UKOG responds to Angus comments on operations at Broadford Bridge

171223 Broadford Bridge drone 4 BBAG

Broadford Bridge, near Billingshurst in West Sssex, 23 DEcember 2017. Photo: Broadford Bridge Action Group

UK Oil and Gas, the company behind oil exploration at Broadford Bridge in West Sussex, has rejected comments made about its operations by Angus Energy.

DrillOrDrop reported yesterday (link here) on an interview by the Angus managing director, Paul Vonk. Talking to the financial magazine, London South East, Mr Vonk suggested there were “operational issues with the well” at Broadford Bridge.

UKOG had reported in December 2017 that a section of the reservoir at Broadford Bridge was “unproductive” because of low permeability.

Mr Vonk suggested the use of bentonite had sealed the fracture system in the rock.

UKOG’s Executive Chairman, Steve Sanderson responded today, saying Mr Vonk had no access to technical information about the Broadford Bridge well. He said UKOG had not used bentonite with the drilling mud and the fractures in the well were not blocked by drilling fluid.

In a statement, Mr Sanderson told DrillOrDrop:

“Firstly, Mr Vonk of Angus Energy has no inside knowledge of operations or technical data at Broadford Bridge. UKOG does NOT have “an information-sharing agreement” regarding Broadford Bridge with Angus or any other operator or competitor. The BB-1 &1z well is subject to “tight hole status,” which means all inside information lies solely within UKOG and its contractors.

“Secondly, UKOG did not use bentonite, a natural clay, in our water-based drilling mud, as suggested by Mr Vonk in your article. As we have reported several times, and as showed you when you accepted our invitation to visit the BB-1 site in June last year, we used solely a potato-starch based drilling fluid throughout BB-1 and the BB-1z sidetrack.

“Furthermore, as we have also reported, independent analyses of electric logs and cores from BB1 and BB-1z show open natural fractures i.e. they are not blocked by drilling fluid within the Kimmeridge section.

“We respectfully suggest that, given Mr Vonk has no access to specific technical information to support his spurious claims regarding our Broadford Bridge discovery, it was unwise to comment publicly on such matters. Instead of casting aspersions on UKOG’s activities, Mr Vonk might be wiser to devote his time and public comments towards explaining the seemingly poor results of Angus’ programme at Lidsey and the regulatory issues at Brockham, which we understand from media reports, are unresolved.”

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  1. SS can call this all he wants but he has not got tankers traversing the roads taking profit oil away, none spotted yet and there are plenty an eye on this, he may have has record burst timeline flowrates at HH, not exactly a test of the reservoir is it ? more just a confirmation of mobile oil. BB is providing a NEW record as the longest sustained effort to produce little of note…. well he can claim 2 records now for the books. if this was anything of worth to date he would be shouting it from the roof tops just to shut up the ney sayers… unfortunately he is walking straight into the nay sayers camp !!! it stinks of nothing of worth, no Co worth its salt would squander so much time on nothingness.

    • The fact that this and others have squatted there at vast expense producing nothing but opposition and injunctions that seek to overturn democracy, tells us there are other reasons entirely for them being there.

      Whether that is nothing more than loss leader dead duck offshore tax haven fraud? Or experiments in financial zombie fraud company manipulation? Or perhaps the PEDL requirement for at least one 4500m deep bore at each well head? Or perhaps simply an excuse to partition off areas of countriside for other agendas entirely?

      These are far more interesting questions don’t you think?

      As always, follow the money and in association with that, follow the power base imperatives as to why this is supported and propped up against all reason and sanity?

      Now those, are the right questions.

      [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

  2. Swede-what happened at HH when tankers were taking the oil away? It created a panic frenzy amongst the antis and a stupid response from the media. I’m not sure that is the signal to expect this time around. I would expect UKOG to mitigate against that happening again, but we will know soon enough.

  3. Nice statement from SS. It should put Vonk the Plonker in position.
    What about those you Tube clips of oil samples from B.B.-1z? You are not telling me that it was fake news and a staged event.
    This well has crude oil that flows from the KL3 & KL4. Whether sustained flow can be achieved through fracture permeability is yet to be announced.
    Not long to wait before the facts are revealed.

    • hmmmmm oh dear and you bought 5 days ago Daniel great buy chief,like I said last week the ROBOTSBOT knew exactly what was going of,i said ignore levi and I was right ukog ramped up to 3.50p the down to 1.50p altho rising,i would steer clear ukogs a long way off,got a feeling sanderson might quit nxt few weeks..


    Read on,all these London south east rampers YES RAMPERSthat formed a PRIVATE twitter group OF 50 in total,accuse mr vonk of accussing ukog of certain remarks.
    mr vonk was
    1. asked by Donald leggatt the question if leggatt never asked HIM they would NOT be crying like lil girls crikey.
    2.what mr vonk said (WATCH THE PODCAST ON LONDON SOUTH EAST FROM MINUTES 8.53,he replied if these manipulators want to hear the truth he actually said at 8 mins 53 seconds this quote FOR EXAMPLE UNDER A SCENARIO TO 9.38 seconds again he said for example under a scenario ie
    an outline or model of an expected or supposed sequence of events.

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