UKOG responds to Angus comments on operations at Broadford Bridge

171223 Broadford Bridge drone 4 BBAG

Broadford Bridge, near Billingshurst in West Sssex, 23 DEcember 2017. Photo: Broadford Bridge Action Group

UK Oil and Gas, the company behind oil exploration at Broadford Bridge in West Sussex, has rejected comments made about its operations by Angus Energy.

DrillOrDrop reported yesterday (link here) on an interview by the Angus managing director, Paul Vonk. Talking to the financial magazine, London South East, Mr Vonk suggested there were “operational issues with the well” at Broadford Bridge.

UKOG had reported in December 2017 that a section of the reservoir at Broadford Bridge was “unproductive” because of low permeability.

Mr Vonk suggested the use of bentonite had sealed the fracture system in the rock.

UKOG’s Executive Chairman, Steve Sanderson responded today, saying Mr Vonk had no access to technical information about the Broadford Bridge well. He said UKOG had not used bentonite with the drilling mud and the fractures in the well were not blocked by drilling fluid.

In a statement, Mr Sanderson told DrillOrDrop:

“Firstly, Mr Vonk of Angus Energy has no inside knowledge of operations or technical data at Broadford Bridge. UKOG does NOT have “an information-sharing agreement” regarding Broadford Bridge with Angus or any other operator or competitor. The BB-1 &1z well is subject to “tight hole status,” which means all inside information lies solely within UKOG and its contractors.

“Secondly, UKOG did not use bentonite, a natural clay, in our water-based drilling mud, as suggested by Mr Vonk in your article. As we have reported several times, and as showed you when you accepted our invitation to visit the BB-1 site in June last year, we used solely a potato-starch based drilling fluid throughout BB-1 and the BB-1z sidetrack.

“Furthermore, as we have also reported, independent analyses of electric logs and cores from BB1 and BB-1z show open natural fractures i.e. they are not blocked by drilling fluid within the Kimmeridge section.

“We respectfully suggest that, given Mr Vonk has no access to specific technical information to support his spurious claims regarding our Broadford Bridge discovery, it was unwise to comment publicly on such matters. Instead of casting aspersions on UKOG’s activities, Mr Vonk might be wiser to devote his time and public comments towards explaining the seemingly poor results of Angus’ programme at Lidsey and the regulatory issues at Brockham, which we understand from media reports, are unresolved.”

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  1. Good signs of healthy competition!

    Should spur both of them on. Reminds me of Wenger and Mourinho! (excuse the spelling).

    • Peoples lives are being blighted by needless exploration on assets that are uneconomic. This is not a sport!!! The environment and people need protecting from ruthless shyster tiny microcap oil companies that are only there to ramp up their sp so they can sell their shares. There’s no billions of barrels ever coming out of the Weald. Sheer fantasy. These are bread & butter assets that are uneconomic. Shut them down!!!

      • i reported sanderson to fca and London stock exchange and the geologly overseers,sanderson however advised broke stock exchange rules regards ceo directors and officers conduct,he had no right publicly and sarcastically retort to mr vonk in this manner,secondly the bentonite thing,i have requested logs from the oil and gas aurthority under the freedom of information to provide all logs and data chemicals time lines logs ect of whats gone down that hole patatoe starch made me laugh,rubbish..right await the oga details.


  2. I’ve met Steve Sanderson. He’s an actual nice guy. Sadly he’s been led a merry dance by the former UKOG board on the Weald basin. It’s time he now pulled the plug on the whole shebang. Which I think he will. He’s been left as the Patsy by #Liargas. I think the penny has finally dropped……

    If you want to learn of the calibre of the people who originally ran this Billions of barrels fantasy read this.. David ‘Liargas’ World Exclusive Artemis Resources! GoldRush!! Unbelievable!!! ‘Lucky’ Bars***ds!!!!

    • Well said my freind.well said i was in cuba met lenigas in a bar we chatted over a lot of rum about his gas ideas for cuba.hmmmmm glad it never took off i think its a dream now..

  3. Oh dear , what are these children like ? Truth is that both of them are right , they are both making promises that they can’t keep .

  4. What is Paula???

    Both companies are conducting a legit, if prolonged, process. They have done absolutely nothing of any significance to impact your environment. You can speculate as much as you like that they might do so in the future but speculation and fabrication (fracking in the Weald?) may keep a few excited but it is not moving the majority.

    I seem to recall one of Ruth’s previous articles talking about the floating butterflies and the buzzards overhead. Sounds just like a nature reserve-as you can find around Wytch Farm. Better than chopping down the forests so wind turbines or solar farms can be found a place to sit.

  5. This well is a duster, its been flow tested since summer 17,more extensions again till march .why not declare its a dud duster or is it for fund raising only stinks.
    What annoys me is the stupid ramping thats employed by the london south east chat board ukog.oh dear rampers there encouraging new investors to invest price rises rampers dump and leave happy.the cheif pratogonist is some god like figure markey5858 whos is subject to a 5 day ban on that forum.
    Strange that sanderson and co should have rns to investors first instead of a statement to this media drill or drop strange that

  6. Tut tut. SS should have chatted to Vonk and sorted out what the deal was, or vice versa.
    So much for corporate spin and PR. Human after all. Maybe they really do need a PR department. That they have such a spat fills me with confidence. No overarching O&G conspiracy maybe. No O&G illuminati controlling all.

    But not to worry.

    In terms of reporting ( for Weald wells )how are the dry steams and ditches, the saline wells, the strange smells, brown grass, headaches, poorly horses and what are the results of the Independant sampling going on in the Weald? Very quiet, no news, silence in fact. Has that unproductive well actually caused fractures to the surface and drained ditches and caused salinity in local wells?

    In Lancs are the ditches still dirty, are the levels in the clay pit still going up and down Independant of other such pits, are cattle still fenced off from the ponds.

    Who knows?

    Not us for sure, as no news ( ie things going along as normal ) ain’t news.

    Just like those owls at Misson. Did someone digging with a spade disturb them, or the chaps having a shoot on the boundary disturb them? Maybe we will never know. Maybe they are fine.

    But it is the weekend. So comparing companies as terrorists may go without comment, but as Injuneer found out, saying one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorists attracted a fair deal of approbrium ( rage, invective etc ).

    For me, opinions are fine, and opinion without back up is .. well … opinion!

  7. Seems Angus struck a nerve. but then if ukog were a bit more open in keeping their investors informed there would be no need for speculation ?

  8. Seems there are more on this one with agendas to increase/decrease the share price than anything else! And all based upon speculation.

    Exactly right hewes62. Who knows?

    Why people are so reluctant to wait and see, when it has been stated that info. will be available by the end of this month, is beyond me. What will they see? I’m not sure that this will immediately look like a Wytch Farm (110k barrels oil per day), but equally I can see that a great deal of useful info. will be gained whatever the output. Either end will suit some but not others.
    Seems this is the way life is today-you just need to watch either Sky “News” or BBC “News” and after a while you see most of the “News” is actually speculation where the “News” is being manufactured rather than reported. Not enough real “News” to go around it seems.

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