2017 in pictures – July

DrillOrDrop’s year in pictures reaches July when the group, Reclaim the Power, co-ordinated protests outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site, the company’s offices and premises belonging to contractors.

170703 pnr Kirsten Buus for Reclaim the Power

July 3 – 13-person lock on outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site near Blackpool. Photo: Kristian Buus for Reclaim the Power

170703 pnr Ros Wills6

July 3 – Protest towers outside Preston New Road. Photo: Ros Wills

170707 pnr Cheryl Atkinson2

July 7 – Preston New Road. Photo: Cheryl Atkinson


July 7 – Preston New Road. Photo: Coralie Datta

170710 Broadford Bridge BBAG4

July 10 – Protest at UKOG’s operation at Broadford Bridge in West Sussex. Photo: Broadford Bridge Action Group

170710 Protest at Cuadrilla HQ.jpg

July 10 – Protest outside Cuadrilla offices, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire. Photo: Coralie Data

170713 Chesterfield Reclaim the Power2

July 13 – Protester Removal Police Unit, Chesterfield. Photo: Reclaim the Power

July 20 – Preston New Road (Anti-clockwise from top left) Sky News reporter has a problem as he demonstrates a lock-on device. Photos : Reclaim the Power

pnr policing 170720 DoD

20 July – Policing at Preston New Road. Photo: DrillOrDrop

170720 BB Office of Keith Taylor MEP2

July 20 – Protest at Broadford Bridge. Photo: Office of Keith Taylor MEP

170726 lorry surfer.jpg

July 26 – Preston New Road “lorry-surfing” protest. Photo: Coralie Datta


July 27 – Preston New Road. Photo: Coralie Datta

pnr 170727 Reclaim the Power4

July 27 – Preston New Road. Photo: Reclaim the Power

pnr 170728 reclaim the power 2

July 27 – Preston New Road, Little Plumpton Photo: Reclaim the Power


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Thanks to everyone who suggested images and gave permission for their photos to be used.







And our written review of the year

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