Hoyle, Lab, 30,745

Caroline Moon, Con, 23,233

Stephen Fenn, Lib Dem, 1,126

Peter Lageard, Green, 530


Heywood – Labour hold

Northern part of the constituency in PEDL269 (Hutton Energy)

Liz McInnes, Lab, 26,578

Chris Clarkson, Con, 18,961

Lee Seville, UKIP, 3,239

Bill Winlow, Lib Dem, 1,087


Fylde – Conservative hold

Includes Cuadrilla’s PEDL165 shale gas licence area with sites at Preston New Road and Singleton and the proposed site at Roseacre Wood. 

The Conservative Mark Menzies holds Fylde, where Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site is based. He polled 27,334 increasing his share of the vote by nearly 9%. Anti-fracking campaigner, Tina Rothery, polled the highest number of votes for the Greens so far.

Mark Menzies, Con, 27,334

Jed Sullivan, Lab, 15,529

Freddie Van Mierlo, 2,341

Tina Rothery, Green, 1,263


Bury North – Labour gain from Conservative

Most of the constituency is in the new PEDL269 (Hutton Energy)

James Frith, Lab, 25,683

David Nuttall, Con, 21,308

Richard Baum, Lib Dem, 912

12.5% swing to Labour


Preston – Labour hold

Entire constituency in Cuadrilla’s PEDL165. The company’s headquarters are also in the city, as is the headquarters of Lancashire County Council, which refused planning permission for fracking at Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood. The Green Party candidate, Anne Power, is a veteran anti-fracking campaigner and a regular protester at Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road.

Mark Hendrick, Lab, 24,210

Kevin Beaty, Con, 8,487

Simon Platt, UKIP, 1,348

Neil Darby, Lib Dem, 1,204

Anne Power, Green, 348


St Helens South – Labour hold

Southern part of the constituency is in EXL273 (IGas). The seat also has areas in PEDL 191 (Egdon Resources) 

Marie Rimmer, Lab, 35,879

Ed McRandal, Con, 11,536

Brian Spencer, Lib Dem, 2,101

Mark Hitchin, UKIP, 1,953

Jess Northey, Green, 1,417


St Helens North – Labour hold

Northern part of the constituency includes new PEDL262 (Aurora). South-west corner is in EXL273 (IGas)

Conor McGinn, Lab, 32,012

Jackson Ng, Con, 13,606

Peter Peers, UKIP, 2,097

Tom Morrison, Lib Dem, 1,287

Rachel Parkinson, Green, 1,220


Sefton Central – Labour hold

Constituency includes new PEDL261 (Aurora) and PEDL164, also held by Aurora. The company carried out seismic testing in the area in 2016. The sitting MP, Bill Esterson increases his share of the vote by 10%

Bill Esterson, Lab, 32,830

Jade Marsden, Con, 17,212

Daniel Lewis, Lib Dem, 1,381

Mike Carter, Green, 656

Large swing to Labour


Putney – Conservative hold

No oil and gas exploration licences. Labour almost overturns a 10,000 vote majority at the last election

Justine Greening, Con, 20,679

Neeraj Patil, Lab, 19,125

Ryan Mercer, Lib Dem, 5,448

Ben Fletcher, Green, 1,107

Patricia Ward, UKIP, 477

Lotta Quizeen, Ind, 48

Big swing to Labour


Burnley – Labour hold

Northern half of the constituency is in PEDL271 awarded to Osprey. In the county council elections, Labour’s Marcus Johnstone lost his Padiham and Burnley West seat to UKIP giving that party its only county council seat.

Julie Cooper, Lab, 18,832

Paul White, Con, 12,479

Gordon Birtwistle, Lib Dem, 6,046

Tom Commis, UKIP, 2,472

Laura Fisk, Green, 461


Knowsley – Labour hold

Northern part of the constituency in PEDL262 (Aurora) and south east part in PEDL191 (Egdon Resources)

George Howarth, Lab, 47,351

James Spencer, Con, 5,137

Neil Miney, UKIP, 1,189

Steve Baines, Green, 521


Harlow – Conservative hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Robert Halfon, 24,230

Phil Waite, Lab, 17,199

Mark Gough, UKIP, 1,787

Geoffrey Seef, Lib Dem, 970

Hannah Clare, Green, 660


Latest declarations

Conservative 11

Labour 22

Lib Dem 0



Other 3


Birkenhead – Labour hold

Western part of the constituency includes PEDL184 (IGas). No well sites

Frank Field, Lab, 33,558

Stewart Gardiner, Con, 8,044

Allan Brame, Lib Dem, 1,118

Jayne Clough, Green, 943


Wigan – Labour hold

Includes PEDL262 (Aurora), PEDL264 (Hutton Energy), PEDL165 (Cuadrilla) and PEDL266 (Osprey). Lisa Nandy was a former Shadow Energy Secretary until June 2016. She called for a moratorium after the approval of Third Energy’s Kirby Misperton fracking plans (DrillOrDrop report)

Lisa Nandy, Lab, 29,575

Alexander Williams, Con, 13,548

Nathan Ryding, UKIP, 2,750

Mark Clayton, Lib Dem, 916

William Patterson, Green, 753


Stockton North – Labour hold

Eastern section of the constituency in 14th round PEDL 259 (Third Energy) and older licence PEDL68 (Egdon Resources)

Alex Cunningham, Lab, 24,304

Mark Fletcher, Con, 15,589

Ted Strike, UKIP, 1,834

Sarah Brown, Lib Dem, 646

Emma Robson, Green, 358


Harrogate – Conservative hold

No oil and gas exploration licence but on the edge of PEDL146 (IGas). Active anti-fracking group.

Andrew Jones, Con, 31,477

Helen Flynn, Lib Dem, 13,309

Mark Dewards, Lab, 11,395

Donald Fraser, Ind, 559


Wrexham – Labour hold

Small section of PEDL 188 (IGas)

Ian Lucas, Lab, 17,153

Andrew Atkinson, Con, 15,321

Carrie Harper, Plaid Cymru, 1,753

Carole O’Toole, Lib Dem, 865

Llanelli – Labour hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Nia Griffith, Lab, 21,368

Stephen Davies, Con, 9,544

Mari Arthur, Plaid Cymru, 7,351

Ken Rees, UKIP, 1,331

Rory Daniels, Lib Dem, 548


Basildon South – Conservative hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Stephen Metcalfe, Con 26,889

Byron Taylor, Lab 15,321

Peter Whittle, UKIP 3,193

Reetendra Banerji, Lib Dem 732

Sim Harman, Green 680

Paul Borg, BNP 383

Swing to Conservative and Labour


Darlington – Labour hold

Regarded as a key seat for the Conservatives to take if the party was to gain a landslide majority

No oil and gas exploration licences

Jenny Chapman, Lab, 22,681

Peter Cuthbertson, Con, 19,401

Kevin Brack, UKIP, 1,180

Anne-Marie Curry, Lib Dem, 1,031

Matthew Snedker, Green, 524

Swing to Labour and Conservative


South Shields – Labour hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Emma Lewell-Buck, Lab, 25,078

Felicity Buchan, Con, 10,570

Richard Elvin, UKIP, 3,006

Shirley Ford, Green, 1,437

Gita Gordon, Lib Dem, 681


Workington – Labour hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Sue Hayman, Lab, 21,317

Clark Vasey, Con, 17,392

Geoge Kemp, UKIP, 1,556

Phill Roberts, Lib Dem, 1,133

Roy Ivinson, IND, 278


Basildon & Billericay – Conservative hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

John Baron, Con, 27,381

Kayte Block, Lab, 13, 981

Tina Huges, UKIP, 2,008

Antonia Harrison, Lib Dem, 1,548


Broxbourne – Conservative hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Charles Walker, Con, 29,515

Selina Norgrove, Lab, 13,723

Tony Faulkner, UKIP, 1,918

Andy Graham, Lib Dem, 1,481

Tabitha Evans, Green, 848


Middlesbrough – Labour hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Andy McDonald, Lab, 23,404

Jacob Young, Con, 9,531

David Hodgson, UKIP, 1,452

Terry Lawton, IND, 632

Dawud Islam, Lib Dem, 368

Carl Martinez, Green, 250


Nuneaton – Conservative hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Marcus Jones, Con, 23,755

Philip Johnson, Lab, 19,016

Craig Carpenter, UKIP, 1,619

R. Brighton-Knight, Lib Dem, 914

Chris Brookes, Green, 763

Small swing to Labour


Kettering – Conservative hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Philip Hollobone, Con, 28,616

Mick Scrimshaw, Lab, 18,054

Suzanna Austin, Lib Dem, 1,618

Rob Reeves, Green, 1,116

Swing to Labour


Newcastle North – Labour hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Catherine McKinnell, Lab, 26,729

Duncan Crute, Con, 16,380

Anita Lower, Lib Dem, 2,533

Timothy Marron, UKIP, 1,780

Alison Whalley, Green, 513

Brian Moore, NEPD, 353

Small swing to Conservative


Sunderland West – Labour hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Sharon Hodgson, Lab, 24,639

Jonathan Gullis, Con, 11,699

Bryan Foster, UKIP, 2,761

Tom Appleby, Lib Dem, 961

Michal Chantkowski, Green, 514

Swing to Conservative


Swindon North – Conservative hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Justin Tomlinson, Con, 29,431

Mark Dempsey, Lab, 21,096

Liz Webster, Lib Dem, 1,962

Steve Halden, UKIP, 1,564

Andy Bentley, Green, 858

Swing to Labour


Newcastle East – Labour hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Nick Brown, Lab, 28,127

Simon Kitchen, Con, 8866

Wendy Taylor, Lib Dem, 2574

Tony Sanderson, UKIP, 1,315

Alistair Ford, Green, 755


Sunderland Central – Labour hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Julie Elliot, Lab, 25,056

Robert Oliver, Cons, 15,059

Gary Leighton, UKIP, 2,209

Niall Hodson, Lib Dem, 1,777

Rachel Featherstone, Green, 705

Sean Cockburn, Independent, 305

Swing to Conservative of 2.3%


Houghton and Sunderland South – Labour hold

No oil and gas exploration licences

Bridget Phillip, Labour, 24,665

Paul Howell, Cons, 12,324

Michael Joyce, UKIP, 2,879

Paul Edgeworth, Lib Dem, 908

Richard Bradley, Green, 725

3.5% swing to Conservative


First result: Labour hold Newcastle

No oil or gas exploration licences

Chi Onwurah, Lab, 24,071

Steve Kyte, Cons, 9,134

Nick Cott, Lib Dem, 1,812

David Muat, UKIP, 1,482

Peter Thomson, Green, 595

2.1% swing to Labour


Exit poll

The Conservatives will remain the largest party but with a reduced majority, according to the BBC/Sky/ITV exit poll. The national seat predictions are:

Conservative: 314 seats, down 17

Labour: 266 seats, up 34

Lib Dems: 14 seats, up 6

SNP: 34 seats, down 22

UKIP: 0 seats, down 1

Plaid Cymru: 3 seats, unchanged

Green: 1 seat, unchanged

Other parties: 18 seats, unchanged

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  1. They will never get permitted development for oil and gas wells of any kind. This will be blocked in Court by EOI and Greenpeas etc.

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