Protest update: 23-29 October 2017

171023 KM lock-on Louise Hammond

Protester removal team cutting free two anti-fracking campaigners who took part in a lock-on at Kirby Misperton, 23 October 2017. Photo: Still from live video by Louise Hammond

In this week’s update on protests about fracking and the onshore oil and gas industry:

  • INEOS injunction protest at Woodsetts
  • Lorry protest at Preston New Road and Kirby Misperton
  • Lock-ons at Kirby Misperton
  • Anti-fracking campaigners make first court appearance

This post will be updated throughout the week. Please let us know (click here) about events which you think should be included.

27 October 2017

Double lock-on at Kirby Misperton

171027 lock-on KMPC 1

Lock-on in Gt Habton Road, Kirby Misperton, 27 October 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

171027 lock-on KMPC 2

Lock-on in Gt Habton Road, Kirby Misperton, 27 October 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

Opponents of Third Energy’s plans to frack at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire took part in two lock-ons either side of the site entrance in Gt Habton Road at about 9am. The action blocked access to the site from both directions.

A spokesperson for Kirby Misperton Protection Camp said:

“It is an outrage that Third Energy are attempting to force their operation on our community, in the face of so much opposition. Shame on Westminster and the North Yorkshire Police for betraying the people of Ryedale and failing to protect us from this unwelcome and dangerous industry.”

North Yorkshire Police said two people were released at 12.40pm and the other two at 2.15pm. They were arrested on suspicion of obstructing a highway.

26 October 2017

INEOS protest photo delivered to Downing Street

171026 Downing Street Richard Hilgrove

Photo: Still from video by Richard Hillgrove

The fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, her son Joe Corre and nine-year-old Oliver Greenwood, deliver a letter and photo to the Prime Minister. Oliver wrote to Theresa May in January when INEOS announced plans for shale gas exploration at Marsh Lane in north Derbyshire. The photo was taken at Woodsetts in South Yorkshire, where INEOS has another earmarked site, in protest at the company’s injunction (see 25 October 2017).

Court appearance

Eight anti-fracking protesters appeared at York Magistrates Court for a preliminary hearing following arrests at Kirby Misperton. All eight pleaded not guilty to all the charges put to them. Their cases were adjourned until 11 January 2018 for legal arguments. The charges included besetting, obstructing the highway and assaulting a police officer.

25 October 2017

Woodsetts photo protest over INEOS injunction


Photo at Woodsetts Recreation Ground, 25 October 2017. Photo: DrillOrDrop

People in the village of Woodsetts in south Yorkshire gathered this evening for a giant photo with pieces of tape printed with the INEOS logo stuck across their mouths. DrillOrDrop report

Lorry protest, Kirby Misperton

171025 KMPC

Lorry protest, 25 October 2017. Photo: Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

North Yorkshire Police reported that a man climbed onto a lorry as it drove along Kirby Misperton Road. It happened at 9.50am on the road to Third Energy’s fracking site and Flamingo Land. He came down at 2.10pm, the police said, and was charged with hindering the use of equipment, an offence under the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act.

23 October 2017

Lorry protest, Preston New Road

171023 pnr lorry surfer Lancashire Police

Lorry protest,  near Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, 23 October 2017. Photo: Lancashire Police

An anti-fracking campaigner climbed on to a tanker near Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, near Blackpool.

171023 pnr lorry surfer Kieran Dunne

Lorry protest,  near Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, 23 October 2017. Photo: Still from video by Kieran Dunne

In a statement at about 3.15pm, Lancashire Police said:

“A contraflow is in place near World of Water due to a campaigner having climbed onto a tanker resulting in one lane being blocked. Delays expected during rush hour. Please pass with care.”

In an agreement with police, the protester came down before 5pm on condition that he would not be arrested. He will get a summons to attend court.

Lock-on protest, Kirby Misperton

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Two protesters locked themselves together through a tube on the route to Third Energy’s Kirby Misperton fracking site.

Reports from the scene said police put them on stretchers and moved them to the gateway of the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp on Kirby Misperton Road.

At 12.30pm, a police protester removal team was cutting them free.

A statement from North Yorkshire Police said:

“Two people locked into a metal device were moved out of Kirby Misperton Road by a specialist police team at 11.30am. They are now clear of the road, although they are still locked together. Traffic is flowing freely, with a contraflow in place along the road.”

Later police were photographed blocking the entrance to the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp.

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A statement issued this evening by Kirby Misperton Protection Camp (KMPC) said two campaigners had been taken to hospital following protests near Third Energy’s site.

A campaigner sprained an ankle and received soft tissue damage while trying to deploy the lock, the statement said.

KMPC said a second person was treated for a broken finger and severe bruising in the same incident. A spokesperson said:

“Direct actions, such as lock-ons, work because our civilised society dictates that peaceful people deserve peaceful treatment. We implore North Yorkshire Police to respect our democratic opposition to fracking and our Human Right to protest, which includes legitimate disruption.”


In a statement this afternoon, North Yorkshire Police said they facilitated a peaceful protest between 2.40pm and 3pm. A group of protesters stood in front of the site gates, blocking a convoy of lorries waiting to leave.

Superintendent Alisdair Dey, of North Yorkshire Police, said:

“We need to balance the rights and wishes of everyone at Kirby Misperton, including the right of people to peacefully assemble and protest. We are completely impartial in relation to hydraulic fracturing. However, one of our roles is to support and protect those engaged in peaceful protest. Officers will continue to assess the situation, engage with the protest community, and explain clearly what is safe and reasonable, as we did this afternoon.”


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3 replies »

  1. What was clear to see today (Monday 23rd October) was the excessive numbers of police outside the Kirby Misperton Protection camp who had kettled the entrance with 25 officers to cover a 12 foot wide entrance while the lock on was disabled. The situation became tense at times with protectors on camp facing a wall of police 2 deep with the police almost hoping a protector would throw a punch and change their game plan in a big way.
    Shame on North Yorkshire Police and the bronze who wouldn’t reduce officers present despite being asked by several protectors on the other side of the kettle who could see things were escalating due to a heavy police presence.

  2. We live south of Leeds and had travelled with our grand children to Flamingo Land as part of a 4 day break in the area. The traffic wasn’t moving so I walked up to look at what was happening while my husband stayed with the car. I retired from **** 12 years ago and was quite peturbed at the way North Yorkshire police were being conducted in what was clearly a non violent situation.
    Since you were not present Anon and also withhold your identity the ‘sensible person’ might find a better use of your time is to get involved protecting a beautiful landscape so that many local people will appreciate tourists like myself who choose to visit in the future.

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