2017 in pictures – June

DrillOrDrop’s review of the year’s pictures reaches mid-summer with images of an eviction, two drilling sites, seismic testing and continuing protests outside Cuadrilla’s operation near Blackpool.

Thanks to everyone who suggested pictures and gave permission for the use of their images.

pnr 170601 Frank Hill 7

June 1 – Conductor rig at Preston New Road well site. Photo: Frank Hill

Seismic testing Harthill 170606 Harthill Against Fracking1

June 6 – Seismic testing at Harthill, South Yorkshire Photo: Harthill Against Fracking

pnr 170609 Cheryl Atkinson21

June 9 – Lock-on at Preston New Road. Photo: Cheryl Atkinson

pnr 170609 Cheryl Atkinson18

June 9 – Preston New Road. Photo: Cheryl Atkinson

PNR 20170612 from video by Lady Bones 3

June 12 – Preston New Road well site. Photo: Lady Bones

Stephen Sanderson DrillOrDropsmall

June 14 – UKOG Executive Chairman, Stephen Sanderson, at Broadford Bridge, West Sussex. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Broadford Bridge 170614 DrillOrDrop1small

June 14 Broadford Bridge well site. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Leith Hill Protection Camp before eviction David Bruml2.JPG

June -Protection camp at Bury Hill Wood, near Leith Hill, Europa Oil & Gas exploration site. Photo: Dave Bruml

sgi1 enhanced

June 21 – Leith Hill protection camp eviction, Bury Hill Wood, Surrey. Photo: SGI

Leith Hill eviction 170621 Dan Harvey 1

June 21 – Leith Hill protection camp eviction. Photo: Dan Harvey

PNR 170627 FOE solidarity day 3

June 27 – Outside Cuadrllas Preston New Road site near Blackpool. Photo: Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth

170630 pnr Katrina Lawrie 4

30 June Preston New Road, near Blackpool. Photo: Katrina Lawrie

Catch up on images from earlier months here: January, February, March, April and May. And here’s our detailed review of the year

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